• James posted a new activity comment 8 months ago

    When I call they tell me if I don’t receive somthing in mail or my deposit by the 17th tomm. For me to call back

    Where can I see where mine is closed or being worked etc?

  • James posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 8 months ago

    I efiled my IS with my return on Jan 30th and was accepted the same day.
    The 17th of April which is Tuesday is the full 11 weeks. Anyone else filed and accepted around that date have received there DDD YET???? This is frustrating
    Mine still says still processing

    Thanks in advance

    • I efiled with IS on 1/29 and it was accepted the same day. I received my DD at 4am (PST) today. It took the full 11 weeks, ugh! As for WMR, it still shows processing (eyeroll).

    • I efiled 1/25, accepted 1/26.. so according to that my 11wks was Friday. I called last week Monday and was told they had 1/30 as my accepted date, the rep told me if i i didn’t receive my refund by tomorrow to call Wed. 4/18… technically i am past 11 weeks…WMR has never updated and neither has the offset line.