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    So what does cycle code 20180505 and 02-19-2018 mean?

    • if you found out let me know i have the same as yours

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    • Amanda replied 1 year ago

      So I checked youtube to see how to understand cycle codes and if this guy is correct anybody who ends in 05 is what is considered as a weekly and our wmr updates will only happen friday into saturday and our deposit will only happen the following wednesday… the other codes 01 02 03 04 are considered daily and their updates and deposits can happen any day…unfortunately once you are an 05 you will be every year then on is what he said in the video… so since we got our 846 code hopefully we will see an update on wmr tomorrow morning or through the night since it is the am now and we should have or DDD wed 2/21…if the bank holds for a day funds should be avail thurs 2/22… Im hoping he’s wrong lol and we get our money sooner but if he’s not at least we know what’s going on. here is the video it’s from last yr but still relevant info