• Anny T posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 4 days ago

    Filed IS in Feb. cycle 0705. Finally got an update of 846 for 5/28. I’m IS and it’s for my husband’s student loans. I thought I read that due to COVID the DOE isn’t taking the offset? The refund is half of the original amount. Anyone with clarification? Thanks. I mean, at least it’s something but if I can get all back it would be even better.

    • My understanding on that is that the DOE isn’t applying the offset to stimulus payments. As far as the refunds they’re likely still doing the offset but i can’t say for certain because my husbands offset is for child support

    • By the looks of other IS posts it does seem some are receiving full refunds who have DOE offsets. That’s interesting.

    • @Heather that makes sense. It was a good chunk so it sucks to lose it. Hope that chunk will be the last of it. Thanks!

    • Also, I noticed that there are 2 lines of 846 with the same amount equaling to the original refund amount. Does this mean anything? I naturally assumed I just get half but it’s weird seeing 2 846 codes.

    • @Anny T it appears that some people are getting 2 checks sent to them 1 for themselves and 1 for their spouses. At least ppl with DOE debt. It sounds like that is what your case is…does besides either 846 states refund applied to non-irs debt? If it doesn’t it should be going to you.

    • @Robcry2020 both 846 say Refund Issued

    • If you don’t have an 898 code following the 846 then you should be good to go!

    • DOE is only refunding if it was processed after 3/13

    • @Sam I have been on this platform for 3 months…everyone REGARDLESS of when they filed with DOE debt have been getting their FULL refund….some in 2 separate checks but still everyone has been getting it.

    • @robcry2020 I called the DOE last Friday and I was told that our refund posted to his account 3/7 so we would not be getting a refund from them. I filed the IS form after the offset but haven’t seen where it’s been received yet.

    • @Sam they should reverse it and give it back…I have heard of this happening a few times from other people on this platform. Just don’t settle for it being gone bc others in your boat said they were refunded even though it was originally offset.

    • @Sam I filed IS with my taxes electronically so it was never offset. Plus, they just updated my account so i assume it never even got to DOE? I’m crossing my fingers for the full return.

    • UPDATE: Received my refund this morning by DD. I received 2 deposits that equal the whole amount of my refund. Finally! Good luck to everyone else! I hope you al receive your money back!