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    I was just wondering for those who have actually received their injured spouse return (or know the date its being mailed out even) how long after your WMR changed to processing and/or how long after you received your letter from the IRS stating you were getting your injured spouse money til you finally received your check or direct deposit?? Our close date was July 9th and I know it’s 4-6 weeks from that day but I was just wondering a consensus (and really hoping it comes sooner, I know wishful thinking lol) Thank youuu everyone this site has helped sooo much!!!

    • My close date is also the 9th of July they told me to expect it no later than the 6th of August, unless something comes up .im praying for the check to be next week sometime, have you checked your transcripts

    • We don’t have an account of any sort to check our transcripts although I did call to get them mailed but it probably won’t be our most recent info or codes. Yea, the man I spoke to Friday or Thursday said something along the 30th but he didn’t say that was the official date to receive our money or anything. Just that it should be received around that time. Idk talking to him he was a bit confusing but I can only hope we get our money this week coming up but definitely no later than the 6th. I’ll be praying for all of us waiting!!!

    • Yes i know the feeling when i called the last time i asked if when ia my check coming her exact words were its beimg processed as we speak but then she said allow another 2 weeks. So im like if itds being processed then why would it take that long,i spoke to an advocate and he said that its 8 weeks to process and 2 to make the check and 2 to send the check and if pass that to call back,you can also get your transcripts faxed to you,i created a free online thing,but they ask a million questions and they give an attitude if u can deal with that u get it sent right there,but i sent for mine in mail over 2 weeks agi,my informed delivery said they were coming but never did,had to call post office somethings going on with my mail hopfully it can be handled in time for the check id be pissed if it got sent back after all thia time ya know

    • Yea I had called my debt collection people because I was told they were who to call because they were the ones who would have to give the money back but there was no info from them they told me to call the IRS which I already had done the day before but called them again anyway and yep same thing it’s ‘processing’. So much fun we’ve been waiting since April because they didn’t even look at our case for two months. I’m hoping neither of us have to wait more than a week or two!

    • Well I just got off the phone and the lady at IRS said check date July 27th!! So Monday or Tuesday ?! I’ll write again when I officially receive it.

    • Awesomeeee i hope i do too

    • Awesome!!