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TOP Hotline states "No Non-tax Debt"

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    Long story short, I was in default, but am now rehabbing my Student Loans. It has been a tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders, needless to say.

    I applied for a hardship, anticipating that my refund would surely be flagged for offset this year. I have not received any confirmation that my hardship has been granted, however, according to the FMS TOP hotline, I have “no non-tax debts” when it before (before being about 3 months ago) that I had one debt found for my SSN.

    My question is this, if there are no debts found in the database, nor can the collection agencies find any offset, am I safe to assume that my refund will be safely and soundly deposited into my bank account?

    I have also spoken with a taxpayer advocate (whom I am working with concerning a separate issue), who also confirmed that she saw no offset flag for my SSN.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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