We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I just wanted to start a forum for the early filers that has this message and still no DDD.

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    Marty B

    @rachelle, they are just tremendously behind schedule. The IRS is very under staffed. The call center folks I feel the worst for. The examiners (not even sure if there are many) are completely overwhelmed with paper returns, the agency relies on computers to make most decisions for them. It’s sad.

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    I just really don’t get it! How the HELL did ALL these different employers FORGET to send W2 information??? Seems pretty interesting (from everything I’ve read here) the only people being told they need to send that information is are the ones who have called the irs or TA? The people who don’t call and just wait it out seem to not have to do anything extra!

    Plus, if all these people really needed to send something extra in, why are they getting review letters that LITERALLY say no action needed? I don’t know, just going off what I’ve observed.

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    Stillllll waiting!!!!

    Filed 01/22
    Letter 5071C 02/11 requesting to verify my identity
    Called and verified identity 02/19
    Letter 4464C 03/21 told to do nothing, 60 day review
    Mailed amended return anyways bc my income I reported was actually too much. Mailed that April 23rd
    04/30 WMR changed from no information to “we have received your tax return and it is being processed.”
    As of now no record of amended refund shows up in system and no change on WMR
    I’m stuck in another freaking country they are driving me crazy.

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    Marty B

    Marge, how was the audit process? Was it in person or through the mail? Was it over quickly? I’ve never actually met anyone that’s been audited. I’ve always read it’s a frightening process. And I’m very sorry you had to deal with that.

    Although, everyone under a review, is being audited to an extent.

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    @adam P

    My 2017 wages aren’t on SSA either, and I got audited last year, and got my full refund. This year, they aren’t up yet, same employer. No TA this year, she wasn’t really very helpful, nor did I feel like she moved anything any quicker. My review is up on the 16th.

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    Prayers to you all for an update tonight something may be happening I don’t want to get my hopes up but I haven’t been able to check wmr for a couple of hours now it keeps saying try again later so I’m hoping something changes good luck everyone and forget Dave he’s irrelevant just ignore him he/she just wants attention

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    Is there going to be a update tonight?

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    Adam P

    I found on SSA that my wages were not entered for 2017, even though I got my refund last year no problem. Wages for 2018 are not entered yet either and I wonder if that could be why I am on hold for wage verification. Who has experienced and dealt with this with a good outcome?

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    Marty B

    Ladies I have no idea why Dave is still here after getting his multiple refunds, I can’t honestly verify that he filed 3, as I don’t know. I do remember him since started posting.

    He might not even file taxes for all I know. He could be a she and sitting in trailer park living off the government with 7 kids by 6 and a half different men (the midget only counts as half a man , sorry) sorry I don’t actually personally KNOW Dave or anything.

    Let’s all leave the drama and negativity behind us and look forward to our DDD tonight! Best of luck everyone!

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    Moment of silence let’s pray that everyone gets at least a GOOOD update tonight if not their DDD because I know we’re all desperately waiting ❤️ I wish everybody good luck let’s see what happens tonight

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    Right no penalities it ain’t like he here giving advice he’s in here looking for sum

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    Marty, why has Dave been in here for so long if he is just now filing this year’s, last year’s, AND 2016 taxes? Because that is what he said. 3 years, at 5300 EACH. Please, do explain.

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    Bit on the flip side 1/2 employers that I was missing sent back the papers the IRS sent them on Monday hopefully the other one did so also don’t know how long it’ll take now

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    SSA will not let me c4ate an account do not know y

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    I’ve been waiting for a 60 day review to finish up as well. Like many of you I filed and was accepted 1/28. Couple weeks later got code 1541 Take Action. Received 45 day, then 60 day review letter. Called IRS on 3/8 and was informed 60 day review would be up on 5/8. I never bothered them again until today. But, I did go ahead and filed an amended return because my wages were wrong on my original, which I figured was the cause of the review. I had over-reported my income by mistake. Amended return was accepted 3/27 and just ‘adjusted’ per the system on 5/3.
    I called the IRS today (ext 652 for a live human) and the rep placed me on several 5-7 minute holds, only to finally return and tell me “you are still being reviewed, they have up to 120 days”
    Hold up I said, I was told 60 days. Not 120. She was nice, but I got the distinct feeling she really knew nothing. She ended up telling me a bunch of nonsense, she did see that I had filed a 1040x, acting like she was reviewing different screens in her system, asked to put me on hold one more time to “check one more place” and after about a minute the call was dropped.

