Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    We finally got it Marty, then after paying them, they sent me another bill for $42, subject to interest, then another letter saying that we needed to ID Verify over the phone. Unreal. I shutter at filing this coming year honestly! Good luck all, chat in a couple of months.

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    Marty B

    Hey guys, checking in! I got my return a few weeks ago now. Just thought I’d check in with Spooky and the rest of ya. I hope all is well and we’ve all gotten our refund!!

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    ~F&A 6/26
    ~Called & completed IDV 7/23 – IRS rep said I would be put back into processing and will receive refund in 2-9 weeks.
    ~Called 8/23 – rep confirmed IDV was good and return would be received by ~10/4 (the full 9 weeks) and letter sent.
    Letter received 9/6 stating they were verifying my wages, etc. Letter stated the same date of 10/4
    ~10/8 Still nothing. I’m debating on who to call. IRS or TA? Tried ordering transcripts “experiencing technical difficulties” Unable to order online (no way to verify).
    I’ve seen some people have gotten theirs after like 5 months. I really can’t afford to wait anymore. I appreciate Any advice. Thanks!

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    So sorry to hear all of that, Craig! Call the Tax Advocate line. There’s no way you don’t qualify at this point.

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    So, I called the number the IRS gave me on the last letter they sent. I waited months before even trying to contact them. However, I was overdrawn on my account and the back closed it. I have gone back to work and so I opened a new account. The problem is, I gave the IRS my previous account number for DD. Getting back to the call, I was on hold for just over an hour when the music stopped and no one said anything. I said hello and then the call disconnected. Now, I am currently on hold again and it’s been 45 minutes so far. This is complete BS. I am currently trying to save my home from foreclosure and these crooks at the IRS don’t give two shits about any of us.So, even when they are done taking their on sweet time and finally release my refund it will probably get sent back and I will have to wait even longer. I am currently have taxes taken out of my checks but that is going to end and I will never again loan my money to the IRS. this is complete shit, companies like verizon and general electric pay nothing in taxes and get millions back from our taxes and then the IRS treats us like this. I want to move to Canada so bad. Or the Netherlands.

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    @Jeannine… call the national number for the Tax Advocates. Explain your situation as I’m positive the IRS have broken their own promise to you and you now qualify for a TA. That’s some damn BS! Be proactive, it won’t hurt to see what they can do.

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    Jeannine adkind

    I’ve been coming on here reading and letting everybody kno about mi e so ya kno I also filed in Jan with turbo tax . I had called a few times was told to wait I got letters saying to wait as I did them I received a letter saying I was being examined or audited my daughter in law just passed away so I misplaced the letter I called was told she verified some of my info then still needed to mail a copy of my income in which I did she told me that they were so backed up nobody would probably look at it until 6 MONTHS .. yep I said six months so I mailed it in today I got a letter saying they received it dated 8/20/18 and they should review my response by 02/06/19 and contact me AGAIN if they need additional information .. UNREAL FEB NEXT YEAR ……..

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    @Jamie, call the national Advocate number and explain your problem with the IRS. I’ll bet the Farm you now qualify! They will help you expedite the process!

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    @Juststillwaiting, yes my WMR did update the Saturday before the DD as we’re weekly.

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    Jamie: Have you asked for a tax advocate? “You have not received a response or resolution to your problem or inquiry by the date promised” is qualification enough for a TA. They may be able to help speed things along.

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    Filed in march- got the 60 day letter in may. No updates at all since then. Called once and was told there was a possibility of an audit.
    Called again two weeks ago and was told that the employer didn’t send in all the W-2’s (they get one for each job, its contract). IRS says that they probably wont even investigate the issue until February and there is nothing that can be done on my end. WMR doesn’t even say received.

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    Jessi Powell

    I been waiting since March for my taxes finally got a TA at the end of August. Got a call from my TA that my refund would be direct deposited on September 12. Finally!!!

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    spookyrides……Did your wmr update?

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    @spookyrides yea his boss called and said I know that’s a lot of month to lose but walk away from it.. easy for some who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from this job and owns sides businesses to say walk away from a few grand to spare the company.. it hurts that all he has put into it and how proud he was to get his promotions to realize it’s a bunch of crappy people… I’ve gotten documents ready to fight it but I want us to agree on the decision…

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    @Ashley…. Soooo sorry! That’s friggin horrible! Does his employer realize just how much money you guys are going to loose? Maybe you can call the national TA line and try to get a different agent to work your case? That’s some Damn BS for sure!

