• Lisa posted an update in the group Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 2 months ago

    I filed my taxes online via H&R block and I get the EIC so IRS isn’t updating any info until 2/15. Here it is 2/15 and I still get the notification about the refund being held due to EIC and check back mid Feb. Yet, a friend of mine went to get her taxes done in person and she also got the EIC but, already got a notice that her refund will be mailed on the 20th. She got an update 3 days before the so called 2/15 date. She is getting a paper check because she forgot to bring her direct deposit info with her. So, I filed my taxes way before she did. I did it online, and used direct deposit and she is gets a notice when her check will be mailed. Wth?

    • that’s crazy because I filed on January 31st with H&R Block in person and mine’s is accepted February 1st and I still haven’t got the path act notification since I have EIC, mines has an update since February 1st. Which I thought was a little weird cuz usually 3-4 days after filing I usually have the path act telling me that my refund will be issued to after 21 days because of the EIC but I don’t even have that notice it’s like if my refund actually hasn’t even been looked at and I tried calling but I have to wait to 21 days so… now I’m just playing the waiting game….. but good luck to you