2015 Injured Spouse

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    2015 Injured Spouse

    And the madness begins…

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    Hey all, I filed Injured spouse this year. Filed 1/28, accepted same day. E-Filed the Injured Spouse form as well through Turbo-Tax. I’ve been able to see my transcripts since 2/6/2014. The only thing showing is
    Code Cycle Date Amount
    150 Tax Return Filed 20150505 02-23-2015 x,xxx.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 Withholding 04-15-2015 -x,xxx.00
    570 Additional Account Action Pending 02-23-2015 0.00

    It has not updated, and the Cycle date has passed, the Date on the transcript has passed, and I have no bars on WMR.

    What gives? I’ve never filed this way before. I’m the only one who works in the household, so all income is mine. I have no offsets, only my wife.

    Thoughts on if I should be optimistic on getting something happening soon?

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    @bltyler1 I have yet to see my transcripts update beyond 570 code with a 2/23 date.
    WMR went from one bar to nothing last week or so.
    I efiled IS with my return this year. So I’m just in a holding pattern.

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    Has ANYONE who has filed injured spouse received a deposit yet? If so, did you mail it in after notice of offset? Did WMR ever update showing refund sent? Did transcript update to refund sent before it was received?

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    @jessica you have to mail it to whatever irs return service center processes your return. If you efiled with hr block, tax act, etc you can ask them and they will tell you where to mail it. You can also Google it by typing your state and irs return service center. Two addresses will pop up one for making a payment and one without payment. You send it to the non payment center for your state.

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    @okie…. thank you…. i efiled mine and so far have yet to see to many get theirs yet… but so far it does seem to be going faster…. I am hoping anyways…. April seems so far away….

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    @Treestone. I mailed it in on 1/16. 4 days after I was accepted they received it on 1/20. It took 43 days in 2013. 63 days in 2014. And this year 36 days if I get check in mail tomorrow, 35 if I get it today. I count from the day they received the IS form not the day I was accepted.

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    @okie… did you efile your IS or did you mail it in?

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    Filed 1/11. accepted 1/12. Injured spouse received 1/20. Wmr never updated once. Trans updated 1/30 funds intercepted by non federal debt, trans updated again 2/6 reversal of debt applied to non federal debt, refund issued. cycle code 20150605. Called treasury yesturday check was mailed yesturday 2/23, WMR still has we have received your return and it is being processed. Once they process your return i think they just move on to the next one and update like a week or two later on wmr.

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    Tanya V

    Well, I’m a first year Injured Spouse filer and I’m trying to be patient. :) I’ve always efiled and gotten my federal refund within 2-3 weeks – so being over the 21 day mark and not seeing any progress on my refund is killing me. We filed everything 1/28. I’ve heard rumors that people who filed on my date specifically were caught in a glitch – which I’m hoping isn’t true. I married last year and it’s my husband who has a student debt. Last year (we filed separate) both his federal and state were taken for the debt.

    I can access both of our transcripts with the 570 code (new to me). Not sure if this means anything, but:
    20150505 cycle date with 02-23-2015 – Could this mean they *might* further process our return this week? My code 570 says the same date – TODAY – 2-23-15. I’m being hopeful that it means something.

    I lost my bars about two weeks ago. It just has plain text saying it’s processing and will update with a refund date when available. No additional information.

    I called the 1-800-829-0582 ext. 652 just now – waited maybe 10 minutes until a very friendly lady came on, and unfortunately told me that I had to wait until the 11 week mark before anyone could look into our return. I tried the 1-800-829-1040 four times, I did the “hold 0” after the first two menus with no luck. After that I tied to get through twice by following prompts – only to get thru the last attempt – and then told to call back due to high call volume.

    Anyway, sorry for the long explanation. I wish us all the best! I was really looking forward to paying many bills off (and spoiling the kids) in February but the more and more I look online for helps/answers, the more it seems I shouldn’t get my hopes up until April/May at best.

