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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    As of 1 pm I am still on Review crazy.

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    I was accepted 1/30 still on further review since 2/4 they cannot be serious seems like the entire NY is on further review what the hell is going on.

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    Wish you could delete post lol! I did a little researching (going back further on the forum) and a couple people said they got their refunds way before the ddd someone got theirs a day after they was approved i guess thats only with netspend (which is what i usually use) this year i used serve american express and im pissed i didnt choose netspend cause american express is literally the worst! And im counting on that deposit bad 😥

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    Did anyone who already get their refunds get theirs quicker than the ddd date i have serve american express i usually get my check deposited two days before pay day so i know ill get my refund deposited on 03/05 instead of the 7th but i read some where some one got their refund i think 4 days after receiving a ddd date #hopeful

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    @mom2girls yeah you would have to sign in to see and in the messages it would tell you ❤

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    Still further review…. This is bananas ( B A N A N A S )

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    @Mom2girls, the email you receive won’t have the amount it will just state they issued your personal refund. The message in your online account will have the amount with the on or before date.

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    @Melanin you had your amount in the email? I didn’t see mine when I got it. I know it from checking but now I want to login to my account and see if it’s in there. The refund status tool just showed me the DDD message not the amount I don’t think.

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    I finally got a ddd for nys but it says adjusted guess we’ll see how much they adjusted it to on 3/2

    #4232923 Reply


    yep im done stalking too. ill check between noon and 1 and then after 4. today is day 32 for further review

    #4232916 Reply


    On further review 26 days now. I’ll check around 4pm again, done with stalking every 20 mins.

    Good luck everybody.

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    Well the way things r going I’ll prob be on here for the next 60 days!

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    I was accepted 2/3 and I am still under review.

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    They told me the same thing it could take 90 days

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    Just checked my accepted text..go accepted on 1/30 still on further review..what the heck!

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    I called yesterday and they said it could take till 90 days, even though I’m not being audited and was accepted on 1/19/18.

    I’m done calling those NYS assholes.

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    Still under review i was accepted 1/30

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    I’m still here 1/30 accepted. still on review message.

    #4232815 Reply


    I think I am the last 1/30 accepted that is still on further review … 🤔

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    The struggle is real for us test batches. Seems like those of us in the 1/24 club have been stuck on review the whole Time.

    #4232763 Reply


    -filed jan23
    -accepted jan29
    -further review feb5
    – back to processing feb19
    -yesterday ddd 3/2

    #4232737 Reply


    For everyone who filed before 1/29 you were in a test run thats probably why you guys are a bit stuck they didnt start processing until 1/29 no matter when you filed

    Hope that gives you guys a little more info

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    @brittnay they didnt start accepting returns til the 01/29 so if you filed and were accepted before that you were only apart of a “test run” meaning they didnt start processing your return til 01/29 hang in there

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    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/24
    Stuck on Further review since 1/31

    Just give me my money 😭😭

    #4232687 Reply


    @bella thats a good question spec has been mia lol hopefully mia because he went buck wild with his return

    #4232683 Reply


    @jacklyn youll get the email soon i just got it and when i signed in it basically says the amount im getting back (which didnt change) thank god cause i really need it and that it was successfully sent out that i should expect a ddd on or before the 7th you’ll see the update online when you receive your email i think

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    I’m sorry everyone… sucks so many people still waiting since beginning and so many new people joining the frustration. There are no words to make you feel better. Hang in there thinking of you all. Hey what happen to spec?
    Filed 2/1
    Processing the whole time
    Ddd 2/23 received update 2/21
    Self employed / 1 w2

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    Finally got an Update DDD 3/7 but I checked at about 11am and was still Processing but then at 1:30 it updated with a DDD Honestly I thought I put in the wrong info and got someone else’s info lollol but when I logged in it doesn’t say anything at all and I never got an email but whatever Looks like Everyone who got Accepted 1/30 got DDD thank God hopefully everyone elses will start changing soon.. I’ve never waited this long before but if it wasn’t for any of you on this page I think I would of lost it lol Congratulations to everyone with an Update and Good luck to everyone still waiting ☺

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    Exactly girl @nana72 i was trying to say that WAY BEFORE i got a ddd but noone really payed attention .. It doesnt matter when you file at this point its who evers return comes up first

    #4232637 Reply


    @Nana72 I was also accepted 1/ 24 mine still says further review.
    This is nucking futs . 😕😡

    #4232635 Reply


    Thanks @nana72 i was like all this signing up just for me to sign on and see it myself i was so confused lmao i usually got back my federal then my state so i never had to think about state it was kind of a it comes when ever it comes situation Up until last year when i got my state first i never know how state works cause they are so confusing especially with their emails and updates

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    The 29th, 30th, 31st, doesn’t matter. I was accepted on the 24th and I’ve been on further review for 25 days.

    My Fiance was accepted on Feb. 6th and got his money on Feb. 26th

    My daughter was accepted on Feb. 12, and got a ddd for Mar. 5th and she had EIC.

    You just have to pray you update regardless of when you filed. People that file today will probably get a ddd tomorrow while my a$$ is still on review. NY sucks!!!!

    #4232625 Reply


    @melanin23 the refund issued emails usually come between 5 – 7 pm. So you should get an email soon.

    #4232619 Reply


    Me 2 I got mine back on Feb 16th last year..I have never waited this long

    #4232610 Reply


    @nic it depends on when the state gets to you some were processing for two weeks some only processed for 6 days i was processing for about 11 days Maybe 12 days . its usually a week – two weeks from what ive seen and i filed and was accepted 1/29 so overall the experience this year is long

    #4232600 Reply

    nic bambina

    hey all ! My state was accepted on Feb 13 a week later I got the “may need further review” i checked back today it now says “we have received your refund an its being processed “..i think it updated today .. hopefully it wont have to wait much longer any one know how long before they approved it ?

