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Offset but still got refund?

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    I have an offset and website says they are taking my entire refund this year BUT the entire refund got deposited into my bank account this morning….? Will they take it back?

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    Need help Mrs trujillo

    I had been checking my wmr daily n had the path message up until the 15th.. The 15th it said we’ve received your refund and it is being processed tax topic 152. Then Saturday 2/16 changed to approved with a ddd and tax topic 203. Now my question is can I stop that offset from being done or it already too late plz help.. The reason I want to stop the offset is bcuz the human resources department made a mistake n said they gave me a over payment which didn’t happen and was a misunderstanding and i didn’t get a chance to clear that up as I just received the letter about it on 2/2/19 and was only able cal call the human services dept n not the treasury department bcuz the human services said to ignore the letter as it was situated and it obviously wasn’t.. Thank you plz get back to me anyone as I need this money for our home. N kids

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    My refund was offset in 2018 from a defaulted student loan. I rehabilitated that loan in December of 2017. Although, I was already set up on a payment plan (9 months) with the rehabilitation program, those payments had to be completed to remove any future offsets. HOWEVER, after making the 9 payments on time, every month, I WAS REFUNDED THE OFFSET AMOUNT AFTER MY COMPLETED (9 months) payments. Always keep updated with your loan servicer if you are in the rehabilitation program. There is light with patience. HTH

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    I git an refund approve on my bar but an tipic 203 but they gave me a deposit date will I get it in that day

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    @Cousin Sam. Yes, that is correct. There is a statue of limitation on taxes owed, but there is not a statue of limitations on Federal loans, only private loans.

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    @Lacey Smith. When you called the offset hotline, did you check both option 1 and 2? I have been offset the past 4 years due to student loans and if I hit option 1, it does not show, however option 2 does. What codes are you seeing on the IRS site??

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    Lacey Smith

    I’m trying to help my son.He filed his taxes and he checked his status on his refund. On there it says the IRS kept his refund. I had him call to see if his taxes were offset. The automated system said he did NOT have any thing. He’s a young man and hes upset. He had plans for the refund. He has no children and I’m almost positive we paid his school loan off. Any suggestions??

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    I hope someone can help me. I’m afraid my refund will be offset because of my husbands student loans. I did call the offset program and there is nothing on my husbands ssn or mines. Am I safe.?

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    The past two years our taxes have been garnished and we’ve filled injured spouse to get my husband’s portion back due toy student loans. I did not work in 2018, will they still be garnished since my SSN is still being flagged as having a possible offset when I call the number since I had no income and we filed married?

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    Cousin Sam

    @ Bradt…my debt had nothing to do with any kind of loans. This is about back taxes being owed and YES it does apply for people in that situation. Look it up.

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    Cousin Sam, there is no statue of limitations on Federal loans, only on private loans.

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    Cousin Sam

    Just found out this little bit of info from research, but to anyone who has an outstanding debt to the IRS that is 10 years or older, they no longer can legally collect on it. To my surprise I called every offset number known to man and nothing was attached to my SS. Gotta love statue of limitations ;)

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    @Stressed Out

    Research a student loan tax offset hardship refund.

    The link below is a good starting place

    And yes, they can take your refund even if you claim you had no notice.

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    If the loan was consolidated either with a Direct Loan or a rehabilitation loan, and your making payments on time, the IRS can’t take your refund. They could if you default on the payment plan.

    I would continue to check the offset hotline and to be really sure you could always call the IRS directly. It’s not fun, but they would tell you for sure if they could take the refund.

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    Stressed Out

    I have not worked in 10 years. I finally got a job and was able to file my taxes. Called the offset line and it says 0 offsets. Called a week after and it says I have 1 offset for student loans. I called and set up a payment plan blah, blah, blah. I want to know if they’ll still take my refund if I received no prior notice. I mean no call, no letters, nothing. I need a car and to get my bills caught up so bad 😔 Help.

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    I called the offset hotline in December they said my refund will be offset now I called this week it said I have debts

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    Student loans.

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    What is the offset for (child support, student loans, federal taxes, etc.)

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    I’m still confused. Turned in my repayment plan agreement, have made 2 payments, offset line has removed my offset says I dint have one but the company says they dint understand why it was taken off when it still shows active on their end. My question is which one is right? The company or the offset line?

