• Robles16 posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 6 days, 16 hours ago

    I’m so mad. Im a weekly so I only have the chance once a week to update already, and nothing again this week. No changes, no updates. My cycle was 0605 and its been “processing” since 02/25/19. I thought for sure I would get an update this week, but looks like I’m waiting at least another week.

    • My processing started the 25th too with same cycle period. Im with you. No updates yet.

    • Same here 😡

    • same here…20190605 filed 02/05/2019 accept same day. I don’t even have an offset or student loans either. I sent in IS form with efile. Last year I had an offset so I was ready this year. Now it’s still waiting.

    • Did you as of date stay on the 11 or did they change today

    • @eric529 when I looked at my transcripts this morning it still had the 03/11/19 on it.

    • Cause I think those of us who haven’t updated from the as of 3 11 will still be updated today I am told that they update a few times today

    • I sure hope so, I will check again later this afternoon. I had no idea that they can update more than once a day. Although I’ve filed IS for many years now, this is the first year Iv’e been able to view my transcripts bc I have a credit card.