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    Has anyone updated after their examination was closed?

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    Any updates for the ones that had a wage examination. Im not able to get my transcripts online, only by mail but its no point anything could have changed on there. Anyone has any idea the last step of examination.



    Got my transcript and has code 424 with date 5/17/2018 still haven’t received a letter as to what I’m suppose to do now so does that mean they have to decide weather they need more info or release my funds I’m not sure I’m so confused PLEASE SONEONE EXPLAIN if you can



    @samantha when exactly did you get the codes 424 mand 420. Just tryna get some type of timeline here. Filed and accepted 2/2 went thru 45 and 60 day reviews and now waiting on a refferal to process. 5/17 my transcript updated with tc 424 then today i got an updated of tc420 5/18. really hope my refund is here soon



    Congrats Samantha. So far no change on my end still stuck on 424. ugh!



    Additional info: They closed my examination case on May 11 and I got the 846 in one week.



    Update: My transcript updated to an 846 on Friday, May 18, and my WMR updated with a deposit date today, May 19. This is all after my return went to exams at the end of March/first of April. Had the 424 then 420. They never asked for anything. I was told they were getting ready to adjust my refund amount but finally received my wage verification.



    I just received TC 424 (Examination Request) 05/17/2018 on my transcripts after calling and being told a request will be sent over to the examination department to either release or request more information and they have up to 60 days.

    F/A 01/29/2018
    As of Date: 02/19/2018 then changed to 06/04/2018 with TC code 424
    Code 570: 03/05/2018
    Received 4464C letter 03/05/2018

    Basically……..STILL WAITING!

    FYI……..no tax advocate.


    Marty B

    The IRS sucks. Plain and simple. They’re all peckerheads.



    @Christie… there is :( and sometimes it turns into an audit when it goes to that department. Luckily, mine didn’t. I think it was wage verification. They didn’t receive my w2 until April 26. But now I’m just wondering when I will get my refund…



    Oh wow, didn’t know there was an examination department.



    @Christie… no. I got the 60 day 4464C letter in early February. After the 60 days my return went to the examination department. I had the 424 then 420 but they never actually asked for anything. Just closed the examination process on 5/11 and said it went back into regular processing.



    Are you talking about after ID verification? Mine changed from “still processing” to “being processed” on Where’s My Refund. Other than that, nothing’s changed.

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.