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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    @Nygirl check yours just got a ddd of april 5th im sooooo happy lol

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    Welp hopefully the rest of us update tomorrow becausebif thats the case tomorrow will make 21 days for me

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    From my post history that was 21 days ago so 3 weeks exactly it seems for everything

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    Thank you mommyof4..mine is still processing and I uploaded on the 14th as well

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    How long will it take to get a ddd after it goes back to processing?

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    I finally updated to PROCESSING….hopefully a ddd soon🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

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    @Nygirl we got the message to upload on the 14th of march. We uploaded same day. I still dont have a date though just ptocessing he somehow lucked up with a date

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    @andy do u remember the date that u uploaded ur w2?

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    Ok, so here is a update.. i had to upload my w-2 03/23/2017 and as of yesterday it went back to processing… i hope i get a date real soon.., smh, last year i got my state on 04/18/2017, and they did not ask for anything.. it just took that damn long.

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    Mind you as soon as I got that message I uploaded my w2 that very same day

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    Mines went back to processing after a week maybe a week and a half of asking to call that number

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    @andy when did yours go back to processing?

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    Ok cool thanks for the info..I’m still waiting to go back to processing uploaded w2 2 weeks ago…

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    Yes mines went like this


    Futher review for weeks

    Then processing

    Then that message about calling number had to upload w2

    Then back to processing

    And today finally a ddd of April 4th

    I had filed on Jan 22nd and accepted Jan 24 federal cane in on the 22 of feb

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    @rud3bwoy Congrats!! Did u go back to processing first?

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    YES FINALLY I WAS ALSO ONE OF THOSE WHO HAD TO UPDATE THERE W2 like 2-3 weeks ago!! Now I got a ddd if April 4th baby thank you lord ! Mines got updated today

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    @CQ05140521 I understand I still have the same damn message!!!😡😡😡😡 still waiting for it to be reviewed 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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    wowwww still same message about letter they sent me been 3 weeks since i uploaded my w2 called lady said oh yeah i see it you have to wait for it to be reviewed…lol howwwwww nice

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    @nays thanks. Definitely the last time I get dd with cap one

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    4:30 & 8 am **

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    Cap one deposits only on exact date usually between 4:30 am

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    @shady…nope…Still waiting

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    @Nickey nope no updates yet I still have the same message since uploading my W2…it’s ridiculous 😡😡🙄🙄

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    So I take it, some people with ddd 4/2 haven’t gotten funds yet? Am I the only one?

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    Good morning…has anyone with the TurboTax card who has a DD 4/2 gotten their $$$$?

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    Have anyone had update, after uploading only w-2? i uploaded mines and i still have the same message. SMDH!!!

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    Got ddd 04/02 still no funds. I have capital one, any reason I wouldn’t see it yet if they depositing on Saturday’s?

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    @Nana72, you are absolutely right…Thank you for the info!!

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    @NYCGUY They always release funds dated for Monday or the very next business day after a weekend on the Saturday before. if Monday was a holiday and we had a 4/3 date which would be Tuesday, it would still be available on Saturday because Saturday begins the next business day for most traditional banks.If you physically went into the bank today, they wuold have the date 4/2 posted. In other words although some banks are open the banking days are still Monday – Friday. Saturday and Sunday are read as the next Monday.

    I got my state funds at about 2am this morning and it was dated for 4/2. Finally done with them for my return now I have to call them for my overpayment check as it’s already 2 months. We’ll do this again next year. .Good luck to those still waiting.

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    Got my deposit Today. I bank with Citi bank.
    And from now on I’m gonna be expecting my refund in April this is the second year I had to wait so long and didn’t get a date until the first week in April. Thank god I never have no plans for my returns Cause the IRS and NY state be stressing folks out. Lol

    Happy Easter & Passover all!!!
    Good luck to everyone see y’all next year!!!

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    @Nana72 how do you know Bank Of America will issue funds tomorrow? you confirmed with them?

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    I have ddd of 4/2 emerald says pending deposit for 4/2 .

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    @jojo bank of america will make it available tomorrow. I have them also.

    @dee Sweet, enjoy and we’ll do it again next year, hopefully better system and much faster!!!

    Good luck to everyone still waiting.

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    @Fkcarter when did you file?

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    Did 4/4/18!!!!

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    Anybody get a update saying they did a adjustment to the refund amount?? IAM trying to figure out what this means like what kind of adjustment is this good or bad

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    @kee Cross County savings bank

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    My state hit pnc bank

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    Nymomof3 what bank

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    wow surprisingly I see a pending deposit from the state as of this morning (ddd of 4/2)! usually I never have the money earlier or see it pending but now im happy! wonder when it will clear

    @Nygirl your still waiting??? omg shouldn’t be too much longer for you I hope you update, maybe by next week.

    we”ve all been on a rollercoaster ride with NY this year! good luck and fingers crossed to those still waiting. Hope everyone has a nice holiday.

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    I have Bank of America and still no deposit. :-(

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    This mornings update

    We selected your tax return for audit and mailed you a letter requesting additional information. We haven’t received any response to our letter. We can’t complete our review of your return until you respond.

    If you haven’t received a letter yet, you should receive it within two weeks.

    If you have responded, it may take up to 15 days for your status to be updated. If you sent your response more than 15 days ago, please send it again. Be sure that your name, audit case ID, and social security number are clearly written on the first page.

    This is crazy …

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    Dee what bank

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    Update I received my refund this morning for the 4/2 date . Hopefully next year we all wouldn’t have to go threw this. To those who are going thought the challenges I say hang in there it will come. Everyone be good. Peace

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    @Milly that’s the message I still have on mine!!! And when I called earlier the Rep can see my W2…

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    So annoying went from processing to this message

    We sent you Form DTF-973.56-O to verify the amount of taxes withheld from wages you may have claimed on your return. To view and respond to the letter online now, type W-2 letter in the Search Tax box on our website and select Respond to W-2 letter for details. For more information, call 518-457-2751.

    And I did alll this twice already 😐🤐😡

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    So they are releasing early minds didn’t show up yet

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    Jules P.

    my DDD of April 2 was just deposited today around 12:30pm – I have a Paypal repaid card (netspend)

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    @Nygirl that’s good your making some sort of progress…

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    I’m still waiting since 1/30 but mine went back to processing last week. This is freaking ridiculous

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