I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    Yea I’m wondering where is this HUGE update is at that @texasgirl was talking about…… Keep letting her give y’all false hope if you want to…. Not being negative I’m just keeping it real!



    Pretty annoyed at this point just checked WMR for my boyfriend, well there was a change just bot what I was hoping for. Now it says “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” it says nothing else just that extremely annoying message. Could someone please tell me what in the world is going on now? He successfully verified himself a couple of days ago. He isn’t going to be all to thrilled when he wakes up and I tell him what I saw. If someone could give me some good news I think that he would take this news a little better. Thanks guys



    What exact time does irs system update so I can stop checking. I filed on 28th & accepted on 29th. Still nothing & I called & she says she doesn’t see anything wrong & to continue to wait. Someone help!!!



    I am like all of you waiting filed 1/7 got accepted 1/12 and still waiting contacted IRS several times 2/3 got told just processing, than on 2/8 got told two different things so I reached out to advocate, I have a hardship waiting for advocate to get back with me. I reached again today and spoke with some one, and asked for supervisor, it got interesting. Every time I have called I write down name and id numbers.of agents.spoken with. I spoken with supervisor, I got told not flags on my account but due to the out age or shutdown it delayed things so it could take up to an extra two weeks to process. I also got told that a lot of early filers were having same issue, I explained that I knew several people whom filed after me who had already received Thiers in my state and within my family. I got apologized to and that early filers were put as priority but it was done by computer so it is not always done quickly. After hearing several excuses, being told all kinds of bs, I asked if it was still possible to receive my refund anytime soon and I got told it is possible and to also check my account too, there have been a few that have gone to accounts before computers posted them. So I am hoping for good news.. Hope this helps



    I SWEAR THIS TAX SEASON SUCKS ASS! Everything is all messed up and out of order. I’m tired of checking! The government just needs to admit they’re out of money and can’t pay their damn bills! Stop lying to us and making up excuses. This process is such a joke. I can’t believe how stupid it is. Why can’t things just run smoothly? Because you’ve got too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Morons poking around messing with shit thinking they’re making the system better when they’ve actually made it worst. Now look… Who knows when the rest of us will see a refund. Maybe not till Halloween or Christmas. I’m done checking on my damn refund. The IRS can shove it up their butts and go suck it.



    I am now day 23 and still no ddd…i currently still have NO bars, NO tax topic and the generic processing message and refund will be provided when available. Yesterday I called a tax advocate due to a hardship and they opened up a case for me. I hope this helps speed up the process….they say its processing and taking longer due to my earned income credit….fingers crossed



    I am able to order return transcripts as of yesterday no tax bars or topic filed 1/28 accepted 1/28



    You are not able to order return transcripts until your return has finished processing. Once they have processed your return, your new address will be updated in the system and you will be able to order return transcripts with your new address. The system accepts your account transcript request because it only has on file your address for the previous year. Usually after your able to order return transcripts a ddd will follow



    Pleez help!!!
    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Previous tax fraud victim so Ive uses ippin for past 4years
    1bar with 152 no updated
    Ordered return transcript on 2/5
    Called the number you provided to everyone with the ext. 4 different times.
    Today they told me that I would receive a letter for further verification but there was nothing I needed to do they would my employer or bank for info needed. They also stated it would take an additional 60days after the letter to expect my return. Please tell me if u have heard of this or how long it would take?



    Pleez help!!!




    No, I can only order my account transcript for 2015 and only using my old address. When I imput my new address which is also on my 2015 return it says it is incorrect. However it did let me order the account transcript with my old address. It states there is no return transcript available yet for 2015…



    this tax season really sucks i tell u



    Goodnight ALL,

    Hope all of you wake up to some good news in the morning…

    Good luck…




    Who knows the bank just may figure it all out for you guys and deposited tomorrow or by Friday, maybe they are just late posting it…they do try to research accounts with the last name to see if they can match addresses or your name in the file somewhere….thinking positive…so there may be hope after all….




    I can’t believe you went thru all that, and proved your were YOU and they still say it will take up to 8 weeks, I would have stayed there until someone told me WHY, in the heck it is going to take that long…for what?

    Put me back in que and process my return, what more do you people want blood…lol.

    I would call an advocate and see if they can do something to speed that process up…do you have a hardship you can prove if so call them or call IRS back and ask them to Generate a HARDSHIP Form for someone to contact you for assistance…

    800-829-0582 #652




    Call the bank in the morning, you may be able to STOP it from going back, once they see her name on the Return they can let her add you and deposit it…before it goes back, but you have to contact them first thing in the morning…it usually take the bank 24-48 hours to return rejections…

    That happened to me and I call the bank and ask them to watch out for a check that I was looking for to come in and to please hold it, and they put a note on my account to not return…



    i filed on jan. 16th was accepted jan 19th 1 bar till about a week and a half ago it said no info was available topic 152 then towards the bottom if i call mention code 9001 so i called and was told i was being reviewed wait 21 days then call back so i do. I call today they make me verify my refund amount how many dependents i claimed and of course name address and birth date then she puts me on hold for a few minutes gets back on the phone and said i needed to take my return along with two forms of identification to the nearest irs office. So i go today to the irs office he enters a few things from my return into the computer and tells me i was chosen for the fraud prevention and now hes verified my info and the irs screen tells him to tell me it could take up to 8 weeks.Thought I would let people know my experience.



