• Jennifer Hodges posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 2 months ago

    So what do you do if your transcripts haven’t updated in a week? We e-filed through H&R block with the IS form. Every number I find to call is automated and I can’t get an actual person!

  • Theo B posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 2 months, 1 week ago

    Just spoke to irs cause I was curious about the date our IS was assigned. So the information I have is e-filed with IS form 1/31 and accepted same day. Cycle date 20190605, assigned IS form 2/11, processing date 2/25, and 570 code on 2/25. WMR still says its processing. IRS agent said 8 weeks from 2/11 but could be sooner. Hope this info helps…[Read more]

    • Still no 846 code. Maybe by Friday.

    • Some of us that have the code 20190505 with a 2/18 processing date still don’t have a 846 code yet. Unfortunately this waiting thing sucks. The worst is just not knowing. If they would give a date of DD from the beginning even if it was 8 weeks out I believe it would be easier.

    • I agree Julie. Waiting game is not for me. I have no patience. Lol.

    • Last year I filed on 2/1/18 and in 3/7/18 for my refund. No WMR update until after.

      This year filed 1/14 & accepted 1/15 and still damn waiting. Filled super early thinking I would get it in 5 weeks again but nope.
      One thing I hate is when others filed after me and already received their refund.
      Seems like FILO.…[Read more]

    • I just called as people with my cycle are getting returns. Ours is a simple as they come..with exception of IS. Lady was kind enough and seemed well informed. Stated everything is fine and not to bother checking until April. Apparently they have received a ton of “regular” reviews and are processing them first, allowing IS with processing dat…[Read more]