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    @Liyah mines changed on that date as well but no update after that. I called this week and found out that one of my employers has not reported the income so it not matching what I filed versus what is in the IRS system. So I have to send in my last paystub or letterhead is what I was told when I spoke with someone.

    U may want to check SSA.gov to see if Ur employer has reported Ur income.

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    Hell, maybe I need to smoke some meth, then I to could brag about getting 16k 😂 🤣😂 🤣

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    Has Anyone who updated to We Have Received you refund and it’s being processed “ On 4/30 gotten a Update Yet ??

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    Was told my employer had not submitted my wages via someone on the Tax Advocate line. By looking thru this thread I seen where someone said you can look up reported earnings under ssa.gov website and when I looked under my earnings account my reported for 2018 only has income for one of my jobs instead of both.

    So FYI it took me less than 10 minutes to create an account and find this information.

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    IRS not its* geez, maybe I’m the one on meth? Or at least my phone is lol

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    Currently on the phone with the it’s because our review date is up and the lady helping is checking for (aka generating one) any other letters that may have been sent out. So frustrating! Everyone send me prayers and positive vibes, please.

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    Marty B

    Guys, Dave has been here for a long time like I have. He’s had the same story consistently. He filed around when I did. Somehow, he had a 4 leaf clover dangling over his head as they processed his 3 faster than my 2 and I’m STILL waiting lol.

    Be happy for Dave. Although Dave, ya probably shouldn’t come here bragging about your refunds to a group, that in some instances are desperately needing their returns. I know ya did it being sarcastic. But some of these ladies on this topic are selling it at truck stops to pay for their meth problems.

    Let’s all be positive and get ready for those DD dates that are coming tonight!!!

    Rock on!

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    Omg lol omg smh you said stay off the crystal meth

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    You on here bragging about 16k and you expect all us to believe that you filed 3 years of back taxes worth 5300 and your not under review but yet your still here when there’s people here still waiting on a 2000 dollar refund I’ve heard some good one’s in my day but that one is just unbelievable do me a favor don’t quit your day job and stay off the crystal meth cause you tweaking if you think anybody believes that shit

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    yes I did get a little over 16k ….i filed for 3 years of back taxes each .a little over 5300 …and if you think 16k is like hitting the lottery ..you must be broke broke ….

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    Filed 2/3-accepted 2/3
    Received code 9001 2/28
    Received letter to verify identity on 3/17-called same day and verified. status never changed
    Received CP05 notice 4/28
    Updated 4/30 to we received your return and it is being processed
    Received 60 day letter 5/1
    Called IRS said i has to wait the 60 days, I would then receive my refund or get another letter. WTF??????
    Called TA on 5/7, they told me someone who get back with me in 5 business days.
    STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!!

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    Marty B

    @rachelle, you’re very welcome!

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    Thanks I’m hoping to see something this week. Hopefully we all get good news!!

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    Thank you!

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    Thanks @danni im going wait to see if I get any update this Saturday if not then I will try requesting one again

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    Marty B

    Rachelle, I’m not sure what I am. Years past I’ve updated through the week. This year seems to be on Friday night/Saturday morning for some reason. Yes, that code is weekly.

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    Are you weekly or daily? Is cycle code 20190905 weekly?

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    Is there a way to check if your wages have been reported by your employer?

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    Marty B

    No update for me. Tonight is the night!