    Guess I need to wait for it to be returned and then a paper check sent. What a pain in the ass, it’s my wife’s account, social security #’s match but we can’t have it deposited? Come on what a joke. Oh well such is the way our IRS and govt works.



    @texasgirl: thank u sooo much!!! I would definitely keep you updated. I promise you its hard too think that my life could change within 72 hrs. I know im going to get a update this wk. i hate too hear alot of ppl going threw it with IRS on getting audited pulled for review and getting codes on or around 21 days. I just feel like they are telling ppl anything because they (IRS) in my opinion already sluggish on processing so just imagining them going back and manually inputting millions of ppl infos is ludacris!!! I just continue too pray over yalls situation because if we on here we all in titled to the reason why??



    If she is listed first on your joint return, some banks will allow the deposit. Others require both names to be on the account.




    Here is the catch…

    Remember: You can direct your refund to any of your checking or savings accounts, but you cannot direct your refund to someone else’s account, except for your spouse’s account, if this is a joint refund. No more than three electronic refunds can be directly deposited into a single financial account or pre-paid debit card. Taxpayers who exceed the limit will receive an IRS notice and a paper refund.

    You can direct it to your “spouse” account, but how do the bank know you are her spouse…without you being on the account and showed proper identification…the bank will not have your name in the system when they go looking for your name to match to an account to bring it….you may be listed on her forms as a beneficiary but that info is not tied to the account…just paperwork if someone happens to her…you have authorization to get the fund upon closing the account ….




    yea @vivian i move next weekend and was hoping for this to help but thank god im on payroll will be broke another 2 weeks until next paycheck rolls in lol… UNLESS i see good news within the next few days




    What’s odd is that even online on the IRS website it states you can have a return directed into your spouses account.




    Good luck, I really hope you see some action this weekend.


    Yep…they can’t be trusted at all.



    That is exactly what I am waiting for the relief of getting all the bills caught up. To most of us its the only time of year we get to feel that sensation and it’s so nice.



    Oops, that is the problem MAT, IRS told banks NOT to allow anyone that isn’t on the account to get a refund deposited…this is a way they can verify that YOU are YOU, because a lot of fraudster were setting up fake accounts and stealing taxpayers monies…

    I had to do it for a friend, she had to go in the bank with me show all her information SS, ID before I could put her on my account. After she got the refund I took her off immediately because she was now authorized to go in to my account like a co-applicant…of course I did not want that…so we had to go back thru the process and redo it…and SHE had to come in the bank personally and sign forms to be removed…smh.



    krysmunne: yes i was told the samething yesterday. She stated that my return was fine and that i had a return date for 23rd. She also said if i don’t see a update by nxt monday too callback Tuesday. Im a weekly update so i hope too see something this wkend!!!




    They need to publish a book…how to lie to taxpayers and not get caught. Us taxpayers should make a video on how to beat IRS at their own game…lmbo.

    No shopping for me today, I went out and payed all my bills whew…now shopping will be Saturday, after I worrying all week…finally got them off my back…what an awesome feeling….to be debt free starting the New Year…

    That’s why I love refund time…lol.

    Well soon I hope everyone on here will be in a better place after all this anxiety and stress IRS is causing…I wonder can we sue them for emotional distress and mental anguish? HEHEHEHEHHHEHEHEH….



    yea i just want my money at this point calling is useless lol they will tell u bunches of bull crap




    I am not on her account no. It’s solely in her name only. Crap…




    aahhhhhhhhh you are so right, back taxes are a different type of setback, that won’t be on the offset….

    So the only way to know if you owe is they send you letters throughout the year, or you just have to call and ask?

    I know they have up to (3) years to audit and go back to collect form you, and on some taxes owed they can go back 10 years or life…depends on the situation…



    Hey how was your day of shopping :)
    trying to stay positive I know everyone is a stress case…..mostly due to the irs making things up lol so ridiculous



    Hi vivian

    I love your philosophy…and you are always right on point, you got their number down girlfriend …lol



    @mat did you call the bank and ask if there was anything pending?

    also check your return to make sure the correct routing number was put in

    the irs rep could not tell you if they had distributed your funds?




    Are you listed on her account? If not, the bank will reject the Deposit, if you can contact the back if that is the case, and see if you can stop it from going back, by adding your name to the account….

