• Sonya posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 11 months ago

    @NCMom2 I called IRS yesterday and they have nothing showing that I owe, I called the TOP today and still nothing showing for my SS#. My DD is set for tomorrow. I am praying and keeping faith that I will get my refund without an offset!!

    • @Sonya prayers to you that the DD is the full amount tomorrow as well! So wishing mine were DD and I didn’t have to wait for a check to arrive!! UGH….way to stretch out the anxiety!

    • Well I got offset!! I figured I would! At least the debt is paid now and I still got a little money!

    • Hate that for you! I am still anxiously awaiting an update on mine. Still says no offset on the 800 number…and I can’t figure our why WMR shows MORE than my tax paperwork did….