• Nope didn’t get mail today hoping for some time this week or next week

  • @Jaina even only the normal UI will be put into account I don’t think they count the 600 or 300 we got last time neither the 300 we are getting this time. Probably I’ll just guessing because on the food stamp app and family assistance it says they aren’t counting those as taxable income only the regular UI you would receive weekly if it wasn’t a pandemic

  • Amexserve I filed with credit karma for some reason it’s coming in the mail. It might not be listed as mail but as package guys idk probably. I didn’t order any package but it says delivery by 10pm tomorrow. Maybe it depends on where you live. I’m not sure if it’s the check/eip card will keep ya posted

  • I think when it says being mailed 1/6 that’s when we should receive it. Since the mail was sent out on the 30 and all here to hoping that’s what it means

  • So did the first stimulus and second said mailed by the six so hoping I actually get it on the six or tomorrow. It’s frustrating though but I’m hoping it’s what I need

  • American Express serve haven’t seen anything yet might get it tonight or tomorrow hopefully last time it took about three to four days. Since it went out Tuesday night expecting tonight or Friday morning