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    Filed back in May. Still nothing. All I’m claiming is my property tax credit. Why the hell is it still processing? I’ve qualified for this the last 10+ years of my life. This is ridiculous!

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    I filed chapter 7 this year with over 50K in medical bills. What happens this next tax season, 2020? I usually get a thousand dollar federal refund. Will I still get it or would the government keep it? I asked at my attorney’s office and they just told me to file as I normally do. Any ideas what happens the tax year after bankruptcy?
    Any info would be appreciated!

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    Marty B

    Hey all!!
    Just thought I’d stop in and say hello!!! I hope you’re all doing well!! See ya in January!!!

    Best of luck on our 2020 tax Season!!! And don’t forget to stock up on coffee and lots of LUBE!!!!

    Happy holidays everyone!!

    – Marty B

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    Does anyone that has received their refund already know how long it takes after the IRS has confirmed that the case has been closed?

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    So I did receive my refund. I also got a letter letting me know that I will most likely be audited next year as well. That’s so annoying.

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    Good Morning,

    I know that I am probably one in very few. I filed my taxes on April 15th (the deadline). Everything seemed to be going fine. I I then got the 570 Code and needed to ID verify which we did. We were told to wait the normal 60 days (or whatever the time frame is) to get an update. The time period came and went with no update. Then on July 26 we got the infamous 420 exam code. It is now November 21 and I do not have a refund or an explanation. Called a TA and she told us that our audit “hasn’t been classified yet” whatever that means. Anyone know of an audit taking 5 months? I haven’t received any letters, notices, or anything. Help!

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    Mirada Johnson

    Filed 2/28
    Accepted 3/1

    Received several letters 3500,3501 an an exam packet and sent in proof of earnings, kids birth certificate and school records and even a copy of my lease an received 2 more letters the last letter said I should have a response by November 10. I have not received any thing since spoke with a lady on the phone who advised me I can’t get a TA because I don’t have any type of emergency or hardship… She was able to tell me not to file as early next year because they will be flagging my account and the same thing is going to happen with my 2019 refund.. I am stressed and exhausted I just need my money I have kids and bills I don’t know what else to do

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    My refund was offset due to student loans. I made a payment plan to get out of default and have been paying on time. I was sent my refund check in the mail. Does that mean I’m out of default?

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    @ Stephanie
    Did you ever get your paper check and how long did it take I’m in the same boat been 13 days since the bank sent the money back and irs says it still hasn’t received it in the system yet

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    John Marley did you ever get your paper check and how long did it take if you did get it

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    I’ve been watching.. I filed 2-5-19.
    Got a review letter in March. Then another 60 day review in July. Nothing else.

    My transcript hasn’t updated since July 12th. I am so sick of this. I’ve never had any issues with my taxes. Everything has basically been a mirror image of each prior year. I will NOT file before March ever again..

    No $.. No updates… No excuses… Absolutely NOTHING

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    Irs keep saying they can’t verify my income have any body else have that happened?

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    How long will it take the irs to recognize that my bank sent my direct deposit back which they did on Nov 7th and today they still don’t see it so I’m wondering how long after they get it back till they see it in the system

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    I got an advocate last month at the end, advocate still has yet to call…. and it’s almost end of this month they were suppose to call by the 5th, no way they’re that busy since everyone is done for be most part. But besides that my latest return expected day is 12/25 probably will take that long if they keep moving this slow. I call the ladies phone directly and left a message with no call back…. so there’s that. Irs sucks

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    This is ridiculous!

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    @nate79…..I received a letter stating 12/20 and had hope to get that money then since its almost the new year. but now that your saying they told you another 45days, for sure that money is not coming. This is not acceptable and really insane. a full year has passed and still nothing. so now IRS you will have to pay last year and next year all at once!

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    Received a notice in September stating that they received my information in August and should be reviewed between the date the letter was mailed and the 21st of November. Well, that’s 3 days from now 🤷🏾‍♂️. Made a call to check for any type of update and I was told a letter had been sent out on 11/8/19 saying give them 45 more days lol. This shit is crazy lol

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    I’m still waiting since 1/31/19.

    I’m under “examination” according to IRS. Received two notices with “examination to be completed by: ” and both have expired.

    One notice asked to send “backup” consisting of : W2’s, proof my children are mine and resided with me 2018, (I’ve always claimed my children) medical records, school records, etc.

    IRS rep I talked to last week stated they received all my paperwork in mid June. My examiner is located in Fresno, CA (I’m in TX) and they are backed up two months, at the least, in their examination department. IRS rep reviewed my docs and said everything looked good, just have to continue to wait for examination to review and release and recommended I get a Tax Advocate. What “caused” my examination/audit was one of my Employers sent in my W2 in late and IRS received it in their office in AUGUST!!!??? So my Income matches up now.

    I called TA # that day and received a file case #. TA called back this morning. I’ve sent my TA all paperwork, via fax, that I had previously sent to IRS in June today. TA said I SHOULD wait for TA to review until mid Dec…. of course!