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    Update: Y’all will love this…
    Filed and accepted 2-16, in review about a week late then a few 60 waits and finally got a t.a., asked for some info and sent in called on my birthday to tell me she was going to close the case… good news right? Hahaha… she said my husband’s employer said he did not and has not ever worked there.. say what?.. ok well I can have then fix it and get you what you need right? No I’m closing the case… gee thanks for the help… so husband called his employer and talked to h.r. (bc surely an employee of 6 years this is a mistake) told them what was going on and needed them to send verification he worked there… was told they would call him back.. they told his boss to tell him that when the irs calls they deny the person works there bc they do not want the irs going through their files bc they employ illegals and told he was not to pursue the refund… what the actual f… he can’t quit bc he is afraid he won’t find a job paying that much elsewhere, despite having check stubs, 1099, bank statements they paid him and emails etc from the company he is too scared to fight it bc of their lawyers, and the t.a. was not even willing to ask for anything else that could have probed our case without going through the employer… now if the irs decides to take any action against me or my husband we will be in a battle and he we r so worried this is going to come up to bite us later and mess up his permanent residence… how in the world can these ppl sleep at night?… at times like these I can understand why some people snap… by the way bc his job makes most of their $ in the warm weather we use the tax refund to pay bills over the cold season so there goes bill, home repair, holidays, birthdays for our 3 kids… 11k down the drain… what’s a girl to do?

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    Thanks Nope, those TA’s are actually IRS agents that congress put in place to self-police themselves. Give him/her 3 weeks then follow up. Bye now thee paying you interest and probably messed up a few times. Hang in there!

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    Congrats, Spooky! Still waiting here, but I was assigned a TA a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping mine can work some magic as well. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

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    So we finally, after 8+ months, got our refund today. Took the TA just three weeks to get it done. We still have to pay back 2k due to the amended return, but our journey is over. I hope anyone else gets theirs soon too and that none of us have to deal with this complete and utter trash ever again!

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    I also am still waiting for Wmr to update. Im still stuck on “we have received your return and it is being processed”. I mailed in all documents July 16th 2018. I called in a few days later to make sure they received it and was told the 9 week wait bs. Wmr does not change no bars no other letters…nothing. So frustrating. I got my first letter in March. Couldnt send everything till i came back from out of state…so i lost time there. September 10th is my 9 week end date. Lets see. Good luck to all.

    Head of household
    2 dependants
    1 $500 offset to irs

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    still Waited on mine to be adjusted

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    Marty B

    Mines coming by mail and still hasn’t arrived. Although it’s supposed to be mailed BY the 31st. Guess we shall see! Glad to see others got their checks as well!!

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    I Also received my refund today. What a journey it has been since February. It will eventually. come. Good luck to you all!

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    @Shay Congrats!!!

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    For everyone that is still waiting I finally got my refund. I have been waiting since the beginning of February. WMR never updated I checked my account this morning and my refund was there. Just thought I would post to give everybody that is still waiting a little hope. Good luck to everyone and hopefully we won’t have to go through this next year.

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    Marty B

    @Spookyrides, I hope none of us do next year!! And yes I’m going to cheese cake factory to celebrate as soon as it gets here! Lol

    I’ll keep in touch. We’ve all bonded so well over our bad luck this year, almost become pals lol

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    @ Marty B, Congrats Man! Time for you to buy a Steak! Hopefully next year none of us have to deal with this yet again.

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    Marty B

    Well folks for the first time since April my WMR has updated. Says my check is being mailed by August 31st. Thankfully my journey has come to an end it appears. They paid interest and got my bars back. So seems legit!

    I’ll keep checking in and see how you all are doing and I sincerely wish you all the best of luck and I hope you get your refunds very soon!!!

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    Dial (800) 829-0582 ext. 652

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    Update: my TA called me today before 8 am. Very educated, punctual and even apologized for the BS that the IRS has sent me thru. Said they screwed up twice. Told me a few important things: First, he’s going to ask the IV dept. to release the return, would take 2-3 weeks. If they refuse and want an amended return due to a bad W2 my idiot former employer sent them, the Amended return will already be there. Says either/or I’ll get back 3K less but that’s better then nothing. If they go the amended route, says no later then mid-October but probably mid-September. Told me something else: when we call the “call center” and they ask questions n put us on hold, there only looking thru scripted response sheets to answer us. That’s why we always get a different answer! Idiots get graded on how fast they can end our calls and the volume per day. And next year will be worse (his words). Unreal, but I couldn’t be happier with this guy (so far). Will update once I see which way we’re going.

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    @Shay, I don’t have the direct number and extension I’ve used to call but if no one else posts, I’ll post it here tomorrow when I get home. Don’t you have the TA’s number to call him?

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    So my TA was supposed to be contacting me today and I have been sitting by the phone waiting on a call but of course I didn’t get one. I had a feeling that this was gonna happen. I’m assuming that he will send me another letter stating that he tried to contact me by phone. I guess I am going to call the irs myself now since all I’m getting from the TA is a bunch of lies. Can someone please post the number to call to speak to someone alone with what options I need to press.

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    @ Sodone Congrats! My own update: Nothing. TA is supposed to call me no later then tomorrow, then, if they don’t call, I have to call them Thursday. Already faxed them our amended return for a mere cost of $26. Dear God this whole tax season is one to truly forget! I hope n pray next year it’s not any of us again!

