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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    I haven’t received mine so far this year, but in the past mine was always deposited into my account in the middle of the night. I usually wake up around 6am EST and its always been in there by then. I’ve heard for federal that the deposit tines are varying based on what card you’re using to have it DD. if its your bank, netspend, rushcard, emerald card, etc. If its your bank call and see if they received it and if its pending.

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    filed 1/15/16 received my federal on 2/3. I initially had the under review 90 day message for my state, It then changed after a week to final stages of processing . on 2/8 status changed again to a ddd of 2/12. Checked this morning and the money is not in my account as of yet! Is there a specific time that the state makes dd’s?

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    Well so far no change for me this morning. I’m trying to stay hopeful though considering my last few updates gave came in later in the morning after 10am. There’s been quite a few people getting updates even later in the afternoon so even though its not there yet, there’s still a chance! I’m crossing my fingers for you to get yours!
    The IRS is really open on Monday being a holiday? Even for NY state? If so that’s awesome! I knew they were open on Saturdays but I don’t see many people getting updated on WMR on Saturdays. If I don’t get my DDD today then my guess is Monday or Tuesday. Its only been 5 days now that I’ve been stuck on the final stages of processing update. Only….lol But for the length of time most people sit on it its not a lot. It seems like most people sit on it for 6-9 days. SovMonday will be day 8. Then I’d probably get a DDD of Wednesday or Thursday like I originally was estimating. Keep me/us posted! I’m curious to see if you updated to your DDD!

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    @indy any updates on “10 day correspondence”
    letter thing did you get a letter from NYS thanks

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    @danielle i am really hoping for good news in the morning but the way things are going this year…who knows whats liable to happen. Heres to hoping we both get a DDD tomorrow!???? And btw the IRS will be open sat. And Monday!

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    @Blu Ivy
    Last year mine was deposited on a Thursday. I don’t remember how long prior to getting it I got the DDD update though. I want to say it was only 2-3 days. Most people seem to be getting their update with a DDD for it to be deposited 2 business days later. I have seen a few people have it update to be deposited the following day. I do remember last year I got mine exactly 3 weeks after I filed. Today was my 3 weeks. In the previous years though its been about 4 weeks so that’s what I’m guessing will happen. Probably will get updated with a DDD Tuesday morning for Thursday, especially if there’s no updates on Monday being a holiday. I’m not positive if that’s the case but I’m assuming the IRS wouldn’t work on a holiday. Maybe I’ll get lucky and wake up to a DDD tomorrow morning! Here’s to everyone getting theirs!!

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    @ Danielle same here…for some reason i think my Nys only updates overnight and my DDD has always been for Tuesday following the Friday that i receive my DDD. This year it seems as though they are doing updates and DDD everyday and throughout the day. It may have been that way but this is my first year being on a NYS group so im not sure if it has.

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    See I knew it updated later throughout the day! Still no change for me. I filed earlier than a lit of people who already received their DDD. Filed 1/21. I know I was accepted the following day by federal but I dk if that means state was accepted that day too. It definitely seems vlike most people are sitting on the final stages of processing for about a week and then get the DDD (or that stupid 10 day letter). So if I don’t update to a DDD tomorrow I’m praying it will after the weekend.

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    If you received a ddd then you should be clear. I was audited last year and the status said I would receive letter in 10 days then it switched to audit status.

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    I am experiencing the same as many..awaiting my NYS refund. I filed on 1/23, accepted 1/24 then went to under review 90 day msg. As of yesterday it states that my refund has been processed, if accepted I will receive a payment date. So I am curious to see how long the message stays like that. I am also nervous b/c some of you mentioned receiving the 10day notice msg…it’s stressful waiting, especially when it’s needed. NYS !!

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    @amuz I received the same update and DDD. I don’t have a tax bill though. So since I have a DDD, am I in the clear for audit?

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    I checked my status again and it updated sometime this afternoon. I have a ddd for 2/17. It also says it is being adjusted but I think that is due to a small tax bill from last year. I will keep you posted.

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    No ddd update for me either. I have been on final stages for the last 11 days. It’s the only message I have ever gotten since being accepted February 1st.