    #4232594 Reply


    Go 29th and 30th mybe 23rd tomrrow

    #4232590 Reply


    Finally, Finally just checked and I have DDD of 3/7/18 WOO HOO!!! Perfect timing it’s my daughters birthday!!!!!

    #4232583 Reply


    i filed the 18th pretty certain i was accepted the dame day

    #4232580 Reply


    @NYgirl I got accepted on the 31st as well. Hopefully we do update soon. Last year got my state a week after my fed ( 7 days exact). Here’s to hope lol

    #4232576 Reply


    For those that did not update when did you get accepted? It looks like 1/29-1/30 updates today..I was accepted 1/31…maybe we r next?!?! Wishful thinking 🤔

    #4232570 Reply


    Finally got a DD of 3/7
    filed and accepted on 1/29

    #4232554 Reply


    Does anyone know when the next big update is?!?!

    #4232546 Reply


    Yup we for real but when I look back I don’t get a refund until March anyway

    #4232540 Reply


    Guys just hang in there i know its tuff 😣

    #4232536 Reply



    That sucks! I’m sitting over here complaining and you’ve been waiting 2 weeks longer than me.

    #4232532 Reply


    Sorry Katie, I see when you filed. I can’t delete my post lol

    #4232529 Reply



    I was accepted 2/2, was in processing, then review for over a week. Went bank to processing about a week ago. Still processing. I was accepted last year on 2/8 and got my return on 2/28. I was “under review” last year too.

    #4232526 Reply


    @katie. When did you file

    #4232522 Reply


    @nyan what stage you at now

    #4232520 Reply


    thanks @Bella its such a relief!

    #4232516 Reply


    I am so flipping furious about this. Back in the day, you would get your federal return early February and state a few days later. Forget it now. 😡 seeing how people that got DDDs today aren’t getting theirs until 3/7 now, I’m guessing I won’t see anything until 3/14, if I’m lucky! Not acceptable!!!

    #4232512 Reply


    Finally some progress! Filed/accepted 1/30. Stuck at “further review” for 2 weeks, then processing, and now today I saw that I have a DDD of 3/7. Took way too long, but I’ll take it!

    #4232510 Reply


    NYS sucks big time.

    Accepted on 01/19/2018
    and stuck on review since.

    I called and they said to call back this week, but that i had no red flags.

    Horrible. First time ever! Claimed both my kids, but they are teens. Other than that everything was standard.

    #4232502 Reply


    @Bella was just thinking of ya! yep today is day 31 for me

    #4232493 Reply


    Came on to see how everyone’s doing???!! Congrats melanin23!!! @kee @mymomof3. Are freaking serious?? WTH

    #4232480 Reply


    @mom2girls lol imagine if we sat around waiting for an email. They shouldnt false advertise lol!

    #4232460 Reply


    I notice every time I got the update was on a Friday that mean I will update only on Friday

    #4232448 Reply


    @Melanin I never got the email I was supposed to get either. I only checked because everyone else was checking lol!

    #4232434 Reply


    At this point I would b happy going back to being processed..still on further review!!!

    #4232432 Reply


    Btw way everyone my email was set up to get alerts of when my refund was approved but i didnt get an email i just signed on the website and saw so you never know when it comes to the email notifications
    Hope that helps too!

    #4232430 Reply


    Same such luck 😞

    #4232428 Reply


    no update for me 😭😭 but congrAts to the others

    #4232426 Reply


    Congrats to everyone that got Ddd. Still processing on my end.
    Accepted on 1/30
    Further review on 2/2
    Processing on 2/16
    So hopefully soon.

    #4232424 Reply

    Jim Ny

    Fed excepted Jan 29..Deposited 8 days later . NY excepted Feb 30.. still stuck in May require more time….Bla Bla.. Filed head of household..Nada yet..

    #4232422 Reply


    @natasha thats so weird hopefully you guys update by friday! Good luck everyone who didnt update

    #4232420 Reply


    @melanin23 thanks, trust me I know.

    Last year I took 44 days. The year before Audit, the one before that 37 days. But every year I become a NY virgin again and act like this the the first time I’m going through this bs. My grown ass need to go sit down and be patient like I tell my son and grandson.

    #4232416 Reply


    @babyslim i was told if you owe the irs etc they will take it from your federal but wont touch your state something about they are two different sections. (Dont quote me on that lol) .. My friend owed the irs (not from student loans) and within i think a week of her filing the irs took her federal but she has a ddd for her state so i think it depends on how much you owe and who you owe dont worry though a couple people owe the irs and still got back their state and vice versa some people owe state but not the irs got back their federal and not their state

    #4232414 Reply


    No update so far. File and accepted 2/2

    #4232408 Reply



    No I didn’t update still on further review. Accepted 1/30. NYS still says I have no red flags so maybe Thursday or next week.

    #4232406 Reply


    No update yet

    #4232402 Reply


    Just had to ask because when they did the mass ddd a couple weeks ago everyone who was on further review updated too they just went to processing ..

    #4232400 Reply


    Went from
    We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.
    To Further review
    now back to We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.

    I filed on the 29th. They already took my federal (student loans), I’m hoping my State will be safe, but the longer it takes the more worried I am.

    #4232398 Reply


    Did anyone who was on further review update back to processing

    #4232396 Reply


    @momof2girls woop woop 🙌

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