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    Wheres My Refund South Carolina – Share your experience with filing your South Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check South Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to South Carolina Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Hopefully I’ll get a DD for Wednesday…

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    Filed on 1/31 and still no update!

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    Mine dd this morning
    Filed 1/31 Approved 2/5

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    Still no update for me 😣

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    Boiling Springs

    I’m still waiting on mine to start processing. They asked for my w2 and I sent it Thursday. I hoping for something to move along.

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    Been on step 4/4 since 2/7 as well. And on dor website it says $0.00 what does this mean and when should i expect my dd?

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    Been on step 4 of 4 since 2/7, was hoping for DD today…still nothing…

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    They said the direct deposit was on February 11, 2019, and it was in my bank when they updated for today!!

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    Oh ok…. Thank you

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    Step 4 of 4 is the message you get when your return is finished processing.
    Then it changes to the DDD.
    New message this year.

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    what is this step 4 of 4 everyone is talking about? I have been looking on the website and cannot find this information, which is probably right in my face. Can someone let me know where I can see this information once I log in to the website…thank you in advance

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    Been on step 4of4 all week no pending date . On the Dor website it says 0.00 but no () like I see people been posting … I filed 1Feb and got Accpeted same day but went to step 4 on Wed/Thur … any suggestions?

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    For those worried about letters requesting additional information, you can create an account at to view your account. It also shows your balance for the tax year. Much more helpful than the ‘check status’ tool when you’re just getting the dreaded ‘6-8 week’ message.

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    Me too! Message reading Refund issued 2-11!!!

    @toya I think and hope its just a hold before releasing. I hope you see it soon.

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    Finally! Your refund is on the way! Your refund was issued on 02/11/2019.

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    I’m hoping this may help someone that is still waiting. Submitted and accepted on 2/3 went to step 4 of 4 on 2/5 as of tonight I’m still on 4 of 4 but I have a pending deposit in my bank account for Monday 2/11. Hoping everyone gets there deposit soon.

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    Also, I use chime & they deposit early so I’m sure all of us that’s step 4, we will probably update tomorrow for a Monday ddd. So if you have a bank/prepaid card that doesn’t deposit early, you may have to wait until the actual ddd.

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    Mine was accepted on the 23rd, received letter on 2nd to send w2(I actually found this out over the phone on the 1st so I emailed my w2 on the 1st) called the 4th & was told they processed my return. Updated on the 5th to step 4 of 4. Received refund today, the 8th but still on step 4.

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    There are no letters and no debts. It is showing 0.00 for the amount. When I called them, they said it was issued to me on 2-4 and I should wait 4 to 5 days. Today is day 4, but I see a lot of people saying they got their money

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    @toya have you looked on mydor to see if you have documents/letters? And has the dollar amount listed in () zeroed out. Just trying some ideas. I hope it shows up soon!

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    Your refund is on the way! Your refund was issued on: 02-04-2019

    Still nothing. Called H&R and they have not received it

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    @ toys
    Does it read mailed or deposited. Sent is confusing me if you have a card that should be loaded with a deposit. Me still 4of4 since 2/5

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    @ro Thanks for the tip! I’ve done that, just making sure it was the correct step.

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    Mines says it was sent on Feb 4. I used H&R Block with the Emerald card and still nothing yet

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    @brad create an account with scmydor and you will seenif they have it or not…
    Your tax info will show on the account page.

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    I had to file a paper return (not realizing that Credit Karma had limitations before filing)

    Has anyone had to file via paper and is there anyway to check to see if they’ve received the return as of yet?


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    Filed 1/19
    Not sure when accepted
    No DDD
    Stuck on 4 of 4 all week
    Just deposited today!

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    No update for me. Still have the same message of 6 to 8 weeks refund takes to process. On the good news today I see my 2018 transcript for my federal with the date 2/25/19. Looks like I am getting federal before state this year.
    No movement on state….refund is still green on mydor….🤷

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    @Bri-Bri No It was still on step 4! I got DD yesterday and this morning it says my DD is 2/11!

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    Hi. I filed my refund on the 26th of January and it got accepted on the 28th. I tried calling them and it said “Your South Carolina refund is not in process at this time”. What does this mean?

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    from my knowledge, I file on the 26 of January. look on state refund last Saturday, February the 2,was on step 4 of 4. money was deposit in my bank yesterday 2/6. so I think it take about 4 or 5 days. hope this help someone.

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    @ Jackie-did you have a ddd? Mine has been on step 4 since Tuesday.

    And for the w2 request, at the time they requested it, I didn’t know I had an offset. I found out Monday when I called to see if they processed my return after getting my w2. I asked them was my refund the same amount & that’s when the rep told me part of it was being offset. If you can, email them your w2, they will process that day or the next of it’s late in the day when you send it.

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    Just got my DD!

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    Boiling Springs


    Thank you!

