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2014 Amended Returns

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    Mistakes on federal tax returns are common and can be fixed. How? Amend your tax return and file it right. Tax Form 1040x is the form to use for amending your tax return. But wait, it can’t be e-filed. How do you file an amended return? Filing status, income, deduction or credits that are wrong on your tax return can be fixed with an Amended return. There is even a special WMR, dubbed the WMAR to check the status of your Amended tax return.

    Join this Amended Return group and/or follow the group forum topic, to learn more and mingle with others, ask questions and share your experience!

    Tell us here! What is an Amended Return, did you get an amended return refund yet? Any hiccups? Have you used the WMAR? Hey, what’s that?

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    Did you receive a letter from the irs stating the change for your amended return prior to receiving your refund check…. if so how long after letter did you receive check?? Thanks

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    Just letting everyone know I received my check yesterday!! Received by irs 3/19 showed on transcripts last week showed adjusted on WMAR friday received check 4/21

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    QUESTION FOR ALL WHO AMENDED THEIR RETURNS: how long on average was your wait time from when your amended either showed up on your transcripts or showed up on WMAR as adjusted to the time you got your mailed check?

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    Filed amended return mid march, wheres my amended return says received 3/30. Still processing. Hopefully something will change soon. I had to do an amended return due to tuition, didnt get my school filed…. actually I had completely forgot about it…. good thing I remembered after the fact lol……. hopefully good news soon

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    @Scarlett, CONGRATULATION!!! that was quick. I had to amend my filing status so hopefully my refund is right around the corner!!

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    I had some great news on my transcripts last night! Heres my timeline! Sent amended return in on 3/17 showed up on WMAR on 3/19 as received. Last night I looked at my transcripts they have an 846 for the remainder of my return (my amended amount) has cycle date 20141504 and date 4/28 does anyone know around how long it takes to receive the amended $?

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    Ten Facts about Amended Tax Returns

    Source: – IRS Tax Tips Issue Number 2014-51

    Did you discover that you made a mistake after you filed your federal tax return? You can make it right by filing an amended tax return. Here are the top ten things to know about filing an amended tax return.

    1. Use Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, to correct errors on your tax return. You must file an amended return on paper. It can’t be e-filed.

    2. You usually should file an amended tax return if you made an error claiming your filing status, income, deductions or credits on your original return.

    3. You normally don’t need to file an amended return to correct math errors. The IRS will automatically make those changes for you. Also, do not file an amended return because you forgot to attach tax forms, such as a W-2 or schedule. The IRS will usually send you a request for those.

    4. You usually have three years from the date you filed your original tax return to file Form 1040X to claim a refund. You can file it within two years from the date you paid the tax, if that date is later. That means the last day for most people to file a 2010 claim for a refund is April 15, 2014. See the 1040X instructions for special rules that apply to certain claims.

    5. If you are amending more than one tax return, prepare a 1040X for each year. You should mail each year in separate envelopes. Note the tax year of the return you are amending at the top of Form 1040X. Check the form’s instructions for where to mail your return.

    6. If you use other IRS forms or schedules to make changes, make sure to attach them to your Form 1040X.

    7. If you are due a refund from your original return, wait to receive that refund before filing Form 1040X to claim an additional refund. Amended returns take up to 12 weeks to process. You may spend your original refund while you wait for any additional refund.

    8. If you owe more tax, file your Form 1040X and pay the tax as soon as possible. This will reduce any interest and penalties.

    9. You can track the status of your amended tax return three weeks after you file with ‘Where’s My Amended Return?’ This tool is available on or by phone at 866-464-2050. It’s available in English and in Spanish. The tool can track the status of an amended return for the current year and up to three years back.

    10. To use ‘Where’s My Amended Return?’ enter your taxpayer identification number, which is usually your Social Security number. You will also need your date of birth and zip code. If you have filed amended returns for multiple years, select each year one by one.

    Additional IRS Resources:

    Tax Topic 308 – Amended Returns
    FAQs about Amended Returns & Form 1040X
    1040 Central
    IRS Tax Map

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    I will group the other scattered Amended Return topics for 2014 and you will see your prior comments here!

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    Are you looking at your transcripts? I was wondering if they changed too. I will keep you updated as well!!

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    Hi Scarlett. WMAR says mine was received on 3/16. I called once a week and they told me nothing was in their system and this was last week. I have seen on facebook “I got my refund” where one lady received hers in 4 weeks (she filed 2/18 and got her refund 3/27) another lady got hers in 3 weeks. Just hoping it won’t be long.

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    I amended mine it shows received on 3/19 but I havent other than that seen any changes on WMAR or my transcripts. Even called testerday they just told me it was still processing.

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    I have looked everywhere for a group that discuss amended tax returns. Has anyone else filed an amended tax return this years (2013 tax years)? If so, have you received your refund?

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