• Abs posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 1 day ago

    I posted on a comment below as well. Anyone with a process of 2/18 or beyond, I was advised to not bother calling back or checking until April. Said they’re extremely busy with a high number of returns. They are processing/updating all normal returns and holding to the 11 week rule. Discouraging yes, but I guess the price paid for having monies owed.

    • Don’t believe a word reps say they just say stuff to get you off phone they don’t know anything

    • I’d believe that if some people on here didn’t already get their DDD.

    • *DD

    • I f/a 2/13 the First Lady told me I would have it by 45 days which is March 30… second man told me to wait until May 1st

    • Yes, some people have but all were processing dates prior to 2/18. Between the shutdown and the hold the president put into action, I guess they’re wildly behind. Again, the rep wasn’t rude. The honesty was refreshing, even if not what I wanted to hear

    • Jocie replied 1 week ago

      The processing date on my transcripts were 2/18 and we got our DD yesterday 3/13…

    • Abs replied 1 week ago

      Well Jocie that’s great news for you! I’m just so tired of following the tips and tricks to find that none of them mean anything. Per advice, I did call back and got the same story. Different day, different rep. Maybe you got lucky and hit the right desk before they became overwhelmed.

      It’s is frustrating, seeing people with processing dates of early March updating with DDD. But, out of my control.

    • Most people have no clue when there processed date is also the shutdown should not have that huge of a setback since it was over technically before irs opened there doors for this tax season all they are doing is giving out generic 45 day timeline like they do every year I have not seen one person get a ddd with March processing that filed injured spouse I saw few with 2/18!and cycle 0505 and before and pretty confident we will see more update soon maybe instead of being mad at everyone who is getting ddd and fix your stuff so won’t have offset next year

    • Abs replied 1 week ago

      Slow your roll eric529. I didn’t say I was mad at anyone. Jealous, yes.. but not once have I degraded or tormented anyone. I’m simply stating what I was told.

      As for fixing my stuff, it has been. Doesn’t mean they don’t attempt a lump sum to shorten the payment plan time.

      If it comes early, great. Otherwise, I updated (as I’m allowed to..don’t read if you’re offended) on what was told directly to me. It is what it is. If I have come across as aggravated, it is only due to the lack of competency within the govn system.