• Tottianna Culler posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Called today and spoke to someone directly in the Injured Spouse department. The good news is everything is in order and just waiting on my check date. She said the funds have been received back from DOE. The system takes 4 weeks from the closed date (7/3 in my case) to give a check date. She said it would be paper check and I should have it by the 31st. If the check isn’t here by then, I should call back on that day. I will be checking my transcript on Friday for any update with 846.

    • 7/3 til 7/31 is 4 weeks but do u know if that includes the delivery. .just wondering for they told me 7- 14 days to recieve check.

    • Yep the 31st is my 4th week. Those were her exact words to me. The only way I’ll get it by then is if my 846 is dated for this Friday the 27th. Hopefully I’ll know for sure soon.