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    Nothing from me!

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    I used TT. Filed on the 15th using education credit,. still pending. spoke to the IRS and like most of you I was told everything looked okay and to wait until the 21 days. So, I do NOT think it is a HRB issue but an IRS delay they are not telling us about………..

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    I got this information from HRB facebook page, it was posted on Thursday 2/28/2013.

    Some taxpayers are receiving letters from the IRS informing them their returns are now under further review. Some of these letters are related to Form 8863 (Education Credits).

    Rest assured your return has been prepared accurately and your estimated 21-day refund cycle has not changed.

    Here’s what has happened:
    This year the IRS changed the way it processes and accepts answers to some ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions on Form 8863 as transmitted by H&R Block. Once we learned of this IRS change, we worked to comply with the new IRS process.

    We do apologize for the inconvenience to our clients. The IRS has reassured H&R Block and our impacted clients these additional reviews will NOT impact estimated refund dates.

    Please note: Others who have filed Form 8863 have also received letters from the IRS asking for additional information. Clients must provide these details to the IRS in order for their return to be processed. If your return was prepared in an H&R Block retail office, please contact your tax pro to help you.

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    I filed 1/29 with education credits like everyone else, and I also filed with HRB…and I was told like all of you that I had to wait til 2/14 to process..and it was accepted the same day..here it is 3/2 and still one bar..I did speak to a nice man at the IRS and he said that my 21 days wasn’t up yet (it will be up next week), and that I SHOULD be
    getting my refund then…I sure hope so…I am so tired of waiting!

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    I filed 1/29, recieved a letter 2/4 about education credits, was accepted on 2/15 and have heard nothing since. I called the IRS and spoke to a guy who said all he could see on his end was that my return had been recieved and is still processing. He told me to call back the day after my 21 day end date for more information.

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    I heard the HRB transmission to the IRS was garbled and that caused us to be delayed. Someone posted that info on the main discussion thread of this site. She said she got that info from a friend who works at HRB. that would explain why TT folks have their refunds and we don’t. I wish HRB would come out and say that if its true.

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    Filed hr block online 1/30 accept 2/14 still one bar no updates

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    Same here filed 1/30 HRB waited until 2/14 due to the 8863 and have been processing ever since. I did call the IRS they said that there were no issues with my return and I should have a dd within 21 days…….

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    I filed 1/30 with HRB Online, Ed credit, received the email about waiting and my return was accepted on 2/14. I too have the one bar on WMR with no change. No info since has been given. I haven’t called anyone. It does seem strange that TT filets got their refunds with form 8863 and we didn’t. Notice the ones of us who did file later when the forms were actually ready got their DDD. I read somewhere that the additional delay was caused by programming problems so maybe HRB didn’t get it right on their end. Whatever the reason, I will never use HRB again. This has been the worst tax season ever. The lack of communication by both HRB and IRS is disturbing.

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    Check this out: http://onet.pl
    NOW! :)

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    I filed jan 30th h&r sent me email saying they were holding it until the 14th also couldn’t file state till federal was accepted. Feb 14th mine was accepted but WMr still only one bar and says within 21 days yada yada but… My state which I was able to file on the 15th (finally ) has a dd of 3/5 so who knows what’s going on! Fingers crossed something changes tomorrow

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    Seems like the only 8863 filers to get dd dates are those who used turbo tax….not sure why there’s are getting ran through and ours aren’t….hopefully all of ours will be going through in the coming days!

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    filed 1/28 through HRB
    Accepted 2/14
    still one bar “processing”
    transcripts still unavailable as of yesterday (usualy try at the end of the day)

    The poster above is the first HRB 8863 filer I have heard of getting a DDD.

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    Hello every one I used the HR Block home version Filed on 02/14/13 and was accepted the same day, and I have EIC, 8863 FORM, AND THE CHILD TAX, and I got a ddd of 03/04/13. hope this helps

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    Hell every one I used the HR Block home version Filed on 02/14/13 and was accepted the same day, and I have EIC, 8863 FORM, AND THE CHILD TAX, and I got a ddd of 03/04/13. hope this helps

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    I’m in the same boat. I used H&R Block, they held my tax return until Feb 14th and got accepted the same day. I had the education credits and EIC….I’ve been stuck on processing for the last two weeks. It’s frustrating to see a lot of other people who had the 8863 issue get dd dates or there refunds already….what a mess.

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    I used HRB software and filed on 2/8, on 2/9 got a email that stated I had to wait until 2/14 due to form 8863. Still no DDD. I called IRS last night as I need my transcripts for school and the gentleman first told me my return had not even been recieved, then he said it hasnt been processed and to allow 3 to 6 weeks, only to turn around and tell me that if I haven’t heard anything by 3/8 to call them back. Just checked WMR, still no change.

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    I also used HRB, filed Feb 9, accepted feb 15th with education credits. still only one orange bar “received”.
    I called HR, same thing, “wait the 21 days’. I hope i wake up to good news sooner than that!

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    Almost the same. Still waiting and today is 2/28, just checked and no change (yet). Filed before the 14th of Feb, got message 2/14 saying IRS accepted (I had been waiting on Ed Credit forms) and so I hoped that now that is has been 2 weeks from then, it might finally show as accepted, but it still has not. My boss used Turbo Tax , also had ed credits and filed on the 14th and already got her refund this past Friday. It is so frustrating to not see progress or an explanation. All we can do is hope and pray and wait and see. Please post if your status changes and I shall try to do likewise.

