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Are they being accepted?

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    I see a lot of people posting that they filed with HRB and saying they’re not being accepted, whereas the TT people got acceptance emails within minutes or hours. So my question is: a HRB just slacking on sending out notifications that the returns were accepted or are these same people not showing up on WMR either??

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    I filed on the 18th was accepted on the 19th at 12:39pm from the IRS with 1 bar and still waiting. hopefully get some news tomorrow or tonight

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    Filed around 830 pm on 1/18 accepted 1/21 sometime in the afternoon and I received a email as well as a text message didn’t pay fees up front but every other year as well my stuff is usually accepted within hours AT MOST……TODAY IS JANUARY 25 STILL FIRST BAR AS WELL…..HATEEEEEEE THE WAITTTTTTT!!!!

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    Filed the 9th with hrb and was accepted on opening day. Still 1 bar

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    I filed on 1/22 with HRB. Still no acceptance with irs (Today is 1/25, 3 days later!) Not able to pull it up on WMR. I’m hoping for something today since it is a Monday and I filed on a Friday afternoon, but this is the longest it’s ever been for irs acceptance and I’ve used HRB for 5+ years. This might be the last.

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    I filed on the 19th. The 22nd still no acceptance. So I called hr block support. I was told there was a hold put on our taxes. And that someone higher up will call me to fix the issue within 48 hours. Well, two hours later my return was accepted. Followed shortly by am email from hr block stating that they assume my issues were resolved with the a ceptance of our taxes. So no, they are not sending them to the it’s immediately. I’d suggest calling if you haven’t been accepted within 24 hours. I’m glad I did. Now waiting on a DDD. Good luck to all !!!

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    I filed with HRB for the past two years with no problems. I filed this year on the 19th and was excepted by the IRS yesterday. Last year I got my DD on the 27th of January. I hope it comes early again this year.

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    I filled mine on the 17th and mine wasn’t accept till 21rst. I was told that they should be received refunds In 5-7 days but HRB is saying February 11th that’s 21 days. Also IRS WMR they say they update it every night but I don’t think that they updat but twice a week. That is going on previous years.

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    I filed with tt on 1/11 accepted on 1/12 as of 1/23 still first bar

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    I meant to say i used THEIR EMERALD CARD every year. Didnt pay fees upfront. Last year I was flagged got refund in March. I pray this don’t happen again.

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    Filed on the 6th accepted on the 20th which is to long to me. Im on 1bar as of 1/23. Filed with them for 8yrs but I’m done with H&R BLOCK. I asked them and they keep telling me different things. SO UNPROFESSIONAL.

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    Jose a padron negron

    I filled whit hrb on the 9 was my refund accepted by the irs? Where can i see the status of my refund?

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    Filed with HRB at 1230 on 1/20, was accepted today 1/22 at 1100.

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    I filed in office on January 21, 2016 my return was accepted by the IRS on January 22, 2016. I did not pay my fees up front either.

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    I filed on the 19th at 9:30 am. To this moment I have not received any updates from hr block. Nor was I showing on wmr. I refiled with tt at 5:00 pm today. Showed up on wmr and got my email from tt that it had been accepted not even five mins later.

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    Filed the 15th. Accepted the 20th

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    Filed with HRB on the 20th, accepted on the 22nd. Pre paid fees with debit card. 1 bar on WMR.

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    Filed in the 18th accepted on the 20

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