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    What is your cycle code?

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    So with cycle code 20190905 I only update on Saturday? As in no need to check during the week?

    This is driving me crazy 🤪 F/A on 2/12 and “still processing” aggaaarrr!! 😡

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    @incongnito got a advocate 3/26 my time wasn’t up for Id verifying until last week in april

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    @frances doesn’t mean anything if your sea amount and w2 amount is same the only thing good is that you don’t have to keep waiting and waiting and getting pushed back

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    Well I called and requested tax advocate and was told my withholding was different then what they had on file. So I had to do an 1040x amended return so I sent it off yesterday and tax advocate is going to call me within 3 days. I’m happy I finally got some answers. I’m going to send a copy of amended tax return to advocate also. So hopefully it don’t take that long.

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    What site for SSA so I can look it up

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    I’ve been following this forum now and I’m just curious I looked up SSA and I registered, I’m able to see my 2018 wages does that mean anything? Does anyone know if I’m closer to getting it lol… I’m still waiting on my refund also my nine weeks is suppose to be up this Friday but last month I also got a a 60 day review starting 04/12/19 so I’m hoping I do see something also this week but if not I guess I’ll just have to wait.

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    I want to request a tax advocate but I already know the outcome of that their only gone tell me to allow the 9 week time frame the irs gave me first which will be may 24th since I id verified on March 22nd and if I don’t receive it by then call back and they will be able to assist me it’s all bullshit I filed 1/14 the only movement I had since then was the we have received your tax return and it’s being processed on 4/30 I know I only update on Saturdays so I’ll see what happens this weekend and keep you all posted

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    just called and was told i got a 60 day review

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    Not a damn thing for me. What’s new? Day 82.

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    IRS Code 9001: “Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.”

    Thats what it said when I looked it up

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    I’ve been following this thread for a while and it’s been 113 days since I filed and still NOTHING.
    I filed 01/16 and on 02/10 I received a letter saying I had to verify my identity called the same day then was told the whole 9 week spiel. On March 21 I received another letter saying I was under a 60 day review now! My review isn’t over but I’m close to losing my mind. My WMR APP updated on April 30 to “we’ve received your refund and it’s processing” and nothing else since then. I called the IRS yesterday and the agent just said I have to wait until my 60 day review is up and I’ll either receive my refund or get another letter if more information is need. What bullshit.

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    My Status Updated from We have received you refund and it is now begging processed too we can not provide any information about your refund code 9001 Can Anyone Help Me And Please Tell me the Meaning

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    My money has hit my account it’s been 100 days since I filed. I’m praying for those that have not received their refund yet. I never thought mine was coming I never called for a Ta. Just hoped and prayed. I did notice ssa wasn’t updated and then a

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    Still nothing for me 😭😭😭

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    So i called an advocate today who was fast talking and she didn’t give me a chance to explain a thing….i guess the advocates r tired of the shit because she put me through to the irs directly without hesitation!! So the lady said my review was up on Monday and she see no reason my refund was being held! She sent over referral to have my refund released! That sounded all good until she said i should receive my refund soon but the Department that is holding my refund has 60 days from request to take action and i should get an additional 60 day letter if requesting info about wage verification! I said bullshit is this just something that u guys r doing to everyone because the irs doesn’t want to pay interest because everyone is having the same damn problem all over America and that is so hard to believe that everyone is going through the same shit! She said no matter what im getting interest because i should have been had my refund!!! So ill wait a little longer long as i get my money plus interest!!! I feel a little less angry now!!!

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    You funny as hell lol

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    Go Nells!!!!!!!!! Congrats

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    FINALLLLYYYYY!!!! DDD for 5/10!!! Been waiting since 2/10. My SSA account was showing” not yet recorded” for 2018 wages for over a month so maybe that’s why the irs couldn’t verify wages. I didn’t get a TA or send anything in just waited. I suggest checking SSA. I’m so thankful I have a job so it’s kind of like blah Really excited about finally being able to plan my girls birthday party.

