• crystal posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 4 days ago

    I just checked my husbands CS and they already sent the mother of his kids his $1200 but not my part of the stimulus check! If I ain’t really ever going to get my part I would rather it be used to pay off his back support then it sit in lobo for ever and just loss out period! I didn’t get it and its not being used to pay off his child support so were is it!

    • What state is the CS owed to? We haven’t received a new statement yet and had issues trying to register online, so we have no clue what’s been applied.

    • My husbands CS just updated for half of our stimulus minus $25 processing fee. It was sent on 5/7. I’m in GA

    • My husbands CS shows half of our stimulus was paid 5/4 I’m in GA also hoping to have a check in the mail by 6/4 that’ll be 4 weeks since it was paid and almost 60 days since the offset

    • @hemansbabygirl77 I’m in the same situation. The CS line shows my hubby’s stimulus minus their processing fee being applied, but not mine, so I’d like to know where the heck it is!! I don’t understand why we haven’t received it yet if it hasn’t been applied – which I’m grateful for bc we personally need that ourselves, I need answers smh