• Thea posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 2 weeks ago

    It’s nice to see people starting to get their refunds. Has anyone whose tax refund got offset for child support get their money back yet?

    • Beth replied 2 weeks ago

      Money for refund or stimulus? You won’t get tax refund back for child support offset. The stimulus will most likely get given back through next years taxes. They haven’t figured any out yet.

    • Thea replied 2 weeks ago

      I filed IS electronically with my taxes on 02/04, so I know I’ll get it back, all the agents have given me different answers regarding timeline. I just wanted to see if people have started seeing their portion come back to them.

    • CS offset. Received tax refund 6/24.

    • @heather7985 thanks for replying. that gives me hope. did it get deposited into your bank account or did you receive a check?