We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.



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    @ ashxlynn

    It’s showing the same for me. Hoping there will be an update?



    IRS website is saying currently unavailable for me.
    Anyone else? & does that mean they’re updating or? Anyone have any idea?



    I filed on 01/04 accepted on the 22nd and and now i have the same BS everyone else has



    No update for me either. Same message.



    Still have this Filed 1/22 update to path 2/9 update to being processed 2/16. No access to transcripts only through mail😳



    Why do you all assume that there will be no more updates until Saturday? Wmr for the first time I have ever seen updated twice in one day for a lot of ppl. Things can change guys, don’t believe every info on this site. Maybe the Irs has switched things up due to the shutdown and we will update throughout the week. Or maybe we will wait until Saturday. Either way going off of previously years and others tax situation is pointless.



    No update 😪👎



    mines still sitting on that message


    Jelly Robinson

    Since you already have a case number, the advocate has already been working for you. You will hear good news really soon trust me. I faxed all paper work asap. I can guarantee the advocate is just waiting on you. You’re very welcome and good luck to you.



    @jelly Robinson

    Thanks I’m hoping they contact me tomorrow. The intake told my by 2/20 I should get a phone call, but I already have my case number and the assigned advocates direct line and name just waiting untill they open tomorrow, hopefully she answers. The intake told me they process the cases in the order received and I should fax my hardship documents to expedite things but she told me there’s a process they would have to call collections and then she would have to get an approval from some appeal department and then in a week or two I’d know if I was approved or not
    Crossing fingers 🤞🏼

    Thanks for responding and sorry inspelled Jellie wrong on the last post


    Jelly Robinson


    Going through an advocate is much faster. For the past 2 years I had complications because someone attempted to steal my identity. Once an advocate was on my case, they definitely speeded up the process. It’s so much better than just waiting it out.



    @jellie Robinson

    I am on the list for an advocate because of an offset but have a hardship do u think it’s faster to get my refund thru them I was going to cancel the referral to see if it would speed things up and let collections pay off what I owe which is 75 percent of my refund and I was trying to get the remAining but the intake told me I should try for more than my remAining I just didn’t want more delays



    Filed 1/23, can’t say what day it was accepted as I wasn’t checking yet, but went to PATH on 2/2/19. As of 2/16/19, they have received my return and it is processing. I don’t even have tax topic 152 anymore. I can’t check transcripts. I am a weekly though so I assume I won’t see an update until Saturday with a DDD of 2/27. Would love it sooner, but I have a feeling it won’t be.



    Same, Path message disappeared on Sat morning 2/16/19. Now stuck on “received and being processed” Thinking that I did change my mailing address and maybe this is why there is a delay.



    Yup 1/28 filed 1/29 accepted TT152 1 bar til 16th, still waiting. Tomorrow makes 21 days from accepted. Like many if you, I am baffled by the fact people who filed later than me got a DDD sooner. IRS doesn’t believe in a queue, I guess it is more like a barrel, the earlier we throw ourselves in, the closer to the bottom we are.


    Jelly Robinson

    *Tuesday morning


    Jelly Robinson


    I did speak with the IRS ON Friday, he said nothing was wrong with my return and that if nothing updated by today, then contact them in the morning. You better believe I’m going to be right on their line. And if something doesn’t get done, I will be asking for a Tax Advocate. They will get your money asap.





    Jelly Robinson

    I have “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”.

    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/22
    Path appeared 2/1
    Disappeared 2/16

    I’m getting aggravated with the IRS. They give everyone mixed messages. Everybody who filed after me has DDDs. Smh.






    Same. accepted 1/28. Sitting at “being processed” 20190505. No 846.



    I filed 1/7/19 accepted 1/12/19 UpTo being Princeton Friday and no other update. I file early every year with same info form many years. Last I was part of the first deposits I got it the 21st. I hope we all update within the next couple of days.



    Same here. Cycle code 20190505…return being processed since the path message lifted Friday night/Saturday morning. No DDD still. Accepted 1/28. No 846 on transcripts. ACTC. Processing date 2/18/2019. WMR hasn’t changed since. Def calling tomorrow first thing to see what is going on.


    Tammie J Collmar

    Same here filed& accepted 1/28 on 2/16 PATH msg disappeared & now just says return received & being processed… Anyone call IRS about this yet? My girlfriend has almost identical return as i do she fuled 1/29 path msg disappeared for hers 2/16 too & went to return recd and in process but then she got dd for 2/22 next day & mine still sayin received & being processed with no dd. Not able to view transcript online but was ablr to order them via phone ginna call tomorrow will post uodate



    There’s like 50 threads of this

    I’d say 70% of us here filed early

    A good 30-40% of us lost the 1 bar and have “being processed” or “still being processed”

    No transcripts. No updates. No tax code (other than 152)

    The IRS can kiss deeeez

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  • The topic ‘We have received your tax return and it is being processed.’ is closed to new replies.