• Porchia posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 5 days ago

    This has been a nightmare, but I started off by calling the tax advocate line today. Waited for 45 minutes. The advocate was nice , but told me that I needed to call the 1040 number. She then says it’s no problem I’ll transfer you to the IS department. I was transferred and immediately had someone on the phone. Mailed IS in February and posted to transcript as received on 03/09. Was informed that luckily for me it was received before they shut down. They told me to give it 4 weeks then call back. Was told not to expect anything to happen before the four weeks because they are so far behind, but they would be able to give me a better update after the four weeks passes. Inquired about stimus that went to CS. Was told that they are working on correcting this, but I may not get it this year if they don’t get this corrected and instead may have to wait until I complete my 2020 taxes… lovely

    • @Porchia. A few days ago I posted how people were sent wrong amounts for their stimulus…less than they were supposed to…according to the article I read the IRS is saying that we may not see our money until 2021. It’s stupid because it appears that they are trying to send a second round of checks. What are we supposed to do just not ever receive anything because of this glitch?

    • I know it’s crazy and so unfair. I was told to check the for updates or bulletins for the decision that is ultimately made. We shouldn’t have to wait until next year. I don’t even trust that!

    • @Porchia I DON’T trust that either! If they did somehow another technicality would cause it to be offset again like I am supposed to get 2,200 out of 4,400. But by the time they reprocess it I will get 1,100!

    • @porchia @robcry2020 I personally feel like that if you got your stimulus taken for CS you will never see it – especially if you still have arrears. Because when you file next year, they will just take it again and apply it to any outstanding arrears that exist at that time.

    • @Private the odds of me winning the lottery are greater than me receiving my portion of the stimulus. The government is so stupid with CS ! A person can be on their death bed and get summoned for CS just because they were in the hospital for 3 months and unable to pay!

    • @robcry2020 I feel the same exact way. And I’m tired of courts acting like another child is more important than the one at home because they live in a different household. Its ridiculous. Especially when the child in the other household has already had thousands given to that household while we are left with nothing!!