• @Stressed Out

    Research a student loan tax offset hardship refund.

    The link below is a good starting place

    Tax Refund Garnished Due to Student Loan Default? Here’s How to Get It Back

    And yes, they can take your refund even if you claim you had no notice.

  • If the loan was consolidated either with a Direct Loan or a rehabilitation loan, and your making payments on time, the IRS can’t take your refund. They could if you default on the payment plan.

    I would continue to check the offset hotline and to be really sure you could always call the IRS directly. It’s not fun, but they would tell you for sure…[Read more]

  • @Lona

    What is the offset for (child support, student loans, federal taxes, etc.)

  • Yes, the IRS will take your refund even if you are on a payment plan.

    You can find more information at the link provided, but I copied and pasted some info for reference.

    Can I receive a tax refund if I am currently making payments under an installment agreement or payment plan for…[Read more]

  • You will need to make sure everything gets approved either through the tax advocate or the IRS directly (I recommend the tax advocate if possible) by the Thursday BEFORE the 23C date, so in your case, this Thursday, February 14. Be prepared for them to ask for additional things this week, and try to send whatever they ask for as quickly as you…[Read more]

  • @Mesha

    If your offset is for Federal taxes (money owed directly to the IRS) it usually doesn’t show when you call the IRS offset hotline number.

    Yes, your refund can still be offset after your return is accepted. WMR typically will report some or all of your refund will be offset when it changes from accepted to approved.

    If you know you have…[Read more]

  •  just wanted to share my experience and hopefully help anyone that needs to request an Offset Bypass Refund (OBR). This process is when your current year tax refund is going to be applied to a past Federal Tax Issue ONLY! This process cannot be used if the offset is for any other reason.

    For example, you just filed your current year return and…[Read more]

  • Kristopher posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    I’ve got a question for anyone that might know or maybe could help me.. I called the BFS a few weeks ago while waiting for my Injured Spouse claim to be worked and it says, “You currently have 1 offset in the amount of $0000.00, for more information of this debt please contact the BOE.” When I called this morning it said, “You currently have 1…[Read more]

  • Tita posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know what it means when I did my taxes I had an offset and gotten a letter and when I called the Offset number it stated my husband had an offset for child support that was two months ago now I called the offset line today the offset for him say “NO PERSONAL DEBTS OR OFFSETS FOR THIS SSN.” What does that mean? Is my IS case com…[Read more]

  • What does TOP mean?

  • Brittany posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Filed taxes 1/25 accepted 1/26. My husband owes for back child support. Called top today and they updated with an offset amount and date more than half of our original refund amount. I claimed both children on my portion so Im guessing they applied one of the 2 children to his half to satisfy the amount. Kinda pissed about it lol.

    • Refund amount is 8001 and back support amount 8000. The amount they applied to offset is 4304. With EIC for 2 kids and ctc. I claimed both children on my half.

  • Smoore posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Tax advocate called this morning. Refund will be offset wends. Offset for 600.00 unemployment tax debt. Refund is 7000 will they take all 7,000 or just 600.00? Tax advocate didn’t know much about what to do or if it would all be taken. She said to call BFS Thursday. Another question is will it still be able to DD or check?

    • They will only take the amount of the offset.
      If you set it up for DD then that’s how you will get it.
      If not, then it will be a mailed check.

  • Adrienne posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone have any idea of how long it takes to receive your refund after some has been applied to offset?

  • Angel posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    I am new to offsets and the form 8379 which I had to file this year (my first year) when filing jointly with my husband. We did our taxes through H & R Block, which is my first year not doing them through TurboTax… But, I wanted to be sure the 8379 form was done correctly. My husband owes an substantial amount of back child support in FL and…[Read more]

    • The first year we filed IS we also did it after the $ had been applied to past debt and it only took 4 or 5 weeks

  • Amy posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 12 months ago

    does anyone know how to speak to a person at the bfs? i spoke with a lady at the irs and she told me there was a glitch. my refund was offset but the bfs number i called said i had no debts. does anyone have any information about this or a way to speak with an actual person at the bfs?

    • Hello, something similar happened to me, only a small portion was deposited into my account, and on WMR it says possible offset, but TOP says no offset and when I spoke with the IRS they show no debt interception or offset. Can any offer an help as to what might be going on? And IRS said it would not be clears off TOP that quick

  • Yes, I have defaulted student loans. We filed injured spouse (mfj) and TOP wasn’t showing any offsets. Got my deposit today in the full amount!

  • If the TOP and WMR aren’t showing any offset…yes, you will get your refund on your scheduled DDD. :)


  • Sonya posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 12 months ago

    @NCMom2 I called IRS yesterday and they have nothing showing that I owe, I called the TOP today and still nothing showing for my SS#. My DD is set for tomorrow. I am praying and keeping faith that I will get my refund without an offset!!

    • @Sonya prayers to you that the DD is the full amount tomorrow as well! So wishing mine were DD and I didn’t have to wait for a check to arrive!! UGH….way to stretch out the anxiety!

    • Well I got offset!! I figured I would! At least the debt is paid now and I still got a little money!

    • Hate that for you! I am still anxiously awaiting an update on mine. Still says no offset on the 800 number…and I can’t figure our why WMR shows MORE than my tax paperwork did….

  • My WMR is also showing as refund approved, check to be mailed by 2/26/18 (my account was hacked and i didn’t do the DD :( )
    I have a tax topic 203, TOP does not have any debts listed for my social.
    My WMR is actually showing a refund amount of $28 MORE than what I had on my tax return….
    I have had my return offset in the past, last year when I…[Read more]

  • Sonya posted an update in the group Tax Refund Offsets 12 months ago

    When I check my WMR the status says that the refund will be deposited on the 22nd below is the tax topic 203 about an offset— I called the BFS and it says that I do not have an offset?? What does this mean? I don’t pay child support I don’t owe student loans and I don’t owe any taxes, I barely worked this past year so my refund is WAY lower t…[Read more]

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