    Now, I’m waiting again……

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    Has anyone had this happen?
    I filed my taxes 3/24 through Was supposed to get my return 4/12. Didn’t called a week later was told I was on a 45 day hold, called on day 50 got told 60 more days. My car got repod because I couldn’t pay for it. Got a TA, they weren’t helpful, they wanted an amended return but didn’t state the reason and wouldn’t answer questions…then the IRS sent me a thing explaining the delay. I signed it and sent it back in August, its now Nov and I still haven’t received anything got a letter for another 60 day wait.
    Will I ever get my money?

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    Still waiting

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    I’m still here fucken waiting on this stupid money. now I’m sick and have to have surgery and was hoping this money can help out for Christmas but who has hope on that money ever coming!!!!

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    Mack Brewer

    Did NOT receive my direct deposit this am… VERY PISSED.. Im going to net spend..

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    My refund was supposed to be dd on Nov 6th but account is closed still waiting for the check in the mail any idea how long long its allowed up to 4 weeks but I was wondering if any of you have had a better time line

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    806 – 4-15-19
    766- 4-15-19
    570- 3-25-19

    WTFFFFFF anyone with these codes like me still waiting

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    Anyone still waiting?

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    Ashley I was told I would hear something by nov 14th a week after you CONGRATULATIONS and spend wisely

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    Ashley smith

    Transcript updated with a refund issue date of 11/7… The lady said it will be direct deposited..

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    Omg I didn’t think I would get to type this ever!!! But I finally got my ddd for Nov 5th!!! I have been here since Feb and got a TA mid Sept. Thank you God. Good luck to everyone who is still here. Hopefully everyone gets theirs soon!!!

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    How long after they release check will it take to get to my house

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    So finally after getting an advocate my latest estimated rerun date is 12/25. They said my W2 Withholding was wrong, which same has happened to others here…. so I just amended using turbo tax and they said my refund will only be half of what it is now, but at least I’ll finally get a move on it. My advocate suppose to call NOV 5th.. so I’ll fax over my amendment beforehand so once they call I can tell them to get started. Just make up an hardship excuse if you have to, since that’s only way they’ll get you an advocate.

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    Nate, i finally gave up today, after I contacted IRS for them to tell me abt a referral again, like you guys know the referral ain’t work the first time 5 months ago when no one contacted me…. and after all the excuses of when my return should be released. so guess what? I’m calling to get a tax advocate because this is utter BS, it’s fkn 2020 in 2 months. Been on exempt last 3 months and will stay that way. Won’t let them run off with my money again.

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    Still here 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    Hi guys, I’ve been here since February and was just told by my local senators office that my tax advocate informed them that the irs has agreed to release my refund. My suggestion to anyone still having trouble is to get your senators involved. They couldn’t have been more helpful for me. Good luck every1

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    I’m still here just been periodically checking in, but still nothing for me at all, unfortunately. Said an update should’ve happened by mid October but nothing lol of course.

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    I finally received my DDD and it’s for today! 🤗🤗🤗 Its been a long time coming! 😁 A coworker received her refund last Wednesday! I’m so excited. They offset my refund of almost $1800 but who cares! (I really did 😏). It’s finally here. The tax company screwed up alots when filing it for me so my direct deposit wasn’t entered into the system and I’ll have to go pick it up when they call me but I’m cool with it for now. Feels like a child expecting Santa. Good luck everyone who hasn’t received theirs yet.

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    John marley

    Still waiting on check 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    So I spoke with her again and she explained in details about my case and gave me a date that I would hear from her stating an final update with this year taxes…. I so can’t wait

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    My review closed on a Friday and had a DDD that Saturday for the following Thursday but I also have a TA. I don’t know if that changes things.

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    @cynthia its been about 3 weeks for me and still nothing. Hasn’t even updated on wmr

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    After the IRS closes their review and approve an amount, how long does it take to receive your refund? The representative told me 4 to 8 weeks. 😕

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    Have not received our check yet!! Still waiting!

    Has anyone received their check yet after direct deposit was rejected from the bank?

    How long does it take??

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    Darilene Benavides

    Can I get my direct deposit put back on this card

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    Willis :White

    My notice from the P.O. yesterday about arriving mail had a picture of an envelop addressed to me with the return address:
    Department of the Treasury
    Internal Revenue Service
    P.O. :Box 9019
    Holtsville, NY 11742-9019

    Didn’t receive it yesterday or today. No help from post office, nothing in my IRS web account, spent 30 minutes on phone (mostly holding or punching buttons) and when finally talked to representative, she could find nothing so I looked up that address to try to call that branch of IRS. Instead, I got this website and I now know what it is: I created an account to see my IRS info online on the 12th of October. My nerves are no longer on edge!