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    Glad to see more DDD today for people! Unfortunately I’m not one of them today. As o far today I’m still stuck on final stages of processing and its day 4 for that. I totally wasn’t thinking about Monday being a holiday either. So does that Mean there won’t be any updates on Monday? I know banks will be closed so people with their DDD should get them Friday or Tuesday at the latest. If I don’t get updated to a DDD message tomorrow then I’m really crossing my fingers that I’ll get it by Monday or Tuesday BC of the holiday. Again, congrats to those who hot their DDD or refunds this morning!

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    @patient…. Yes it will post Friday! Congrats!

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    patient…not really

    I filed 1-31 and final stages of processing was the only screen I ever had when I check. today I got a ddd for 2-16 .. my bank normally send it 2 days early do you think it will be there Friday since Monday is a holiday?

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    Filed 1/31 accepted couple hours later I got “10 day correspondence” thing since 1/31 never changed and there is no correspondence in last 10 days I do work 10 hrs a day and 6 days a week therefore no time call and hold on phone more than couple a minute so are they really stalling ? any idea fellow sufferers ?

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    And…the year before last my NY DDD was sceduled for The day after Presidents day which is Monday Feb.15 this year however my DD came on my Netspend card that Friday before which was either Valentines day or the day before so if u get a DDD of Feb.16 from Ny look for your money on Feb. 12 if u use a prepaid card that does early deposits.

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    I really wish there were more New Yorkers in this group also. But based on what im seeing you can stay at final stages for about a week and then update to a ddd or 10 day correspondence. Im hoping for the DDD. Im not clear on what the 10 day thing is about. Ive seen different answers for it.

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    Thank you to everyone who updated! It gives me more hope now lol.

    As far as the time it updates, I’ve seen mine update at different times. My first updates were coming in overnight. When I got updated on Monday to final stages of processing I checked it that morning at 6am and 7am and no updates but then I checked it again after 9-10am and it had updated to the final stages. So BC of that I’ve been checking throughout the day and not just first thing in the morning. I know WMR for federal seems to only update at night-overnight.

    And as far as how long I’ll be sitting on the final stages of processing, I can handle a week or so if when I get my DDD Its only 2days later. According to what everyone’s saying, it looks like there’s a good possibility I’ll get mine by next weekend. Getting a DDD today and it bring on the 11th is just 2 days later so that’s no bad at all. Again, thank you for the updates everyone!

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    I don’t know how they update. I see some people are updated throughout the day, but mine also seem to be overnight. I was accepted on 2/1 and received final stages status immediately. I have had the same message ever since. I really don’t know what to make of it because I never had it happen like this before. I do wish there were more people on this NY forum to update on the or statuses so that we could stay informed.

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    I filed on the 15th of Jan. Was accepted on the 21st. Processing until on or about the 28th. Recieved the review message until on or about feb.4 am currently in final stages since that day. My question is does NYS updte in real time? I have seen several people getting updates throughout the day. Or is that just for some people? It seems like my updates only occur overnight.

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    Nys ddd

    @danielle. I filed 1/30, went to final stages immediately sat like that for 9 days. Just updated for me today with a ddd of 2/11

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    Should I only be concerned if it tells me to expect a letter? I don’t want to call them unless I have to. So far mine seems to be moving along, just slowly. From what I understood since I’m still stuck on “your return is in its final stages of processing”, I should get either a message telling me that I should get et a DDD within 10 days or get the message with the DDD stating its approved. I wish I knew how long to expect to be on the final stages of processing message. It changed to that for me around 9am Monday morning 2/8 so I was hoping by today or tomorrow I’d see some movement. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks and I was really hoping on having it deposited by next weekend. Nobody seems to have answers or there’s just not enough activity going on in this particular forum.

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    My 90 day review turned into “Final Stages” and then “Return has completed processing. 10 days you’ll get a letter yada yada”. I called and finally got someone to tell me that the letter is requesting verification of wages and withholding.

    Just FYI to those who are going through the same thing. I think they are stalling.

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    I filed my return on 1/21. The first time I checked the status of it was 1/26 and it said it was processing and could take up to 4-6 weeks. Then last week on 2/2 it changed to the 90 days message. Yesterday, 2/8, it finally moved to the final stages of processing. How long should I expect it to be in the final stages before getting a DDD? And once it gives you a DDD how long does it typically take? A few days? A week? Longer? I usually receive my state refund pretty quickly. Last year was 22 days after I filed. My husband and I have to file injured spouse BC of my student loan debt so I don’t get federal until at least sometime in March, so I rely on state getting us by until then. Has anyone received their NY state yet or got their DDD?