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    Boiling Springs


    Thanks. I was told I didn’t have any offsets. Was curious as to why they would need it then. I’ll just call later and see if I can get them to tell me something.

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    @boiling springs
    Sorry it was 2/1 to verify withholdings

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    @boiling springs

    On 2-4 bribri posted one reason.

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    Boiling Springs

    Does anyone know why they would ask you to send them your W2?

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    @ronnie any news?

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    Filed 1/31

    Accepted 1/31

    Updated to step 4 of 4 2/4

    Fingers Crossed form DD soon!!!

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    Filed on Jan. 22, 2019

    Accepted and Approved on Feb. 01, 2019

    You are in step 4 of 4: Your refund is approved! This page will update in the next few business days when your refund is issued.

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    Fled on the Jan. 22, 2019

    Accepted and Approved on Feb. 01, 2019

    You are in step 4 of 4: Your refund is approved! This page will update in the next few business days when your refund is issued.

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    My refund says it was sent 2/4 but I do not have it. Anyone else with this issue?

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    Filed & accepted: 2/2
    Step 4 of 4: 2/7

    Anybody know how long it takes after you 4 of 4 to get a refund date. Also does SC issue refunds any day of the week or just certain days?

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    Mine says issued on 2/4 how long until it deposits ???

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    Accepted on 1/28
    DD 2/6/19 best wishes everyone !

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    How do you know what step you’re on? When I check, all I see is 6-8 weeks processing. Filed 27th and accepted 28th.

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    @jazzle just noticed that’s all. Mine zeroed out last 🌙 still shows approved step 4 of 4 I will advise when DDs. Should be today or Friday I’m hoping.

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    SCDOR website just updated to show ddd of 2/6! Looks like SC is really on it this year.

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    Just checked again on a whim…step 4 of 4. Filed 1/28 and accepted 1/28. Fingers crossed for us all!

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    Filed 1/28/19

    Step 4/4 Approved 2/1/19

    Direct Deposit 2/5/19 evening

    Just checked my account around 8pm and my state taxes have been deposited. Just waiting on federal now.

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    How do you know that? About the 0 on the balance I mean.

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    I noticed also if the money listed in () on mydor zeros out a check is processed

    **we see the status on the mydorsc site.***

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    @ronnie I know the reps have a standard stript they are suppose to use. But cough twice if there is a letter in the mail!! I know ur
    frustrations last year 6 weeks for me.

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    How is everyone able to tell what step they are on? I filed and was accepted on 1/28…Same generic 6-8 week message since then.

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    Yes I checked mydorway nothing there. Just called and spoke to them….basically told me they have my 2018 taxes since 1/23 and it takes 6 to 8 weeks no process.
    He did not give me any info. Other that what I am already reading on the website.

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    Status just changed from approved to we anticipate refunds 6-8 weeks.

    #4258634 Reply


    @ronnie *mydorway

    #4258611 Reply


    Do you have any documents /forms listed on my for that have been mailed to you?
    @Kayla history on here showing 3-4 days after approval the deposit. Lets hope

    #4258330 Reply


    How long does it stay on step 4? I filed and was accepted 1/30 and it says approved and step 4 of 4

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    SC state tax refund

    Filed on :1/28
    Approved on :1/28
    Still on step 4

    #4258280 Reply


    Filed 1/28
    Approved 2/1
    No release date yet

    #4258233 Reply


    Nothing for me still have the 6 to 8 weeks processing message 😣

    #4258223 Reply


    Status updated to step 4 of 4 refund approved. Good forward movement hoping deposit Friday 2/8
    Filed 1/31

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    I didn’t have any problems with them giving me information. I found out through them that I needed to send in my w2. I found out today that mine will be offset due to an ambulance bill from 2016. I’m hoping my status will update on the website to step 4 one day this week.

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    Don’t even think about calling the State I’ve trued calling twice and they aren’t helpful at all , very bothered all they keep saying is 6-8 weeks even if your on step 4 🙄

    #4257126 Reply


    I have a status of refund approved, now it’s back to the 6-8 weeks message….

    #4257120 Reply


    Filed on Jan 31st. I hope that it comes in by this Friday. But with everything going on these days.. who knows!!

    #4257070 Reply


    Last year I received my refund on 2/15….i guess I am going to sit tight until then lol 😆

    #4257063 Reply


    @romie when I call it says it’s not being processed yet

    #4257047 Reply


    Same with me….maybe by Friday we see some kind of movement 🤷

    #4257043 Reply


    Mine was accepted the 23rd, still showing the 6-8 week message.

    #4257016 Reply


    SC accepted since 1/24….no movement 😢

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    Mine hit the bank yesterday!!

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    Mine hit yesterday morning. I filed 1/22, and got accepted the same day. Showed step 4 of 4 all week. Then it posted.

    Good luck to everyone!

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