• Amanda E posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 6 days, 14 hours ago

    So I couldn’t wait anymore….I called. I have been told that they have NOT even recieved my IS form that I mailed to them 4 weeks ago. She told me it should be in the system by now. I was told to resend my form. She said the worse thing that could happen is that they have duplicates but atleast they could process it!

    • Super super frustrating! I believe someone isn’t doing their job.

    • Call back I don’t know about that answer don’t you have the 570 code and been processing it mixed
      You up with someone else

    • Send it certified this time , i sent 2 because i forgot W2 with first one. I should have had a date a week ago but the second one but it a week behind

    • No when you mail the IS form you don’t get the 570 code. You get a 971-IS form recieved. I have nothing! Lol. So Im sending it certified like you said Lashonda. Its just crazy.

    • Definitely send certified with a return reciept. I got my return receipt a few weeks ago stamped 2/25. and code 971 showed on my transcript today with the same date.

    • Got the 2nd forms mailed certified with a return receipt….and now we wait….again😳

    • Oh no, Amanda!! How frustrating!!

    • @Brittany
      Yeah very! The agent I spoke to yesterday to wait 3 more weeks to when the 8 weeks was up. Thank god I called again today and was given actual helpful advice. Oh well, thats what ya gotta do when you file IS. Wait….so another 4 weeks will just be that….another 4 weeks. Lol hope you get some good news about yours!😊