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    Chris- Does it show on your transcript that it was received(code 971 i think)? Mine has the 2-16 as well and it happened on the 3rd.

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    ok I found it! For anyone else wondering…you just go to the IRS webpage and search transcript and follow the link. It is not the same as the “where’s my Refund” link!! It will take you through a process of verifying your identity and setting up a login. You can also continue through as a guest, but having a login will save you time when you look again…and we will all most likely be looking several times before we see what we want to see lol!

    So mine only had the offset info, and it showed it as happening on the 16th of Feb. even though we go info that it happened on the 5th. No update yet on the IS form being received. I brought mine into my local office, so I know it was received….just hoping for an update soon!

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    Chris Burrell

    Ok this is my first time having to file the injured spouse. Where can you check your transcripts as everyone is talking about? Is it the same “where’s my refund” link as you check your regular return? Please help….I need an update to save my sanity!!

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    Does anyone know where you mail the IS form to? Thanks

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    My transcripts updated on Friday to: 971 injured spouse claim received 2/9/15 with a zero amount as well. I think they are processing our forms. The others that saw it last week got an 846 code this week for their direct deposits. I am guessing that on Friday ours will get the 846 code with a dd for march 3rd, but who knows with the IRS.

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    I can’t really answer any of your questions as I am wondering the same things. My 971 says notice sent, there is nothing about anything being received. The refund says it was issued and then the next line shows that it was used to satisfy a debt, but that line shows $0. I do know the entity that was collecting has my entire refund and just don’t think this is correct. I will continue to update everyone. I plan to call the IRS again first thing in the morning. This is incredibly frustrating!

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    I filed my injured spouse after our return was processed and refund was intercepted. It now shows 971 on 2/06/2015 (received). Does yours say a $$ amount in the column beside that? Just wondering if it is normal for it to say $0.00 beside the 971 code and that means that they are still processing, or if this is the end all that means “you’re out of luck”? Thanks :-)

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    One more question…
    I am wondering how they will split our refund. We both get back a portion of earned income credit I know, however the two children we are claiming are mine (not his) and I also get an education credit for being in school. Will they split those up too or do I get all of those credits myself? We are not in a community property state.

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    We are now able to see that the attorney general account shows that my husbands ex spouse is getting it all!!!!!!! It’s only been 10 days since I filed IS form and the lady at IRS said she wouldn’t be able to tell me anything until it had been two weeks. So what happens now? Is she really getting all the refund? We live in Texas, a community property state, so I am entitled to half. How do they go about getting half, or any at all, back after they have already sent it? She doesn’t physically have it yet, it takes some time for them to send it to her.

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    I did file it with my return, the only year I filed my IS separately was the first time and those transcripts have fallen off my history so I can’t see if it shows up that year or not.

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    @tonya I had to mail my form after my refund was intercepted as well. I was told by an IRS rep that if you elected to dd your original refund that they would try that way. As long as the bank doesn’t reject it it should come as a direct deposit. If it rejects it than they will cut you a check.

    @Andrea if it is not showing on your transcripts yet it might be that the injured spouse dept has not gotten to your return yet, or because you are weekly they have started processing it but it missed the cutoff for getting updated in their system. Weeklies only update once a week on the transcript website. My transcripts updated on Friday to showing 971 underneath the 898 for non-IRS debt. It says 971 Injured spouse claim received 2/9/2015, which is the date they received it in the mail. So, they had it for a week before it showed on their website. If you are starting to see codes it does mean you are processing, so it should update by next week to at least showing your injured spouse claim form was received.

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    * Kayla *

    My brother filed injured spouse and is waiting for his return so I have been looking up info for him as this is his first time. I have never had to file it so I had to do a lot of research. I am seeing that they only put a code that it has been received if you sent it in after you filed. My brother filed with his return so it does not show. He has not called the IRS because he is expecting to wait 11 weeks as he has been told but now I am seeing that it is going much faster. My neighbor just got her refund this past week and she filed just a few weeks before. She got direct deposit and filed the form with her efile as well. I have been seeing people get DDDs as soon as 3 weeks after they show transcripts.

