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" ID VERIFY " Process – Calling in or answering questions online?

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      My situation and if anyone has any KNOWLEDGE please let me know!

      I filed on 15th and was accepted 16th. I had 1 bar on wheres my refund until 2nd of Feb.
      I received no letters in the mail. My transcripts the whole time were just 0’s. My transcript date read 16th until this morning went to 23rd and now back to 16th.

      I called today regular IRS number they ask me questions and tell me to call a different 800 number which turns out to be ” ID Verify” number. I answer all their questions the guy says he is satisfied that I am who I say I am. He tells me that I will now be back to regular processing but could take up to 6 weeks now from today’s date.

      Has anyone gone through this?
      How long does it really take to get a refund after verifying my identity?
      Is it really close to 6 weeks or much faster?

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      Andrea Liggins

        I efiled through turbotax 2/1/2015 got accepted the same day was processing untill 2/19 then bars left tax topic 152 appeared and come to find out needed to Verify myself so i did that 2/23/15 was told i would see approved today the the 24th so i didnt and i called now they say 6-8wks …HELPPPPPP TA wont help

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          I am dealing with this right now. i keep getting the error 9001 on my wheres my refund i spoke with someone and verified my identity 3 weeks ago and i am still getting the 9001 error, and i also just recieve a 5071c letter in the mail from the IRS talking about the same thing… i really hope i dont have to wait 6 weeks, its only been half the time and i cant wait anymore…

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            Dis is bullshit man , it’s my money and I need it noooow bitches!!!!

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              1-800-830-5084 is the ID verification number.

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              Elizabeth Cruz

                I meant ref code 9001

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                Elizabeth Cruz

                  I called about a week ago or longer to verify my Id and I still have yet to know where’s my refund. I’m still getting the same reference code 900. Can someone help me please 4847520433 is my cell# thank you

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                    I have been through this 2 years ago and it only took me a week to get my refund after ID verify ! My cousin also took about 6 days after verifying. The 6 weeks in a window frame to keep us from calling so much in between the wait. I am going through it again. I’m sure it will only take up to 7 days. I’m not worried done it and been there.

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                      I still haven’t got my refund n I don’t have any codes on my wmr. Does that mean I’m okay n that it’s still processing. It is my first time filing and I’m scared that something wrong. It jus says still processing on my wmr :) someone please help me

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                      Terrance Thomas

                        I called in today if your status on WMR is saying ” We cannot provide any information about your return then you have to call the ID theft number @ 1-800-830-5084, the wait was long though about 1 hour long. But they ask you a series of questions like refund amount, ssn, address, name, dob, fathers name, prior years return of income w-2,1099-misc., and the sort. she said i wsput back into the processing files and will take 6 weeks but WMR still has not changed though.

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                          what is the 800 number to verify your id

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                            Yes Im on same situation. Filed on 1/10 no letters I decided to call last Monday and id was verified. 6 weeks he said and keep waiting. No changes on wmr nothing. It is really frustrating

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                              What is the number for ID Verify?

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                                what number are you calling to verify your id?

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                                  I am also going through this….. It’s been a week since I had to do the ID verify thing and still nothing everytime I try to check the statue online all I get is it is still processing and will get a refund date when available….

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                                  ky mom

                                    My taxes were also review for ID theft last year and waited until April to get my refund (TA helped alot). I was never given a PIN to file my taxes this year so I filed via TurboTax and was accepted 1/23. I called today and was told that my return is still being processed as my “information is being verified”. I was told this means it will take 6-8 weeks from 2/2/15 before I could get an update or refund. Since my 21 days will be on 2/13, I will call my TA on Monday for assistance as all my info (dependent, address, etc) is the same from 2013. It seems that once you have ID theft, it will haunt you forever….

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                                      I just went through this today. I filed on 1/20 and had the same issue with one bar, disappearing, all 0s…all that jazz. I spoke with an IRS rep and was told I had to verify my identity. After doing so, I was told anywhere from 2-8 weeks to process. I am hoping to see and update tomorrow, but have no idea exactly what happened or is happening. Just know, you are not alone and God bless.

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                                        Yes answering questions online

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