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    Can someone please tell me how to speak with an actual living breathing human being because when i call the irs i just get circles and then hung up on!!!

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    They all sound like fucking robots repeating the same old shit if it hast been within the time frame 45 days 60 days 9 weeks etc theres no reason to call and be hold checking wmr is the best way to find the status of your return there not going to provide any information but just wait it out and thats bullshit when it comes to deducting taxes out of our paychecks it doesnt take them 60 days or 9 weeks to do that shit

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    Misty blacko

    Day 98 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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    Just checked wmr and of course no update for me. I’ll check again later. I was hoping to have it my son’s birthday is this weekend

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    @marty b @nells
    Did either of you have to send anything in or just had to wait

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    Marty B

    Nells, good luck! They told me the same thing!

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    Called the irs again and the rep told me i will be updating on IRS2Go really soon. Hopefully. Been waiting since 2/10.

    #4326998 Reply

    Marty B

    We update at 0330 this morning and I refuse to believe anything but that!

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    Sure you got a 16k tax return and I just won the power ball get the fuck outta here

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    so I filed my taxes 2/6 verified my identity on 3/6 they told me to wait 9weeks so my 9 weeks would have been up tomorrow but I received another letter stating for me to give it an additional 60days from the letter 4/12 so on 4/30 my WMR updated from cannot provide info to we have received your tax return and its being processed, so hopefully soon because this is very frustrating.

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    I got a 45 day review in Feb and when that was over they started a 60 day. Still nothing

    #4326980 Reply



    Did the end of your review come and the requested another 60 days? Asking because my review should be over 5/16 and that’s the last thing I want!

    #4326977 Reply


    Everyone don’t trust the IRS all their gonna do is give you another date once the other date is up..
    No it’s not identify fraud that’s all BS

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    I called IRS this morning and was told they mailed a 2645c letter.(I never received this letter.) She told me that if I still hadn’t received my refund by May 28th to call back. She was very nice and apologized for the delay…she said identity theft is happening so much and that is the reason for the delay…I just hope it comes by the 28th…been waiting since 2/9…Congrats to all who have received their returns and to those who are still waiting, I hope the nightmare ends soon!!

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    If you already recieved your refund and getting stressed out by a site you choose to be on then you probably have serious issues that even the government can’t fix. If you aren’t helping your voice here isn’t needed.

    #4326972 Reply


    I agree with @jessica. It’s best to keep calling the TA line until you find someone that wants to work. It’s probab even better to call your local TA. I was told I didn’t qualify for one when I called the toll free number because there was a non irs debt hold on my account. I found that crazy because I literally don’t owe anyone. I even paid off my student loans from a blessing I recieved a few years back. Once I spoke with a local agent , the lady told me she didn’t see anything besides a 570 code on my account and she would be able to assist. Hoping for a call back soon so I can get this over with.

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    Nothing just like the fucking irs!!!! But on the bright side folks….i got a second job today!!!!! Thanks irs im about to work myself to death because u r holding my refund hostage!!!!!!

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    Just spoke to someone at the IRS and my review isn’t up until May 20. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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    DAY 80 and still on “still being processed” WTF I have been following this thread for quite awhile now and everyone has seem to have the same problem… I did receive the 60 day notice letter on march 21 and I know my 60 days hasn’t been up but dam.. this shit is getting annoying and frustrating. I filed and accepted feb 18 too….

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    I called TA today. The representative placed me on hold when she returned she asked if the IRS provided me with a promise to pay date. When I replied “No” she quoted the verbiage from a call I made to the IRS on 4/26/19 during which the IRS representative informed me my initial 60 day review period will end on 5/17/19. The TA said I do not qualify for TA assistance until after 5/17/19.
    F/A 2/3
    45 day – 3/11
    60 day – 3/18
    Transcript process date 3/11/19
    “Still being processed” on wmr

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