    I hope you all get it sooner rather than later, I myself am in 570 hell even though I did not file IS. I just got froze because I am lucky. :)~

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    @Jinxed Did you file your form 8379 with your tax return. I’m just asking, after all this is my first time and I am just finding out info by researching it and calling irs injured spouse department. Maybe everything’s different when you file with your return. In my case the company who placed the offset already has my money there is just a hold on it to see if I filed an injured spouse form. This is probably why I will get a paper check not sure….

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    @r4ce I hope the rep that talked to you is right…I really don’t want to have to wait another 3 weeks after I am approved to get a paper check…Fingers crossed….Good luck

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    So even though I efiled the form with my regular tax info, it will take longer for the IS form to even show up as received? I file it on 2/9 but I do not see it anywhere on my transcript…is this normal?

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    @Andrea when you log in to your transcripts it will say 971 and injured spouse claim received. It says the date they received it. I think you need 846 for refund issued.

    @r4ce @tonya @jinxd I spoke to irs rep on Thursday to see if they received my form as it was before it was showing on my transcripts. The rep I spoke to said if you elected to dd that they would send it that way. He stated sometimes the bank will reject it as it will come only in injured spouse name. As long as your name is on act it shouldn’t bounce back. If it does you will get paper check.

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    @tonya and R4ce, I hope the info about the paper check is incorrect also, past years that I’ve filed IS my refund was always DD’d so hopefully they haven’t changed that.

    Where are you seeing IS form info in your transcripts? I was told the IS form doesn’t show and my past transcripts would lead me to believe I was given accurate info. None of them reflect the IS form being filed, just the usual transaction codes (570, only one year with a 971) and then more codes after my 846’s that show how much was paid out to non-tax debts.

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    @tonya, I hope they gave you some wrong info about it always being a paper check. I checked my transcript today and I have a refund issued. I also have a cycle date that would it as being DD on next Thursday 2/26/2015.

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    Well, today I called the IRS and actually asked for the injured spouse department and was transferred there. I couldn’t believe it.. I did find out some info, but I didn’t really like it. The rep told me that she was one of the reps that actually worked on the injured spouse forms. She told me that the injured spouse refunds were always issued through a paper check and that it could take 3 weeks to be issued after your refund is approved. I also found out that the regular reps couldn’t really tell you if your case is being worked on or not.{Even though I was told by one that they saw mine and it was processing. :( }She was a very friendly and seemed to be a trustworthy rep and she told me that they can only see when your case is complete. She wasn’t trying to push me off the phone and took lots of time explaining things to me, so I do believe her…She even looked over my form and told me that I would be receiving the full refund amount once it was processed….Good luck everyone…

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    This is my first time filing Injured Spouse. Where on my transcripts would it show if the IRS has received my IS form and what codes should I be looking for? I e-filed on Feb. 9 and submitted IS form with initial forms. Any help/advice would be FABULOUS :)

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    Hey guys. I filed around 1.29 or so this year. Injured spouse. Wmr never showed any bars just that dreaded further processing nonsense. My transcripts have been stuck on 570 code. Dated 2.23.15. I was worried and hopeless. I wasn’t looking for a large refund and didn’t have any healthcare issue so I wasn’t sure what it was. Today I got a 846 refund issue code o. My transcripts. So maybe that’ll make you guys still waiting feel better. I know the past few weeks that’s what I was hoping to see when I logged on. Hopefully, you get your money as soon as possible! Good luck!

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    @tonya, I have the exact same dates as you. Form received on Feb 2cnd, I do not know when or if they started processing it yet though. My transcript also just updated that they received it on the 2cnd on Sat. Please post any updates you get here, and I will do the same.