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    No, they won’t take it back. I’d withdraw every penny. Probably they didn’t certify it in time. Who knows. Be grateful and run. But they will probably get you next year.

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    Yes, the IRS will take your refund even if you are on a payment plan.

    You can find more information at the link provided, but I copied and pasted some info for reference.

    Can I receive a tax refund if I am currently making payments under an installment agreement or payment plan for another federal tax period?


    No, one of the conditions of your installment agreement is that the IRS will automatically apply any refund due to you against taxes you owe. Because your refund isn’t applied toward your regular monthly payment, continue making your installment agreement payments as scheduled.

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    I think I may have an offset. But I’m also on a payment plan with the IRS. Does the IRS still take your full refund even if you are on a payment plan?

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    Just called the loan company and she said it still says active on her end, she doesnt know why the line told me there was none.

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    So, I had an offset and it was showing up on the hotline. made two payments to set up payment arrangements, called friday to see if my offset was on the hotline and it was, I just called today twice to make sure, and my offset was not on there. It it still safe to file or should I wait?

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    If your offset is for Federal taxes (money owed directly to the IRS) it usually doesn’t show when you call the IRS offset hotline number.

    Yes, your refund can still be offset after your return is accepted. WMR typically will report some or all of your refund will be offset when it changes from accepted to approved.

    If you know you have an offset, the best thing to do would be to call the IRS Monday morning and find out if your refund will be offset.

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    Mesha Mizzell

    Hello i called the offset hotline before i filed friday and when i called it it said they they dont have any records of my dept and dont have any offsets for me either so i filed . Will i still get an offset noticed after its been approved ?

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    As far as I know, try calling the number. Somekne told me as long as it doesnt show on the offset line you’re good to file.

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    I made all successful payments to the loan rehabilitation program and I’m eligible for my offset to be removed. Do anyone know how long it will take for the Irs to remove it? And if I file anyway will the DOE return my refund because I have met all obligations? Please please help

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    Michelle Marsh

    I’m in default by like 2 years on my student loans. The line I called said there is one item on file- my loans and they ‘may’ take it. I got something in the mail this summer but I can’t remember what it said. I got my return last year- not sure what I should do here- was wanting to file tomorrow but now I’m not sure if I should!

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    Ok got audit for 2018 return for eitc credit sent all the information in approved me for 4000. Couple days later my statues change to refund being process but nothing bout code 203 yesterday got a letter in the mail that my reins was going to be offset for 300 for state tax and department of economic (unemployment benefits that I have being paying ) but refund status still show being process anybody know what’s going on

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    I have student loans that are in forbarence until August while I work on a discharge due to terminal illnesses. Will the IRS take my refund if it is in a forbarence state?

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    Mary Seebach

    Everyone is asking questions but nobody is updating! So I will update if nobody answers my question. On WMR, it says my direct deposit was 4/2. Today is 4/4 (after midnight) and it still isn’t in my account. I have a code 203 but nothing has changed. I did have an offset 3 years ago and it never said that my money was sent to me via direct deposit. It said the money was sent to offset and listed my return as $0.0 and my offset as my whole refund $5.475. This time it says money was sent direct deposit with a code 203. I call the BFS TOP number and it says “sorry we can not assist you at this time” so I can’t get any answers! I have my money deposited onto a green dot card and it can take 24-72 hours after the deposit to post to my account. Can someone give me answers?

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    Michael Stinchcomb

    My refund status says sent to my bank but at the bottom it says topic 201 will I still get my refund

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    I received a topic 203 when I checked the IRS2Go app. Stated my refund was approved. So I looked up the code. Seen it was for an offset for dept of ed. It was supposed to go to my bank today and didn’t. Offsetting my entire refund. Funny thing is that 2 months ago I set up a payment plan with the collection agency handling my student loan debt. Can they actually take your refund when you’ve been paying on your debt?

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    Hello I have a tax topic 201 for back taxes took my whole refund wmr shows refund sent to pay past tax obligations. I been working with a tax advocate to file hardship sent all bills no other offsets. Just wondering if anyone had this experience and received any money back from ta help?