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    deb smith

    I filed on Jan 30 accepted Feb14 no DD yet just accepted with bar. I called yesterday and they told me they started processing Feb 15 I just have to be patient it should be updated within 21days.

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    Anyone filed with HR Block either at home or office and have the 8863 form get a DD date yet? I filed 2/11 was accepted 2/15 and my WMR just has the 1st bar in Processing. EIC, 8863, 1 child.


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    finally was able to request refund transript hour or two ago, hoping for DD fri or sooner but will NEVER be going to hr block after this year, they lost a 10 year loyal customer

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    Filed late night 2/1 thru HRB online & accepted same hour, got a DDD on 2/7 for 2/11. Woke up @ 5am (CA time) & my $ is here!

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    Find out if your refund is being offset by any debts 1-800-304-3107

    I called the above number just to be sure and I am not being held for any offsets. DDD would really ease my mind.

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    I filed my taxes on 1/30 and accepted on 1/30. I have been processing every since No change in situation, same return filed last year. I filed my daughters return on 2/1 using HRB online and her situation had completely changed, she got her refund today 2/8!!!! I don’t understand the hold up. I am used to waiting 10 days to get my refund but when others who filed after me have already received theirs it’s irritating! I havent called the IRS, I thought I would get a DDD day today but I am now considering calling just to see what the hold up could be.

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    Yep.. same here filed and accepted 1/30.. “Still processing” frustrating..

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    I have a DD of 2/7 and nothing yet but it’s still early

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    I got an email from H&R Block today that my funds are being released to my bank… but that it could tahe 2-3 business days. My dd is 2/6 and now I am worried I won’t have it ;(

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    I don’t think that weird HRB text has anything to do with your fees being taken out of your refund, because I am direct deposit to my personal bank account and a free-filer. Really wish I could get a definite DD date though, momma needs a mani/pedi with a side of retail therapy.

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    I have come to find that wmr and 800 is like two days behind the real world. I actually called someone yesterday gave me dd of 2/6 but could be earlier. That system is big screw up if u ask me. It did text me this am ans said dd of 2/6 also.

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    My husband and I filed married jointly with hr block with 3 kids and we are getting it direct deposited to the emeral card well we filed 1/25/13 and was accepted by the irs 1/30/13 and still nothing the wmr and the hotline is still saying processing with the 21 days message but when I checked today on the wmr and the irs 2 go app they are saying they can’t find my refund..did anyone that filed the same day as me and accepted on the 30th get a dd yet?

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    What hrb hotline are u guys calling? Can anyone answer this?

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    Hrb to got accepted 1/30 got dd of 2/6 yesterday. Still nothing doing emarld card deposite they say it could be anytime. I say we will know when we actually have funds.

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    I filed 1/27 recived email from hrb on 1/30 that it was accepted and then also recieved the text yesterday. I paid my fees upfront so I wonder if maybe they are just behind on sending the texts. I was all excited hopibng for a dd date today but still says processing. Tried ordering transcripts but it would only let me order the account ones and not the returns..not sure what that means. Last year we had to wait almost 4 weeks for our refund and was hoping this year it would be faster:(

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    When I call the HRBlock hotline it tells me the IRS has accepted my returns and they are reviewing my refund for their fees. Does this mean they have the money now or does it just mean they are still waiting it for it? WMR goes back and forth between pending and not having my info. I was just able to get transcripts last night at 2am.

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    Same here….got a text yesterday saying it was accepted, but the irs got it the 30th. I paid my fees myself when I filed. Self employed daycare provider, same info as the last 12 years of filing. Stuck at the first bar :(

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    I filed on 1/30 online (free) and was accepted right away. Im stuck at 21 day message.Ive tried ordering transcripts a number of times and am not able to. File MFJ with 2 dep same as last 3 years.

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    gm.. found out as an 8863 er that my efile won’t be transmitted to the IRS even though H and R has it until the IRS gives the okay that they are accepting that particular form. Got an email from H and R this morning.. ugh

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    Filed on 1/29 accepted on 1/ 31 no email no text.from hrb been going to wmr and its been processing since the 30th I’m wondering what the hell is going on

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    Did u have your fees deducted or have the emerald card. I bet that message was h&r letting us know they got our refund and we have to wait on them to process them without actually saying it. I got the same message my fees are being deducted.

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    That message you received today was h&r letting you know they received your refund I bet you had your fees deducted from your return or having it loaded to the emerald card …..

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    I re- efiled after being rejected on the 30th… HR sent an email it was pending approval from the IRS here it is 2/2 and Its still pending… anyone know why the IRS wouldn’t have accepted or rejected it yet?

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    I got the same email text combo as well. Maybe HRB text service is on the slow side of things? Last year it was way delayed as well.

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    mine was accepted, I see it on wmr and h&r website. I never got a single email or text though…? btw, those of u who don’t know,if u have the emerald card u can get refund info by caling number on back :)

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    I got the same thing. Filed and was accepted on the 30th and I got the text today.. very weird.

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    Same thing here. Got a email on the 30th that my return was accepted. Then today I 2/1 I got a text saying it was accepted. Strange. No DD date yet.

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    Kristina… me too

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    @kristina R Same thing with me. Thought it was odd too.

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    Kind of odd, got the email on the 30th that my refund was accepted through H & R Block, today 2/1, I got a text saying it was accepted…Kind of odd.

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