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    I had to pay the penalty as well but I do not have a code 896 or 570. I was insured up until July.

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    Okay so early this morning around 5:00 am (est) I tried to order my transcripts and they had N/A for 2014. I tried again just 5 minutes ago and all of my transcripts for 2014 are now available. So if your transcripts are not showing yet, there is still hope! I was able to view and print them. The Record of Account shows code 846-Refund Issued with…[Read more]

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    Kristi, Tax Topic 152 means absolutely nothing. It is basically telling you that once your refund amount is “approved” you will have your DD within 21 days. Having TT 152 doesn’t mean that your amount is approved, it doesn’t mean that your DDD will show up tomorrow. Everyone whose return was “accepted” has TT 152. TT 152 showing up today just says…[Read more]