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    @Kelly… I don’t have any experience with filing injured spouse since this is my first year filing it. I also did not know about the offset until after I e-filed on Jan.28th. I sent the injured spouse form in as soon as I found out. I checked my transcript every week and then last week on Saturday morning it updated to code 971 injured spouse form received on Feb. 2nd. I was glad that I now knew that they had at least received it. I called the number below and had a live person in less than 20 minutes…
    Speak to a HUMAN! (M-F, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. local) (800) 829-0582 ext. 652
    They seemed very knowledgeable and told me that they had indeed received my form on Feb. 2nd and had started processing it on Feb. 10th.. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and me…I don’t know what the as of date means, but mine says March 2nd…..I’m really new at this but just wanted you to know what I know. Your transcript should list when they receive your injured spouse form….I would try to call the above number and just ask them…Good luck….

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    We e-filed this year and did not file injured spouse form with it. We decided to take our chances that the offset would not happen this year as we did not receive any letter forewarning us. To our disappointment there was an offset and they are going to attempt to take the entire refund. We live in Texas which is a community property state, I did earn income as well as my spouse and most of the tax credits are mine, child care, education credit, etc. I have now filed the form by mail (tracked it and know that it arrived last Friday). I have looked at the transcript and compared it to last years and I do not see a real difference. I am unable to get through to IRS as the call volume is too high. How do I know that they at least have the form in their system? Also, how is the fact that they are processing the form reflected on the transcript, if at all, is their a code that I should be looking for? Any help is appreciated. As someone already mentioned I would hate to wait the 8 weeks only to find out that they “lost”my form.

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    I have not received any codes and I can see my tax transcript that coincides with the return I filed. This is my second year filing the IS form. I am trying to contact IRS but I keep getting the automation and can’t seem to get to a live person. If anyone has an alternate number please let me know. Thanks and good luck to all.

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    I am in the same 505 cycle with some of you…. and my 570 code is dated 2/23 as well…. i efiled my IS with my taxes this year…. from what i see we are the early filers and so when they do start working them we should be the among the first sent out….. HOPEFULLY!!! fingers crossed for all of us!!

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    Just an FYI for any new to filing this way. I honestly see no pattern paper/electronic with/without the form. this is out 3rd year filing IS and first filing electronically BUT, even filing paper laat year it took right at 6 weeks for us to receive our refund. We requested direct deposit and that’s how we got it, so a paper return does not automatically mean a paper check. Income was split with me making about 29k and hubby working part time (we have quads so no way can we afford after school/sick care) making 7K. Its his debt, I claimed most of the allocations on my side and we got all of the refund. Hoping and praying for the same this year as we are planning to use it to pay off old debt and finally buy a house.

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    @deveney… Our cycle code would have meant a DDD for yesterday if we weren’t frozen. The 2/23 date is our 21 day mark, from the date our returns were accepted.

    I really have no clue what to expect at this point. I’ve filed IS twice before, the first time it took months, the second time it was less than 10 days before I had my refund. The agent I spoke to seemed just as confused as I am, he said it should be showing a 571 code as soon as IS was processed and approved or it should be tagged for further review with an additional 570 and it’s not. He couldn’t give me any idea about a time frame other than saying it could be up to 11 weeks but he did encourage me to start making noise after the 21 day mark if I still haven’t received anything.

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    @Jinxd I’m in the same cycle code with a 570 date of 2-23 on my transcripts. I just wanted to ask you if you think they will wait until 2-23 to update? I’m confused over your statement of a refund “Someday” Do you have a gut feeling of when you might receive a refund?