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    My taxes were offset for an unemployment debt on a claim opened by someone who stole my identity in 2013 I didn’t know until recently when my return was offset I disputed it twice filed a form for identity theft and was just wondering if and when my taxes are given back to me how will i be. Paid back by the unemployment agency check or will the funds go to he block and on the emerald card I set up before the offset

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    I called irs said I have no offsets & yet still sent a small percentage of what I was suppose to get.. help please lol

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    Wmr states refund sent to bank on 3/7, not in bank. I was approved and processed in just under 2 weeks. Now im seeing refund sent with 203 code. Call top to find out its department of education, I’ve never received anything from DOE, or anyone else indicating the debt was owed (I do have an outstanding loan), or that they would offset. Is it really offset? Can they do that without any form of notification prior?

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    To everyone asking. If topic 203 pops up due to student loans. They will take your refund away. They usually mail a Paper over the summer stating that your refund will be taken away. It will say send and all but you will not receive it. Best thing to do is get in a repayment program to avoid this next year.

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    If you still haven’t received your money even though it says send already, they took your money. It will show on IRS after the date it says to contact back if it hasn’t been deposit yet. I know by experience

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    Woodrow Mcafee

    Will wmr show a reduced refund due to offset?

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    Woodrow Mcafee

    Will it show on wmr if ur refund was reduced due to offset? Mine was dd 2/28 n says refund was same as was supposed to be. But 2 days later and still no money

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    So if refund is taken for offset will the refund amount on wmr be $0? Says my direct deposit refund was sent 2/28 refund amount is what I was supposed to get. But 2 days later and no money yet. So if they took it would wmr show the refund amount reduced? Really freaking out not knowing for sure

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    Jennifer Harrison

    My transcripts show an off set for $379 which is for an amended income from last year. That is the only things showing on it. It says remaining amount will be deposited on 3/7. But the offset line says I owe to state of nc. Is it possible they are not taking the offset out since the transcript doesn’t show it?

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    So i checked wmr about 4am..i supposed to get dd today but i got a notice on wmr that majority of my refund will be seized, i don’t owe anything, i called the number provided ot saids no debt owed, would still receive my entire refund, what’s going on ?, has anybody had similar situation but still recieve their entire refund?

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    Okay So It Says That I Have An Offset For Department Of Education It Says It’s Taking My Whole Refund It Stated On Feb 26 I guess if I don’t get a letter in 2 weeks call I Never Went to Collage So I’m Wondering How I got A Balance That’s Not Mine But I Wonder If i get my deposit before they take my money off my card and it’s on there should I take the whole thang off also how do I fight it seeing how I feel it’s an identity thief because how do I have a balance for education and never got an ged or high school diploma need anwsers helpppp

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    Checked on – stated that my refund was to be sent 02/22 via direct deposit, that day came and went with no deposit made into my account. I checked it every day there after and it showed Code 203. I contacted BFS and it stated I had one off set (which I paid in full 11/2017). I contacted that agency and they stated that I paid in full 11/2017 and they have nothing on their end that I owe anymore money to them.

    It is 02/26 and still not have received my refund. Is there another contact number for BFS that you can actually speak to someone?? This is very stressful..

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    Opposite problem here. Our whole refund was seized last year. This year I called the line because we had that topic 203 thing and it said we just had one offset to the state in the amount of $200 something. Our refund was supposed to be $4266. Our DDD was Feb 22nd. That came and went. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I checked the “where is my refund” site again today and it said my refund was offset and the adjusted refund amount is 0.00. I called the line again and again it just said that one offset. I don’t understand. The other day it said our refund was sent to our bank. Obviously not.

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    So the off set phone number says no offsets, BuT I’m afraid it’s not accurate. We are about to presss file and I don’t know if I should do the injured spouse just Incase. If the hotline says no off sets, am I good or can something pop up after I file???

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    Mine is saying the same as everyone’s, tax code 203. It was for student loans. The offset line says it is taking my whole entire return. However on WMR it doesn’t say the refund has been sent yet.. When I called the IRS this morning they said that the money was released but they couldn’t tell me exactly where it was released to. I also called the department of education and they said that no funds have been applied to my account. This is the first time that I have ever had this happen. I’m hoping and praying that I get the money!

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