• Megan Hanshaw posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Anyone with a close date of May 1st get any updates yet?

    • Nope not yet for me. My WMR and transcripts still states the same thing from the beginning. I’m hoping it updates soon.

    • Please let me know if yours does and I’ll do the same.🙂

    • I called IRS today and I wanted to see if they could give me a date when we should be receiving my refund I just got the 2-4 weeks from May 1. Boo I so tired of waiting. LOL my transcript and WMR didn’t update so I’m hoping maybe on Saturday morning here in Michigan I’ll check if it updated.

    • I also have the date of May 1st. I called today and they said it takes 14 days from the close days to get a refund date and “possibly” could get dd next week, but could take another two weeks. This is crazy. I filed IS with my return electronically on Feb 2.

    • I know, I got impatient yesterday too and called and got the same speech. She said that 2 week was the minimum to get a refund date.😑 I cant check my transcripts online so please let me know if either of you update, please.

    • My wmr updated this morning with a dd date of may 16.

    • Mine updated and said a check would be mailed by the 18th! Finally light at the end of the tunnel!