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    I am new to offsets and the form 8379 which I had to file this year (my first year) when filing jointly with my husband. We did our taxes through H & R Block, which is my first year not doing them through TurboTax… But, I wanted to be sure the 8379 form was done correctly. My husband owes an substantial amount of back child support in FL and didn’t work in 2017. However, in order to claim EIC and the additional child tax credit I had to file jointly with the 8379 form. Long story short, we efiled with H & R Block and mailed the form separately afterwards. Our taxes was accepted on 2.6.18, the form was processed on 2.12.18, and the taxes was approved on 2.16.18 with a DDD of 2.22.18. On 2.22 I checked WMR and everything changed to “Your refund was applied to a debt” – offset, right? I called IRS and BFS today, which said it would take up to 8wks for the funds to be sent back and applied. My questions are, Does it really take 8wks, or do people typically get them earlier and when? Since all the income was mine last year and I did the necessary form will I be offset for a debt I am not responsible for, or will I receive my refund? Sorry, for the post being so long… This is all just very confusing!

    • The first year we filed IS we also did it after the $ had been applied to past debt and it only took 4 or 5 weeks