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    E-filed with IS through Tax Act on 1/28, accepted within minutes but have a received date of 2/2. Transcripts became available 2/6 with the expected 570 code, cycle 20150505 and date 2/23.
    WMR has stayed at one bar, the normal one liner (processing, blah, blah, 21 days) and shows full refund amount. I got concerned after realizing that my IS form doesn’t show on my transcripts and called yesterday… Talked to a very nice gentleman who informed me that it won’t (and then I did what I should have done to begin with and checked my transcripts from the last time I filled IS, it doesn’t show on those either). He said it has already been processed, it’s my husbands debt but I’m the only one with income from last year so it was pushed through and my account is not currently showing an offset so the entire amount should be coming back to me. Someday.
    My refund is still on hold and will not be released yet despite my return and the IS being cleared =(
    I’m not flagged for review, no calculation errors or other offsets, etc. Apparently they’re just holding on to it because they can. He was very apologetic but not any help after that point. I’m impatient and irritated as hell, especially knowing it’s all done and ready to go but probably won’t be released for at least another month for no reason at all.

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    So I filed on 1/29 electronically with my IS form and checked my transcript today and have a cycle of 20150505 with 2/23/2015 and an amount next to it….is this my refund date and amount? The total is less than the original refund amount which is to be expected this is my first time filing IS. So I am wondering if anyone has seen this before.

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    Does anyone know if they usually start processing the IS return upon receiving? They received mine a week ago and have not started processing it. I talked to an IRS person on the phone that told me my form was received. That is how I know that much, but by looking at my transcripts they do not appear to be processing yet. If they were processing my Injured Spouse, it would appear on the transcript I assume?

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    The IRS received my mailed IS form on 2/2/2015. But have not even begun to process it, WTF? When they are taking your money, they seem to be able to process crap pretty damn fast.

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    Update: eFiled w IS on 1/29, checked my transcript this morning, rec’d my 570 code with a date of 2/23. At least things are progressing….
    Now…. to wait….

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    @Ant , Last year was my 1st year filing IS, and I’m not exactly sure my first experience was typical, not that I had a lot of issues, but there was a gov’t shutdown which put everything in a crazy weird place. But to answer your question, I got a paper check last year.

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    Hey everyone. I’m back again this year. Last year I was in the batch that got held up. I filed 1/30 got them back 4/12. This year I filed on 1/29. Waiting game begins…

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    Filed my IS for the 3rd year. I e-filed this year right along with my return. I expect to get everything back as i’m a SAHM and my husband was the only one with an income. Accepted on 1/27 still shows processing but I can access my transcripts.

    Will update later. Here’s hoping it will be fast this year.

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    First year I had to file an iS form. Really needed that money asap… now from what I’m reading it will be many long weeks of waiting and hoping I get some of my refund back… so the question I have that searches don’t seem to answer… once processed and approved, do they send the money the way I first chose, which was direct deposit or will I be watching for a paper check in that little white box outside by the road that never has anything in it but flyers and junk?

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    Ok injured spouse question.. Doing my brothers taxes- he owes back support but now has full custody of his child, he is married and she has a child also (not together). When filling out the injured spouse form for her, can she use both children as exemptions and claim the child credit for both? Or is she only allowed to claim her child as a. Exemption? Thank yiu

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    I am new to injured spouse. I knew it was going to happen at some point and this was the year. I just files today and it was approved. I efiled every thing. I made about 700 bucks, he made 29000 (estimate) we have two kids. We get eic and other credits. Idk how they figure out what to take and how much we get back. I guess I will see in 11 weeks. Good luck guys. Oh, they were my student loans.

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    E-filed IS with return on 1/29 got email that it was accepted on 1/29, Last year (which was my 1st year filing IS) I didn’t realize there was an offset until after I filed which prolonged it.
    I’m hoping things will go smoother this year.
    Truth be told, I would have NEVER made it though my first year of Injured Spouse WITHOUT the great people here on the Forum. My hat is off to every single one of you guys/gals
    With no Gov’t Shutdown this year, and I’m no longer a deer in headlights when it comes to Injured Spouse. I’m hoping it will be less stressful this year.

    Thanks again to all you wonderful people!

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