• Heather posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    So my 846 code said today. Everywhere I read said that that code and a Wednesday date means DD.
    I was so hopeful for today but it is 6am and still no money into the account.
    So should I look for a check in the mail?

    • I would suggest checking the offset line. My refund was still offset and I spoke withba rep in injured spouse who said there was a computer glitch and they were actually still working on the injured spouse claim. I received a partial refund

    • I spoke with the irs and they said mine was released. My offset isn’t for cs or sl. Just really upset cause if we don’t get this we will probably lose our home

    • @Heather. Keep an 👀 on your accounts this morning! This is not a “routine ” dd so it just may be there before 10. I have heard others who’ve received in the later part of the morning. If you are eager you could always call your bank to see if a dd is pending.

    • I waited all day. No income tax return deposited:-(. I’ll call tomorrow

    • @Heather I was always told that dd is on Wednesday and checks are on Fridays. I had an 846 for 6/1 which was on a MONDAY. My check was in my hand that Friday. I was told that this year nothing is going according to plan so they are just closing and sending money any day of the week. I hope you get yours soon!