• Kristopher posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    I wanted to create an account to tell my journey with IS so far. I e-filed my return on 1/29 and it was accepted 1/30. 2/22 I got a notice that my return was being offset on WMR. 2/27 I sent in my IS form and it was received and accepted on 3/12. I called the IRS on 4/30 to check the status of my IS and the lady said that she was putting in a 30 day referral. I called back on 5/16 to check again and another lady said that she could see that my IS was being worked and it should be another 2-3 weeks and my refund date would be posted and I could call back to find out, but I would need to wait until 5/30 for the IS to be completed. I called back on 5/30 to check that it was completed and the man I spoke to said that he would need to file a 30 day referral because the original girl never put one in because my 8 week waiting period wasn’t completely over when I called the first time. Now that confused me because the 2nd girl said it was being worked on and should only be 14-21 days and this guy is saying that it will be 30 days to wait again for it to be worked. I kept calm and waited for my info and the man put in the referral as requested. I called the IRS again on 6/28 and a lady said that my IS was being worked and they were working on transferring the offset amount from the DOE and I should call back in 2 weeks to get a refund date. I check WMR every other day, but it still gives me tax code 203 with no update. I can’t check my transcripts online, but I requested a mailed copy this morning. I called the BFS about my offset this morning as I have done a few times during this process. Every time I would call it would say, “You have 1 offset in the amount of $0000.00, for more information on this offset or debt contact the DOE.” This morning when I called it said, “You have 1 debt and your tax returns may be reduced or offset, please contact the DOE for more information.” Long story short.. Hopefully that means that I am one step closer to being done with this whole thing and the end is near!

    • Wow, what an awful experience. If the IRS was a company I did business with, I would switched companies a long time ago! Lol! We all need to compile all of our stories in to a pdf and each of us should send it to our state representitives.