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    Update: My WMR finally updated on Saturday August 18 stating that my refund would be mailed on August 24th instead of deposited into my account. Problem is, I moved and didn’t bother to tell them I moved cause I thought it was going to just deposit into my account. Luckily, I may have access to my old place. I literally almost lost hope in ever receiving my refund. I’ll keep you guys posted if im able to access my old mailbox!

    Basically my story is they said my income didnt “Match up” after waiting 4-5 months for an answer why i haven’t gotten my refund. I they sent me a letter asking for proof of income. after about 6-8 weeks my refund was released and they took off a few hundred from what i claimed.

    anyway good luck everyone…..

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    Marty B

    I called this morning again, was told to call back on 9/15 if not heard anything as this form of referral I have doesn’t take the full 60 days and it actually speeds up the process.

    I’m sure I too, will have to amend. I may as well go ahead and do it honestly. But idk if I can or not without them telling me to??

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    Whoa, beyond baffled! :(

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    @Nope & Marty: My former & now defunct employer sent in my W2 with a 6K car allowance as income, which it’s not. I use my own vehicle and can’t claim the mileage. Welp…. once I caught the mistake it was too late as there’s no one to contact to fix it. So the IRS thinks I made another 6K which I didn’t. So I’m amending to count the 6K and loose about 3K of our refund, just to push this damn thing through as my wife’s small business desperately needs the influx of cash. Bye the way… the TA’s are also IRS Agents, that departmental was congresses way of having them self-police themselves. Thru this whole mess, the IRS told me not to amend, just wait, which in fact was wrong the whole time! Six months wasted for nothing!

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    I too was finally told to do an amendment 6 months later I just hope I get paid interest on top of my refund and hoping it doesn’t take 8 more weeks . Beyond me why they couldn’t had made the adjustment months ago

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    Marty B

    I’m calling them this morning again myself. This is horse shit!

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    Wow, Spooky, that’s wild! I’ve been following your saga and I’m so sorry you’ve been given the runaround for so long. I didn’t file until April, so while the past few months have been frustrating, at least I haven’t been waiting ALL DAMN YEAR like a lot of you on here.

    I called in yesterday morning after my second 60 day wait (referral) was up with no refund/update. The representative at the call center said I qualified for a TA even though I don’t have a hardship. (Although I’m in my early 20s and live paycheck to paycheck, so this refund would certainly help me feel more secure! A flat tire could ruin me at this point.) Like a few have said previously, apparently once the IRS “breaks their promise” to contact you after so many times, you qualify. Anyway, the representative said they forwarded my info to a TA that would call me within 5 business days. Nothing yet, but it’s only been a day and a half (and the first half day probably doesn’t count as part of the 5 days).

    Do you think the representative really forwarded my info, or will I have to hunt down a TA myself? I’m paranoid I won’t be getting a call within the 5-day window, since I’ve been told the IRS would contact me within X days twice now, but haven’t heard anything back within the timeframe. In fact, I haven’t received any communication from the IRS since the initial 4464C letter. I’ve had to track them down to learn anything.

    \When will the madness end? (Spring 2019, apparently?)

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    Marty B

    I mean are they telling you what to amend exactly??

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    Marty B

    Wow Spooky!!!! Crazy shit!!!!! Why do they want you to amend it for???? And do they scan amended returns and not scan what they have so far?!!?

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    Update: Soooo after all of this, I now qualify for a TA due to our small business loss last year, and now they want us to amend our return. If we don’t, I’ve been told by the TA that we are looking at our refund probably next spring, at best. If we amend, it could be another 8 weeks, but could be only 3-4 once the idiots scan in the amended return. I asked why they didn’t want us to do this back in March, Answer: So they could continue to stall and not process the refund. Unreal!

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    @Marty B I think the next excuse is that it wasn’t sent the first time, or now it’s held in accounting and that they may request more info. It’s honestly too damn funny now that there getting away with this.

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    Marty B

    Someone refresh my memory, what excuse follows the 60 day referral???

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    Marty B

    I had to call them for them to send the referral. And I heard all about how that department is way behind. What a crock of shit!

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    Marty B

    Well guys an UPDATE! And much like we all knew, they sent a referral for my refund to be released and will take up to another 60 days!!!!!!!

    Jesus Christ!

    I totally saw this happening!!!

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    @ Marty It’s very apparent that they “false positive” more pulled returns just to appease the Fedaral reserve, whom they answer to, then to have the people in place to handle this. Corrupt would be the first thing I can think of. Beyond illegal would be the second. I’m going to post tomorrow the complaint guides to go to the Federal Reserve and hope everyone still stuck here uses there voices to let them know what complete BS the IRS is doing.

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    Marty B

    Update for me : nothing! Not a letter! And I haven’t even bothered to make time to call them yet! Same bullshit.
    I’ll try to call them in the morning and post whatever lie I’ll get here. Best of luck to all of us!

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    Here’s the update on mine. I heard from my TA and he said that the person that is working on my has been on vacation. So I’m guessing they have a limited number of people working now. The IRS has proven to me that they are really worthless and that they can do whatever they feel with our money. It’s sad that they can take a vacay but not process our returns so that we can get our money

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