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    Any updates .!? My state return has been under review with the 90 day message since 1/29/16 .when i call them all they can tell me that nothing is wrong with my return. Anyone in this forum going through the same issue?

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    Does anyone else have a NY DDD for 2/8 and not have the money today? I use Wells.

    IF I had an offset for state (don’t think so), would my status still say sent to bank 2/8 and check if not received…?

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    @jkrow47 so it is a very very bad news !

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    @aaron and @indy From what I’ve been able to gather that means they’ll ask for additional info. Now I’m scared. I hope I don’t get that. I thought I was good when it changed to “final stages”.

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    I got “your return has completed will receive correspondence about your return within 10 business days” message ….is this a very bad news ?

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    I went from “90 days” to “Final Stages” to “Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 10 business days.”

    I accidentally transposed a digit which led to me claiming to have paid less taxes than I did, but it would result in a higher refund, not a lower one. Any chance they caught this and corrected it? Or did I just trigger an audit?

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    jkrow47 (not logged in)

    @sharon Almost everyone I’ve seen filing from NY has gotten that message. It will probably change soon to “final stages” or a DDD.

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    jkrow47 (not logged in)

    My status updated to “final stages of processing.” Thank goodness.

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    I had return accepted 1/26. Now tonight it gave me the 90 day message….should I be concerned?il I file same every year. 2 dependents, head of household and education credit. Ugh….why?????

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    @ jkrow. That means our state return was randomly selected for further review only to be in limbo waiting for a staff member to manually review it . This is a tactic they use to detect any type of fraud or credits that you are not entitled to but still claimed on your return. Thats why they state it can take up to 90 days.nothing you say or do will expedite the process.I will just pretend that my refund is in the bank (savings account). Im in no rush because its god’s plan.

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    Got the “90-day review” message. Ugh.

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    Millie Padilla

    Filed 1/19/16 accepted 1/22/16 had the we have received your return and it is being processed message until 1/29/16.Then woke up to see the dreadful message We have received your return and it required further review which can take up to 90 days to comlete Blah blah blah.. These mofos better stop playing with my money!!

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    NY State approved

    NY personal refund accepted 1/21/16 (surprised me, I thought they weren’t going to be ready until 1/26/16) Very strange this year as my first status was “in final stages of processing….” All us NYers know it’s generally at least a week or two of “accepted and being processed” Woke up this morning with approved and DDD 2/2/16 !! Very shocked and happy. Especially since last 2 years I’ve been audited by state. Now if my federal would just move past 1 bar. I’ve never had NY state before federal!

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    I live in NY and was aware I had an offset with them. My state refund was more then enough to cover I was just noticed they are taking the money from my federal and my state and there is nothing I can do but in about 90 days I can request the extra money be refunded back to me.. Err

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    I’m sorry, I meant to say it was received on either 1/19 or 1/20…

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    I filed on 1/14 and it was received on either 2/19 or 2/20. I live in upstate New York. When I track it, it just says it was received and no further information is available. I don’t think I have ever gotten my State before Federal but I am wondering if anybody has any more info on when they will start approving them?

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    How did your state get accepted? I’m getting a message that they aren’t accepting till 1/29

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    Hello everyone my name is dietra im from ny brooklyn i put my info in january 4 my tax preaper put it in january 19 got recevied same day when u think i should be getting a dd. Also did efile

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    filed 2/7/2014
    accepted 2/10/2014
    90 day processing as of 2/17/2014
    updated 3/25/2014-DD 4/3/2014
    deposited 4/2/2014

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    DD date is 04/02/2014

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    Finally got an update this early evening:

    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (APRIL 03, 2014). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    I use a netspend card, so we will see what day it actually hits my account

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    Still no change since i last posted on 3/18

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    3/11 – filed
    3/12 – accepted
    3/14 – We are almost finished processing your return. Once
    your refund is approved, the issue date will be available.

    As of today 3/18 – still nothing on my prepaid card and
    no update to the status message

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    Checked website in the wee morning hours of Thursday 2/19/14 said DD set for next week the 26th.
    Today i look and its back to the “your return has been accepted and we will release a date yadda yadda”
    i wonder if its going to be here or not!

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