• Lovely90 posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Still stuck on 4/27 anybody else?

    • Same here

    • Whats your cycle code?

    • Same here 20200905 filed 2/14

    • Same, just that last friday in the morning the date changed to 6/12 and then back to 4/27 hopefully checked today and still nothing.

    • Wow glad to know its not just me this sucks!!!!!

    • 20200805

    • My cycle code is 0705 and I got a dd today for 06/17, so hopefully you guys will be hearing something soon.

    • @karla mine did the same Saturday last week changed to 5/25 then back to 4/27 a couple times but no other changes. My IS is for student loans so they aren’t even taking anything from it now. Last week I called and was told my case was started before the shutdown. It was reassigned to be worked 5/28. I was assigned to a tax advocate who called and left a message that my case was reassigned and if I had anymore questions call IRS. IRS said once assigned an advocate they can no longer talk to me. Called congressman and they said as far as they are aware IS unit still shut down. Which I know isn’t true. This is such a mess! We need our money!