• Jamie M. posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 3 months, 1 week ago

    The IRS stinks this year more than normal! Let me just start there.

    Started with H&R this year due to a hardship and needing a rapid anticipation loan, was unemployed and it was denied due to no means to repay. January comes and we filed e-file with H&R, they didn’t report my health insurance information. Errors department picked it up and adjusted my return positively, increasing my refund. It was then offset. 4/9 IS is received and approved. This is where it gets murky… When completing the request to get my the refund back from US Dept Education they made an error and my return became “un-postable” due to an inaccurate coding. They supposedly corrected this in the injured spouse department and I was given 4-6 time from from 4/9. I have been calling weekly since, every time a different answer and every time a new bad expectation… give it two more weeks… two more two more two more…… Now we are 150 days since my IS was approved! Oh also due to the status Tax advocate cannot help!!! AHHHHH

    • Also it should be collecting interest now according to 2 representatives.

    • Hello Jamie I was going through the same thing you are going through with the irs.. Called today and got a mail date for October 5. So there still hope its just the waiting game.