• Big update for my case. I called my advocate last week and left a message, never heard back. Called today at lunch and left another message, he called right back to let me know that the IRS accepted my documents as proof and have approved my refund, no adjustments were made.

    This is a big relief because in 2016 I was granted guardianship of a…[Read more]

  • No major update yet. I called my advocate on Wednesday, left a message and never heard back. I will be calling again Monday. It is now over a week past the deadline the advocate established for the IRS to determine if they need anything else or release the funds.

    There was one thing that changed on my transcript. Under my name/address where…[Read more]

  • Still no changes here. I check my transcript at least twice a day hoping to see some good news. I’m going to call my advocate tomorrow since the deadline he gave them was last Friday and still no movement. I was nervous all day today because the daily USPS email showed I was getting a letter from the IRS. Turns out it was just a notice I…[Read more]

  • I received the non-EIC portion of my refund (surprise!). Now my tax topic is 151 – Appeals Rights. Yeah, there’s nothing to appeal, it’s still under review. Is this a generic message they throw up, because it sure doesn’t apply to me yet. I’m waiting on them to review the documents I sent in and release the rest. I’ll be checking my…[Read more]

  • @Sheila_33 So I faxed everything in to the IRS & my tax advocate on Tuesday. Then on Thursday I was reading online another case of someone involving a CP75 letter and how it took them over 500 days to resolve it. I started panicking and went through all 12 months of my bank statements and blacked out everything except what could prove that I’m…[Read more]

  • I have not tried ordering my transcripts. I certainly hope I’ll get *something* back very soon, it sure would help out!

    On the bright side, I heard back quickly from the tax advocate’s office, within a couple hours! I got my case number and my actual advocate will contact me in 3 days. I’m pretty hopeful that this can be a quick(ish) fix. I…[Read more]

  • I received my CP75 letter dated 2/12 on 2/10. I gathered all documents requested and faxed this morning. No idea how long this is supposed to take. I have to prove HOH status eligibility also, plus dependent. They want grocery receipts for the year (who keeps those?!?) purchases of clothing for the dependent, doctor visit receipts, school…[Read more]