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    I filled my taxes Jan 21st and accepted. I got a notice regarding my withholdings that they couldn’t verify so I had to send in on mytax Illinois website the proof of my w-2 and letter from my employer to show my withholdings and its been 2 weeks already. It was over $3,000 withholdings but they changed it to 0.00 cause they couldn’t verify supposedly. Any idea how long does this process take to get my refund?

    • I should be getting back little over $1,000.00 but they are telling me I owe them 2,700.00 lol I also sent the items back on the Mytax Illinois website on the 10th and heard nothing so I called few min ago and the guy refused to look into my account and said could take 2 months since its a new system they are using in the state. Oh well

      My federal will be deposited by this Wednesday per the IRS pizza tracker.

    • I called the IDOR just now again. He looked at my account and said I see the paper work that you returned and its pending review which can take up to 180 days. They is NO tax advocates for state like the IRS has. Sucks

    • That sucks man,yea i check mytaxillinois pretty much every day to see if i see any notification or anything .but nothing.6month is crazzy.they need to get their stuff together i got my fed already but can really use that state too

    • They are gonna send out all of Illinois’s state tax returns before they even look at our returns to verify our information..smh

    • Ruben there is movement. I checked mytaxillinois account and refund amount back in green, I also see a letter that they agreed to my original withholdings. Thank God not as long as they said. Hopefully you have movement also.

    • Yes i also seen movement on this last Wednesday website showed my amount in green ,i also received the letter saying it was fixed with original withholdings

    • The following day my amount went to zero .maybe we’ll get a deposit Monday or sometime next week.glad u had movement too👍

    • Yep same here! I bet its this week.