    The only other possibility is to double check the account and routing number to be sure it is exact…many people fail to type it correctly and this is what happens,

    worse case scenario…it will take a couple of week to be sent my mail if it comes back to the IRS..rejected. May come sooner…




    You are very welcome and I don’t mind at all answering questions, I do understand wondering what is going on, I been there too, so anything I can do to help I am here to support you all…

    It is a little high tho…

    Take the withholding calculator test and see if IRS feel that is too high, then you will know if she was telling the truth…



    When you have 14% taken out, you are only giving Uncle Sam a interest free loan for the whole year…when you could be putting that extra money in your own bank account drawing interest…doing that does raise a red flag…



    I have a DDD date of today, no deposit and no update to my WMR either. Filed jointly with my wife, called to see if there was any offset and no there wasn’t. I don’t owe any backtaxes either. The refund was supposed to be direct deposited into her account. Any thoughts?



    the stupid part is if they just told us all hey when the system got down we got backed up it will take a bit longer than usual …..most of us would stop freaking out and would not be blowing up the phone lines ……….hell put that on wmr instead of leaving us hanging



    If you scroll back there is a post from another participant early today…….she called and was told that the rep said they have been telling people they are up for review to keep them calm.
    what happened was a lot of us got pulled and put back through because of the system going down….and now we have to be manually entered into the system………..something to that effect.

    there is no way they flagged this many people for review. I am sure it most of us are just in the hurry up and wait pile. as long as you still have topic 152 and no other codes I really think its just slow processing due to them falling behind with the system failure and the unexpected overload of filers




    Can you order your return transcript yet? Yes, it is very possible you can get your DDD before then…they told me the same thing (2) weeks, and (3) days later I had a DDD for 2-10…and I got it today….

    If it is within (5) days of reaching your 21 days mark, you will get that generic message because all that is saying it that IRS can longer guarantee to finish your return within that time-frame…



    Thank you for being so patient and replying to so many questions. My withholding was about 14% of my income. Doesn’t seem that high to me, but not sure what is “normal”. This whole process is frustrating. I know they have a lot of people to deal with, but we are all just concerned and looking for honest answers. Thanks for all of your help.



    Yes that is what happened a few years back. If it is back taxes that you owe, the offset hotline will not tell you. The hotline is non irs debts only.




    Wow, I can’t believe she straight up lied like that, do that take us for idiots…she need to be written up….see you can’t believe anything they are saying.

    Even when we lies and says 9001 and they just agree knowing it wasn’t true in the first place…lmbo.



    oh your fine its just odd that they say all info is given which isnt the case we never received a letter nor a code other then 152 and wmr on 1st bar only reason we called was bc of everyone on here needing to verify




    Look at your W-2, is your withholding higher than your income or quite a lot compared to how much you made the year? If it is, then that will tell you she actually is looking at the W-2…now if that isn’t the case, then she lied.

    Now it really would be under review if hat is the case, because usually that isn’t…

    It appears the first Rep actually looked it that is true, and the 2nd, followed the script not to pull it up until your 21 days were up. So, it is possible they were both telling the truth…

    When you are able to order your return that is one sure way to know your DDD will follow on the next batch updates…



    Hello All:

    I filed on the 17th with TT and was accepted on the 19th. This weekend my bars disappeared and as of yet have not come back. I called and spoke with a Tax Advocate who told me they couldnt intervene on my behalf because from what they are seeing the IRS is asking for 2 additional weeks to process my return which would give them till the 23rd at the latest. I asked if there was any reason why they need additional time to review and she said that there arent any flags on my account or letters scheduled to go out to me nor was there any indication as to why other than the fact that I was randomly selected for further review time.

    I do not understand why the further review time but no reason why? Since my bars disappeared all I can see as far as a code is the standard Tax Topic 152, the last 4 of my ssn, my refund amount and my accepted date. Can anyone tell me in their experience what this could all mean or if there is any chance I will get my refund or a DDD before the 23rd? Thanks



    @concern my husband had to verify his today and they said 6-9 weeks i didnt have to but yet we are both on 1 bar tt 152 ive been told diff things everytime ive called when i called and said i was gettin code 1121 she said i see this code on your acct and its being review when i know i was telling an absolute LIE lol she lied right back but hey im just curious to why all the verifying and y it takes so dang long



    @Concern you talking about the 9001 code?

    What IRS Code 9001 Really Means

    The actual code tells you exactly what it means – you filed a tax return that had multiple Social Security numbers attached to it. Typically, this is a husband and wife, but it could also include children as well (you never know, adult dependents may be checking the status of the refund). When you file your tax return, you have to specify a primary taxpayer, and the spouse or children all are secondary.




    Usually when that happens they are updating your old to the new, keep trying and you should be able to get the return transcript under the new address.

    Did you call them and check to see if they have even updated it, if not, that may mean they haven’t even got to processing your return yet, try ordering it by phone…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline

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