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    Can someone please advise…
    I went on under my irs account and next to 2018 it says I owe, but at the top it says that it may say that due to my return being processed. Do any of y’all have any knowledge about this?
    mount Owed by Year
    Tax YearYou Owe
    Tax Year: 2018 , You Owe: INFO
    Tax Year: 2017 , You Owe: $0.00
    Tax Year: 2016 , You Owe: $0.00
    Please view your tax information in the Amount Owed by Year section.
    The information provided is based on our current data.
    The numbers here may not reflect:
    Recently filed or processing returns
    Pending payments or adjustments
    Information on your business account
    Installment agreement fees
    Frequently asked questions about balances