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    Let’s talk transcripts – 2013

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    Well the good news is that I honestly doubt that this many people are getting reviewed. I hope not at least! Who all has the EIC. This is what I’ve noticed has been getting people reviewed.

    I do.

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    Same problem here, accepted 1/30 still no updated on wmr except generic 21 day message and cannot order transcripts… sigh

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    Well hoping we all get DD tonight.

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    same here accepted 31st still processing

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    Accepted the 30th, received text from HRB on the 1st that it was accepted, still showing processing and cannot order transcript. Tells me “unavailabe for this year”

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    Ok, Creating this so I can see if there is a trend. Anyone unable to get transcripts and still get a DD or their funds in their account?

    I Filed 1/20 through HRB online and got rejected 1/30. Refiled 1/30 around noon PST so assume I’m considered accepted 1/31. WMR has not updated for me since then, also unable to order transcripts! With all the talk of reviews going on, really hoping with the update tonight that I don’t end up with a review status!

    Any Info would be appreciated. THANK YOU!

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    i pulled my transcripts and a day later i got on WMR website to this message “We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 151, Your Appeal Rights”

    what does this mean now?

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    I requested my transcripts due to the need for them both this year and last, last year I received my return just fine and so far, this year, I have a dd… I think this fear is silly.

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    Ms Black

    How is ordering a transcript suspicious if the transcript is nothing more than a compilation of paperworks of reported earnings that were given to you over the previous year form the employer of other entity that is taxable. That info is set in stone, it can’t be changed so someone requesting it after submitting a tax return is not related.

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    Has anyone had the following happen:
    My address is different on 2012’s return than 2011. I tried requesting a transcript online today. This morning I was able to access my tax information regarding transcripts using my OLD address. So I figured the system has not been updated yet.

    Then later this afternoon I tried again and both my old address and my new address are resulting in “The information you have entered does not match our records.”

    Does this mean their updating the system with my new information? Or should I call to check?

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    I guess I don’t see what’s so suspicious. Hrm.

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    Yeah, I just read on another forum from someone who “claims” that they work for the IRS and gave specific details related to pulling transcripts and delaying your return. He said is is considered suspicious behavior to pull a transcript before your return is complete.

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    Quick question I’d like to pose.

    I know there’s a lot of anxiety brewing over whether or not pulling your account/return transcript will boost the likelihood of your return being pulled for review. My question is, how many of you currently under review requested your transcripts? What was your original filing date and date of acceptance? How did you file and what credits/deductions did you claim? How many of you requested your transcripts and still received your refund or, at very least, an estimated direct deposit date?

    Hopefully this will ease a few worried mines.

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    I was able to get mine this morning, was accepted the 30th filled the 18 through hrb but I’m still ge9tting the same bs message that ill receive them in 21 days or less

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    I think it means they finished processing your return. I was just able to order mine too, and wasn’t able to a few hours ago. Hopefully that means the refunds will be approved soon. I don’t mind waiting, but it always irks me when people accepted later get DD before people who were accepted sooner. I saw a 27 get a date of 2/1, and I am 25 but still show processing.

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    I’ve been reading the forum and see a lot of people talking about ordering transcripts. I was just able to order my 2012 transcript about 10 min ago. Prior to that it said it wasn’t available. What is the purpose of ordering them?

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