• Tottianna Culler posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve been fill this group since May and you all have been a great help! I mailed in my IS sepertely from my taxes. I accessed our transcript and here are my codes

    971 IS claim received 4-23-2018
    766 Removed refund applied to non-IRS debt 4-15-2018
    290 Additional tax accessed 7-30-2018

    Hopefully I’ll get my 846 soon. This has been a long process.

    • Ur 290 had the same date as mine so hopefully we both get it soon

    • Can’t wait for this to be over with. I know know next time to file with return.

    • Good luck! I’m jealous, no updates for me today. The only update I have had this year is that my injured spouse form was received on 5/21…. Nothing since, was really hoping it updated today. Did you all look up your transcripts? When we’re your forms received?

    • JB…

      My forms were rec 4/23. My transcript just updated today 7/13, with the last 2 codes. It stayed on IS received forever. LOL I also called weekly after my 8weeks were up. Each call I got a different answer. That’s what sucked the most. But, seeing my transcript update was exciting. I was told system is old and it takes 2 weeks for it to update anything. I would think they’d have an updated system by now!

    • Thanks, you gave me hope! Lol! I try calling, but I just never have patience to sit on hold just to get a different answer. When my codes updated last year, my check was in the mail like a week later, so here’s to hoping you get yours soon! They have had their funding cut down every year lately, but come on! Update your systems already!

    • Mine was recieved on 5/21 too,they said they sent me a letter on the 9th,last thing being reflected was parr of the money was returned.still waiting. I cabt access my transcript online so i have to call and ask to have it faxed they gave me a milluon questions on why am i doing it.and they said it wasnt up to date yet either. Hopefully soon they said i should receivea letter saying how much but she gave me the amount and all that but wasnt as much as i thought considering most the income was my husbands can you appeal their decisions?

    • Tiff

      I’m not sure about the appeal process. However, I am sure that the injured spouse gets back what they should and not their spouses portion.

    • JB

      That would so be on time if my check came this week. If not, at least I know it’s on it’s the way.

    • Really? I barley made anything they didnt even take out federal for me and they are from what the lady said on the phone they will be taking about 40 percent if not more from my debts which ine was from before we were together. Idk what to believe . The website said from the begining i was getting a portion back but it was wrong when i called they didnt understand why. Now im just waiting on a letter that was mailed out the 9th then the check will be sent within 4 to 6 weeks she said. But when i called few days later she said give it 2 weeks. Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting i know we all could use it

    • My husband is the IS and they returned his portion. Sorry if my post was confusing. Fingers are crossed that we get our 846 soon!!

    • Tiff replied 7 months ago

      Did you get the 846 yet? I have the same date as your last part the 290 additional tax accessed

    • Tiff

      I checked my transcript and still the same. I think it updates weekly and should by Friday. When I get an update I’ll post it!

    • Forgot to add my close date was July 3. Was told check date would be available on July 17 and WMR should update by then as well. That’s what I was told on July 9. My transcript updated from IS received with last 2 codes on July 13. So I’m guessing Friday is my day.

    • Tiff replied 7 months ago

      Tottianna any news?

    • Tiff

      I called this morning and still no check date. She said it would be available by next week and to check WMR. It is still showing offset so Gonna check transcript on Friday.

    • Tiff replied 7 months ago

      Still no update:(

    • Nope. They said it’s pending. DOE hasn’t returned the portion yet. I called BFS line at it’s still saying our full amount. I guess I’ll be calling them instead to see if they’ve returned the funds. I was told to call back this coming week.