• Marcia Leventhal posted an update in the group Amended Returns 1 year, 5 months ago

    nothing is new.
    i called and spoke to someone else and they said it was not really adjusted till July 13. i should get a notice this week saying when i’ll get a check or a notice and a check.
    meantime there was nothing in the system saying if i was even getting a refund which i know i am due because the healthcare tax credit was accepted for all the other years and this year was accepted i was elegible and got a letter from albany saying so.
    it makes no sense. they took what i owed for 14 and 15 out of 16 (all three years have this credit–now i owe nothing . got back a small amount from 2016. since they took it out and am waiting ont he big refund credit for ammended return on 13. they also now owe me from 14 i ammended that. so what’s the holdup. no notice/ it said i should have gotten notice and to call and when i call they say it was just done the dates do no jive with the dates online.