• Ms.lmg616 posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years, 2 months ago

    Good morning everyone, I filed 1/12 was accepted in “testing batch” 1/14. Bars went missing 1/30 but was able to order account trans. Called irs 2/3 was told about 8962. Received 2/13. Faxed paperwork 2/15. Was received 2/22. No updates or return trans until today 3/4. It’s been a long road for me. Can’t wait til it’s over! Hoping the progress will continue for all of us still waiting!

    • I faxed my info back on 2/9, I woke up still unable to order transcripts, no movement on wmr. I called twice today and for the first time I got the same story both times, They gave me a ddd of 3/9 and told me my corrected amount which they never told me that before

    • Congrats, Sam. I know its being a long road with this obamacare thing. So, it seems it can really take up to 4 weeks or more. Im happy for you even tho i don’t know

    • It’s almost over everyone!

    • @sonrisa809 Have you had any updates today? Did you call?

    • @Sam, i called but was told i was being worked on, back on process but they dont see a DDD yet, wait 4 weeks. Im just praying they don’t come with something new.

    • Was told all the same today too that wmr will not update and to look for a DDD of 3/9

    • Return script means your moving along! Congrats