• partyof6 posted an update in the group Transcripts 4 years ago

    Any info on weekly accounts, I am not sure if I am one or not. We did file bankruptcy in 2013, but I don’t think we were weekly last year, But no tax debts ever.,…maybe?
    my cycle dates were-
    2013 – 02
    2012 – 02
    2011 – 05
    Does 02 indicate a weekly account too? our bankruptcy was discharged in November on 13, maybe it didn’t have enough time to get to IRS before i filed? My tax refund was re-sequenced last year causing about a week delay.
    This year I filed 1/7 was accepted 1/12, have had 1 bar all along, N/A on transcripts. I’m trying to keep calm and wait it out, but it feels like I’m being passed up again this year. Any insight???

    • I dont know if I am weekly or not either.
      My last 3 cycles were
      2013- 20140605
      2012- 20130605
      2011- 20120503

      I was accepted 01/12 bars mia, not able to order transcripts as of this morning.

    • Also, we had medicaid all year so no penalties, and shouldn’t have any offsets. I called IRS yesterday, had to lie to get the rep to research but he said everything looked normal, didn’t see offsets or penalties but that it was just processing. Nothing about being re-sequenced or anything unusal either.

    • I am wondering the same thing. My last 3 cycles have ended in 05. I was told in this group yesterday that the numbers had nothing to do with daily or weekly. But today I am seeing it all over the boards that if you end in 05 you are weekly. Hope somebody will be able to shed some light on this for us.

    • Well I hope we see some updates Friday and Saturday!