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    So I just got a call from my TA. I faxed over to her the signed letter that accepts the changes to my refund about two weeks ago. She let me know that she just faxed it over to the IRS so it will take them at least 3 weeks to update the system after they receive it. I feel like it would of been quicker if I had sent it to the IRS directly. It was supposed to be closed by Nov 9, now she is saying my case will be resolved by Nov 20🤦‍♀️

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    Have you checked the information on their official portal which is ?

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    John marley

    They said I will be receiving a check in a few days thank god

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    Just checked my mail box and the check is in 🤪😀

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    @ sncowgar22

    Did you guys get your check yet? I am in the same predicament. They original account was closed so TA requested a check as well. WRM say direct deposit, WMAR says adjusted. So I have not idea where or what is happening. My DD was the 10/9

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    well still here. No update no call back from my TA. Been leaving voicemail after voicemail and no call back. I remember when I posted saying I had a good feeling about her Hahhahaha

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    Still here and waiting. As of date changed to October 28th, that’s really the only change I’ve gotten. What happens if I don’t get this years return and next years tax season gets here?

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    Finally got a DDD for 10/17 but TA request check since the bank account we had set up for direct deposit has been closed. We actually have an offset for my husbands back child support but it says payment is being made on the 17th on the WMR. We are not doing the injured spouse form bc we’d be using some of the refund to pay it anyways so now I’m wondering when will we get it??

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    Got my DDD today … they audited me without notifying me .. was suppose to get 2700 but got back 913 … big f u for this wait but something is better than nothing … wishing all of you to get yours soon

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    Oh my goodness, sometimes miracles do happen. I finally got a DDD for 10/17. I signed my agreed amount on 10/4. This is finally done, Almost 10 months later, I, my friends, and going to the bar to celebrate this weekend. Good luck everyone, you need it more than me at this point.

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    Some lady called me today talking about I am being audit and that I have to send information in to her that I have my wages incorrect and have to verify child and school credit

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    I’ve been following this post since I filed in Feb. Went through 2 ID verifications, recv’d a 60 day notice ltr, contacted the IRS twice with no real info given. I went online & printed a form 2 request a tax advocate & faxed it to my local office in NC. 2 wks later I recv’d a ltr from my assigned advocate, which told me what was wrong with my return. This all occurred in June. Did amendment & the IRS recv’d it 7/1/19. They didn’t like my amendment saying they needed info. So with my advocate she sent me everything I needed 2 put 2gether & fax 2 her. The whole process wasnt long on her part only the IRS dept my paperwork had 2 go to. So finally 2day she called to let me know my refund date is 10/17. I called turbo tax to let them know & their bank & was told they’ll rec’v the refund, take their pymt then send a paper chk since I had omitted a # from my acct. Its been a very long time coming with a lot of cussing ppl out & drinking. Everyone still waiting, hang in there.

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    I’m still here as well…waiting and waiting.

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    @mariafelix after i signed the reduced amount and sent it back i got my refund deposited into my account about 6wks later.

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    I’ve been watching this post since January,I’m still waiting on mine said I should know something by October 16, we’ll see. Since I didn’t get it the other three dates I was given. But the last time I called he told me he don’t know why they are holding mine nothing was ever wrong with it

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    Well Nate … looks like it’s gone be me and you 🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Congrats @taylor Mcneily! I’m still here, unfortunately.

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    Still waiting. This is crazy.

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    Taylor Mcneily

    @maribfelix also WMR did not update until about 2-3 weeks.

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    Taylor Mcneily

    @maribfelix after i signed and turned in form 4549 to my tax advocate it took about 1-3 weeks for me to get my return. Filed in January been waiting a longgggg time!! Its coming hang in there!!!

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    James pig

    You guys think its bad I’m still waiting and its now October almost a dam year man

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    taylor mcneily


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    So to anyone who has signed the agreement letter with the new refund amount… how long has it taken you to actually get your money?

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    Ashley smith

    Well keep me posted on what they say. My transcripts updated on Sunday to show a as of date of 10/21

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    Raymond D Hayward

    Please reload my $14,628 check onto card #7286

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    Raymond D Hayward

    Please reliad my $14,628 check onto card #7286

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    I got a call from my TA saying they are reducing my refund by about 50%. I am so confused!! She said they are sending a letter to explain why they are reducing it, and as soon as I sign a letter accepting it, they will release my funds

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    @jerry if you can get the employer to write a letter stating you were employed that contains the amount made and the amount withheld, that helps. I had to do that. It took 2 weeks for the update and they finally decided to release mine.

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    Still here guys. My state senators office has been my middle man to the TA who is STILL requesting information action from me proving my income. I’ve provided a w2, 1 pay stub and 2 copies of 2 checks from last year. I also provided my monetary determination from unemployment when I filed for that in 2018. Waiting to see what happens. 7000 dollars I thought I’d have back in March. Now it’s almost time to file again

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    Hey y’all my journey is finally over…got a DD for 10/09…and an interest of $116 😊.

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    Taylor Mcneily

    Hey all!!! I can’t believe it but I actually woke up to DDD today! My money should be credited to my account October 9th!!!!!!!! Hang in there!!!!!!!

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