• Tottianna Culler posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    Anyone had to wait on DOE to return funds? If so, how long did they take?

    • Mine was 2 days im just waiting on damn childsupport

    • Apparently it’s been about a week for mine so far. The end of this week will be 2. So ready for this to be over!

    • It all depends on the situation though lile how much and bunch of other stuff. Theres people who get theirs right away theirs others that fild February and are still waiting

    • I saw that. I think I’d still be waiting to if I wasn’t calling every week. I saw some never checked out their status. All in all patience is a virtue. I hope for an update on Friday.

    • Me too! I closed the 9th.but it can be up to 6 weeks if the person that is supposed to give the money back i hope that isnt the case cpupd really use it .but id rather be surprised for sumfin good then dissapointed when it doesnt come….someone on here closed the same time as me and posted they were getting it next week hope were the same