• Eileen posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 year, 10 months ago

    Can someone from a Community Property State help me understand the purpose of the IS form. Half of our return was applied to my husbands past due balance being child support. I was the one primary person working. Yet half my return was taken. The person I spoke to said that my refund was pending due to a hold does that mean there could be a possibility that i get my original refund amount?

    • I’m in the same boat! I live in Ca and I called TOP and it says 4,244 dollars was added to unpaid child support for March 29 2017 the child support is my husbands debt I am the one who earned more money and the EITC is from my children from a previous relationship yet they took half! The WMR has still not updated as of now and I’m not sure what’s going on!!!! I would hope they would return the money but chances of that happening are unlikely!!!

    • This is our first time ever filing IS so its pretty upsetting. I thought the IS form was supposed to help so that it wasn’t touched not half of taken away. I can understand if a small portion was taken but half to be taken when I’m the primary bread winner.

    • This is my first year doing IS too next year I was told to file married but separate so I hope all goes good next year!

    • Yeah I think i will do the same. Better than having to wait endlessly.

    • So im not sure how your situation is exactly but we live in California a community property state and my husband is the only one who works i don’t and the student loans are mine only from before we were married. We get almost the full amount back its usually around $1100 less than the original refund amount. Also we continue to file married filed jointly because if we were to do married filed separate it would be around $4500 less each year considering we have 3 kids its worth it for us to wait out the whole injured spouse process